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  1. The new system is a total pain. I've started selling a lot of my records recently and waiting two business days to get paid is plain sh!t. And it's cheeky as hell that they're also basically taking the additional same cut that PayPal did.
  2. They’ve really fallen off a cliff since the last album. This new song is mediocre rubbish.
  3. Well done for belittling someone whose first language isn't English (and even if yours isn't either). And it could've been a simple unintended typo. You're being ridiculous.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I picked up the three Melvins reissues for £13 each, which is a total steal.
  5. Upgraded my speakers today and totally happy with it!
  6. How incredibly stupid that they didn't do deluxe type reissues on vinyl to include at least all the b-sides...
  7. I think if you're in the US you only get the streaming links. From the UK it links to various stores where you can buy the records.
  8. Reissues now available to order here: https://store.udiscovermusic.com/search.html?term=doves&utm_campaign=Doves20190408&utm_content=&utm_medium=genericlink&utm_source=OriginalLink&utm_umguk=www.facebook.com%2F
  9. These reissues sound insanely good. Jack Endino did another spectacular job. I wonder which classic Sub Pop plans on reissuing next. Hoping they do Love Battery's Dayglo.
  10. I bought it. Really love the movie and soundtrack so much. I saw the movie twice (big Tilda Swinton fan) and also got an official print of the movie that I got framed. These unreleased tunes are much welcomed and I didn't hesitate. It's pricey, but worth it.
  11. This is an insanely good deal. What a b!tch being in the UK doesn't make it worth it just because of postage, ugh.
  12. They've already sold over 1000 copies in only a few hours. This will definitely sell out.
  13. Hell yes. I subscribed. Can't wait. I'm sure there'll be some really great bands as part of this.
  14. I think this is a really good album. Surprised this far into their career they still have it in them.
  15. Really getting into this album and love it. There seems to be a bonus track on the Japanese release called It's All Been Done. Can't find it anywhere!
  16. Just finished spinning the record. Fuck, it’s such a brutal album, damn. And I didn’t realise Velveteen is also included on the LP only. Total bonus. Amazing tune!
  17. The more I look at the SBB cover the more I think they scanned a CD cover and blew it up to LP size. Listening to the record now and at least it sounds good to my ears.
  18. Got my copy of Smack Baby Bunny. Does anyone also think the cover seems really badly reproduced? That silver doll figure thing looks awful. I looked a pictures of the original on Discogs and it doesn't seem that bad at all. Another guy in this thread also mentioned that no rights were received from Grass Records and that this is essentially a bootleg. What's the source for that info?
  19. Motherfvcker! Being in the UK, buying from Juno would've been loads cheaper. Juno had Smack Baby Bunny in stock when I checked. So I phoned Midheaven to cancel my order, and when I went back to Juno to place an order it was all gone. Gawd!
  20. Same here, holding out and hoping for a reissue, as well as OCS 1-4. Maybe Narnack doesn't want to give Castle Face the licensing to reissue the album? I've read interviews with John Dwyer where he mentions some or other label they were on that was awful and won't allow them to do anything with the release(s) nowadays.
  21. I suspect it'll be 3-5 song 12". The one tune is 11 minutes by the sounds of it, and there'll be a couple more on the flipside.
  22. Got Binaural. Pretty average pressing. The sound is slightly muddy.