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  1. Do you know how much space you’ll have? Martin Logan? Magnepan?
  2. "Clubs" Tab?

  3. just use it for a few months, I'm sure it will stop working on its own.
  4. Mutual Funds are just a blend of different stocks/bonds selected by the fund manager to fit a certain risk/return profile. I think most employer 401k plans will offer an option targeted at your projected retirement date. (IE if you are 30, you might select a 35 year plan that assumes you will retire at 65). The plan will target higher risk/return options early on and then move toward lower risk bonds as you approach retirement.
  5. post your set-up thread

    Maybe there is a brightness setting that makes the hue look a little different if they are not set to the same level? But, yeah, that would make me nuts.
  6. net worth all tied up in that 6 pack in the fridge?
  7. 1. RGB Lighting It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling.
  8. I get why it’s difficult to insure a collection. I’m a little more disturbed by the $2500 limit on my AV gear. I deliberately upped to coverage 10k over the standard amount when I took out the policy to account for my gear. It appears that’s all a waste.
  9. I was doing a little adulting last night looking through the particulars of my renters insurance. Unfortunately, I found that coverage for “collections” (ie my records) is limited to $250 and coverage for electronics such as TVs, receivers, etc is limited to $2500. So...it’s fairly useless when it comes to my music hobby. Can anybody recommend coverage that would actually cover the stuff I own?
  10. Skipping when I walk up.

    Likely a combination of the counter weight being set too light and a wobbly shelf/surface. you need to buy/borrow a gauge to fix the first issue or just blindly crank it up since it’s a Crosley and will shred your records anyway. the second issue is easiest to fix by putting the turntable on a wall mounted shelf. That’s not always an option if you’re a renter or whatver.
  11. like Grandma used to say...better too tight than too loose...
  12. Most Anticipated 2018 releases

    Hot Snakes are supposed to be putting out a new record.
  13. recently updated my phone situation to an iPhone 8 Plus. Which, of course, comes with the opportunity to dive into the world of portable headphone amp/dacs. Ended up picking up a refurb Oppo HA-2SE. It's kind of overkill for me but I liked the features and it does sound good in addition to being a beautiful piece of gear that is oddly satisfying to hold in your hand.