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  1. no experience with either of those but I will be interested to know what you find out. If your dealer carries both of these, I bet he'd be willing to let you A/B them in your system.
  2. I want to become a Full-Time YouTuber !

    I already watch youtube full-time. worst. job. ever.
  3. Pretty sure Edd and the core of the Night's Watch are back at Castle Black. If the dead don't head staight South, they may follow the wall West of the breach and take them out. Their other option is to head South for Last Hearth (the Umbers' home) and then on to Winterfell (maybe one other keep inbetween)
  4. Pretty sure Tormund/Beric made it out and will make it to Winterfell. The Undead my turn straight West along the South end of the wall to attack Castle Black and finish off whatever is left of the Night's Watch. Expecting to eventually see Cersei go berserk (probably something to do with her baby) and get Queen-Slayed as a completion of Jamie's redemption story arc. I kind of wonder what Jamie plans on doing immediately following this episode. It appears he just heads North by himself. Not sure if he will attempt to commandeer the Lannister armies.
  5. Marantz TT140 worth $25?

    kind of a vague opinion--I am guessing you are basing these statements on vintage products. Technics at the very least has put out some complete crap. Their claim to fame is pretty much based on one model (1200). Marantz receivers have run the spectrum over the years.
  6. Try Leatheface - Mush. Particularly songs like 'Not Superstitous'. Not sure I would call the second guitar "complex" but it is certainly dynamic.
  7. Yeah, it was something like that.
  8. this week's episode leaked early (again). MUCH better quality than the last leak.
  9. pretty sure they're just trying to capture a wight...much simpler task...but still not fun.
  10. Pretty interesting. Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) visits the first new vinyl pressing plant built in the US in 30 years.
  11. I was saying he would be a candidate for getting dead. They didn't show much of him other than Jamie forgetting his name again (Jamie not remembering your name has been the start of a very bad day for characters in the past) and then him saving Jamie mid-battle.
  12. I think somebody should have died. At least the Tarly kid. Or maybe Bronn could have taken the gold and dipped rather than heroically playing dragon chicken.
  13. I could have done without some of the "main character nearly gets toasted by dragon but dives out of the way in the last second" scenes.
  14. Yup. Quality was terrible but I couldn't not watch it.
  15. I had good luck with my Marantz PM5004. I really liked the feature set. I had Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s for a while and the amp had no issues driving those. I eventually upgraded to a PM6004 (no discernible difference to me...) and eventually to a PM8004 (substantial difference)