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  1. hmmm. I thought so too. Maybe he just meant the vinyl variant. I wouldn't have hopped on it so quick if that were the case
  2. Got free shipping from UO on labor day + I already got mine in the mail. (2 chainz web store says october) Everything looks and sounds great
  3. Mine cleaned up real nice. Looks and sounds great. Edit: Also, it's cool they included the record in the basic white paper sleeve, with a full printed inner sleeve inside that jacket that you can put the vinyl in after cleaning. Bing bang boom
  4. Was just thinking about how overlooked this beautiful EP is that came out last year. We still have some copies of all 3 vinyl variants, but we are low on the /100 and /150. If you like Rocky's music, I guarantee you will like this. It's one of his best in my opinion, and leagues better than the album released before it. You can stream here: https://rockyvotolato.bandcamp.com/album/sawdust-shavings-ep
  5. /100 splatter is sold out. Album drops Friday. Don't sleep. Full stream below: http://www.topshelfrecords.com/meanwell
  6. They took the files from the CD and then remastered for vinyl. Sorry if I'm repeating anyone's post, but a CD actually holds the high quality wav files so I don't really see a problem with it. Now if they said they just had old digital mp3 files or something that'd be a different story
  7. PO: Ratboys - GN

    Stoked that I got my hands on one of these /20 brown swirl variants
  8. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Seconded to both of these. The new Ratboys, Us And Us Only, People Like You, and Queen Moo albums are all incredible. Topshelf's 5 most recent releases (including Prawn, although I haven't heard it) are all awesome
  9. Yeah not sure about the variants but went with the tea one anyway. Green smoke would be cool but the mock up is black smoke
  10. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Glad I set an alarm for this. Woke up at 10am and ordered the half and half. Woke up (again) at noon and it was sold out.
  11. paypal credit is a solution to these pop ups if you're in between paychecks or whatever
  12. This album rules. Vinyl sounds great. Diggin' the artwork and splatter variant. Check out Boy Rex's new album "Better Vision" for some good horns! FFO: death cab / ben gibbard
  13. Copped this. Only available for 1 day. I assume a re-press (if there is one) will be on black.
  14. Pre-orders are live, available August 25th. Stream the first single here: http://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/new-music-queen-moo-gone/ Pressing info: Cloudy Clear w/ Red, Black, and Green Splatter /100 180g Black /150 Half Translucent Red / Half Black /250