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  1. Copped this. Only available for 1 day. I assume a re-press (if there is one) will be on black.
  2. Pre-orders are live, available August 25th. Stream the first single here: Pressing info: Cloudy Clear w/ Red, Black, and Green Splatter /100 180g Black /150 Half Translucent Red / Half Black /250
  3. Hey Brian, I responded to your message a few days ago. Writing here in case you see this haha
  4. Yo that is awesome! I'll buy it if you're not into the variant or somethin' ha
  5. Includes a copy of the 2xLP (still sealed) and an alternate screen printed jacket /100 that was sold on their tour last year. $45ppd
  6. Bump. Changed the thread to sell Have Mercy
  7. I think most of their stuff sounds good. I heard the same thing about some copies of The Hotelier. They've changed plants since then too.
  8. I have a copy of the /200 blue/pink for sale. $32ppd. Message me. (Nothing wrong with it, and I love this album, just prefer the retail variant) EDIT: SOLD
  9. I hope there's drums on some songs. I can't remember which earlier Julien Baker project I heard that sounded similar to her music but full band, it was good though.
  10. Got mine - Just wanna say this variant is really awesome. It's not really a haze or a color in color... it's like a mix of a hazy blob, with smoke around it. Really cool. Also the vinyl jacket is different than the older presses, it's got different variations of embossed printing (some are matte, some are gloss for example) and gives the artwork multiple dimensions. The spray painted part of the design feels kinda like spray paint ha. Edit: It also sounds great. All around great press of this album. A+
  11. Packaging is really nice, the gatefold + 180 gram red. Listening to the album for the first time now and dig it so far after spinning side A
  12. Spun this once or twice. Cream retail variant. $19 shipped.
  13. I will say their lathes are really high quality. We just had some cut from them and it's the best lathe I've ever spun and it was heavier than a 140-150g regular vinyl. Edit: Really high quality, for a lathe*