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  1. I went for it cause the variant looks cool, I missed out on the HT repress, and the copy I bought in 2012 came in the mail warped to hell.
  2. Copped that splatter /200 the other day. Love the end and how twangy it gets. Sounds like a Saddle Creek band.
  3. Got my copy in the mail today - the quality of the gatefold is great. Very heavy paper weight compared to most vinyl jackets. Edit: the artwork / album is all around beautiful. Embossed printing on the text and what not.
  4. Thanks for ordering! The record release show will be May 19th in Fort Wayne, IN I noticed you mentioned you'll be seeing Free Throw in Indy next month so I thought I might let ya know.
  5. Interesting metaphor, and true. After I ordered this, I was thinking of how I wouldn't want to have this spinning that often as well. But despite that, I wanted the own a physical copy because it's raw and beautiful, and because it's Mount Eerie.
  6. New song:
  7. Commenting to follow this thread. Anxious to hear some new stuff.
  8. Finally ordered this. Truly one of the saddest albums I can think of but incredibly beautiful.
  9. We're having a sale right now to save 20% off this weekend with code "THX4REEDN" Second single premiere coming soon!
  10. Ohhh okay haha.
  11. Is Reanimator someone who hand-pours wax? Or am I mistaken?
  12. Dowsing - Okay (Half Black/Half White) - $14ppd Marietta - Summer Death (Sky Blue w/ White Splatter /250) - $25ppd
  13. Surprised no one has posted this! Pre-order went up a couple weeks ago, the /200 variant is sold out. Pressing info and more below: Order here: - While supplies last, physical pre-orders come with a limited-edition 32-page songbook with lyrics, melody, chord charts, rhythmic framework, guitar tablature, and MIDI downloads for each track on the album. First Pressing: 200 Black & White Split 350 Clear 450 Black
  14. They'll have CD's on tour. Edit: The band just sold me the vinyl pre order might go up Friday, so if not Friday I assume it'll be soon.