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  1. Any Hottopic codes floating around?
  2. Anyone who had the PayPal payment issues get a response back yet asking to complete payment yet or is it still pending?
  3. I have not even received shipping info.
  4. Has anyone not received there order yet or shipping confirmation?
  5. Any other codes available?
  7. Apparently this is not for sale on Vinyldigital. Also not on Discogs, it says "This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs." Anyone know what is going on with this vinyl release?
  8. Mew if you still have it
  9. Hi I'd like to reserve Pinback
  10. It says currently unavailable.
  11. Does anyone know if this box set will get a mass release aside from the Record Store Day version?
  12. For anyone who has been to the Soundgarden in Baltimore during RSD, is there generally a time to go when there is not a long line?
  13. So just to clarify the tracklisting VD has on their website with Fade at the end is incorrect?
  14. Has anyone who ordered not receive a shipping notification?
  15. Over 2,000 records does seem like a lot of records for one person to sign to me. I still think they could sell through a huge amount of this album even without the autographs so I don't really understand why they would increase the autographs from 2,000 instead of just selling the album without the autographs once the 2,000 sold out.
  16. I find it interesting that some people on the boards may quibble with a 2xLP being overpriced at for example $29.99 but are willing to pay $69.99 for a 3xLP "special edition" from Blood Music. Nothing against that, guess that's a good way to make money if people pay that much for it.
  17. Did the people who purchased the boxset in December of last year ever receive it?
  18. Anyone who pre-ordered the signed box set receive their copy yet?
  19. Also available here:
  20. Can someone PM the link pretty please?