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  1. Am a fan but finding it hard to get excited about this, Temple of I & I was not a strong album, so not really looking to the B sides
  2. Shesmovedon is off Lightbulb sun. You panicked me for a second because I really like that song and wanted it on LP.
  3. If you will post to the UK I will take it.
  4. Thanks for posting, I managed to get a signed LP from the Euro store.
  5. Signed black is the choice amongst a sea of colour, available from recordstore as already mentioned: https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Signed/Tell-Me-How-You-Really-Feel-Signed/5SQM0E7I000
  6. FS: Gorillaz - Do Ya Thing RSD 10"

    I admire your optimism!
  7. Really like this band but the deluxe is stuffed full of useless tatt. Just give me a well pressed LP and charge me extra for an autograph if you wish, and I am happy.
  8. I am probably in the minority here in that I prefer Maynard's side projects to his main gig with Tool. Its been 13 yrs since APC last released an album but ti would seem a new album is imminent early in 2018. No PO around yet that I can find, but the new single is here: http://teamrock.com/news/2017-10-17/a-perfect-circle-release-new-single-the-doomed
  9. Love their description " Once something of a hero yet now an actual idiot, the announcement of a new Morrissey album still manages to rustle up some kind of excitement in a world of increasingly homogenous and uninteresting pop stars. Giving a rare voice in the indie world to right-leaning brexiteers and Farage acolytes, fans will hope that there's something left in the old quiff before it flops off completely. " In an all to serious, hyper marketing world that is fantastic
  10. Thanks for the post on Ten Bands, I have a few of these releases and managed to get hold of a copy of Hardwired... from SRC. Cheers
  11. If you're in the Uk there are still 3 copies available for £27 with free shipping on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253102351777 Soundstage wanted nearly £30 just for shipping.
  12. PO: Bjork - New Album

    well, its Friday night and we only have one litre of Vodka between us. I guess Scotch is going to have to do.... Odd that the deluxe version is being held back, wonder what the game is on that. We'll see I guess.
  13. Thanks to this thread I just managed to snag a Matador variant. £20 shipped to me is very reasonable.
  14. Not surprising really. 500 of such a huge selling record as a proportion of total worldwide sales is really limited.