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  1. Tempted by this, didn't know they were still going and haven't heard any of their recent releases.
  2. Just PO the deluxe vinyl from Amazon UK for £48, there is scant product detail but I assume this is the 2LP + book that is shown at £66 on the Gorillaz store.
  3. Thats fantastic thanks Lethal, got my order in Did plenty of Googling scouring for a copy but never did find one so cheers.
  4. I missed out on a red Reinhold and already prices on the secondary market are going silly, damn this hobby!!
  5. The Gorillaz is just one of many expensive LP's in my Discogs wantlist that I keep a constant eye on looking for a good deal or pondering whether I just throw caution to the wind and pay what it takes to own it. I have noticed that Demon Days is one of very few expensive LP's that seems to have a constantly high turnover, way more than any >$150 record which I have watched. While the album is too recent to become an icon in the same way many 70/80's albums have become over a long time period, it sure has mass appeal. I was fortunate to get on the VMP train when I first saw the release of DD posted on VC but it still baffles me as to why such a massively in demand LP was re-issued on a restricted retail model such VMP. I cannot wait to get this, the CD sounds fantastic and I can only imagine those deep groovy bass lines going to the next level on vinyl if this is well mastered.
  6. Thanks for this, I snagged the clear but the red Reinhold was sold out.
  7. Thanks for the links, I should have stated I was looking for the buttercream version but I may just have to settle for yellow.
  8. I am really struggling to find a copy of this, seems like it has sold out pretty quickly. Does anybody know where I might find a copy? Thanks.
  9. picked up the loser edition from Discogs for just £20. Looks like its the same pressing for USA/Europe. Thanks to this thread
  10. Thanks for this, I have ordered along with the new Holly Throsby LP which is her first release on vinyl.
  11. Thanks for the link, I went with Amoeba. shipping was less than most sites too. Thanks!
  12. it is showing out of stock for me now but I could add to cart last night. The market will be flooded with these by speculators since the listing clearly states they will press as many as they can get PO's for. A very cynical marketing exercise is this given the stupid price and claims that it is limited when in reality its only limited by market demand over a set period.
  13. Its available now for me
  14. Here it is on the EU site, 45 Euros. Taking price gouging to a new level, it's obscene
  15. Might be interested in ordering this but it looks like their webpage has been down for weeks, no indication on the FB page as to whether copies are still available either.