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  1. I am probably in the minority here in that I prefer Maynard's side projects to his main gig with Tool. Its been 13 yrs since APC last released an album but ti would seem a new album is imminent early in 2018. No PO around yet that I can find, but the new single is here: http://teamrock.com/news/2017-10-17/a-perfect-circle-release-new-single-the-doomed
  2. Love their description " Once something of a hero yet now an actual idiot, the announcement of a new Morrissey album still manages to rustle up some kind of excitement in a world of increasingly homogenous and uninteresting pop stars. Giving a rare voice in the indie world to right-leaning brexiteers and Farage acolytes, fans will hope that there's something left in the old quiff before it flops off completely. " In an all to serious, hyper marketing world that is fantastic
  3. Thanks for the post on Ten Bands, I have a few of these releases and managed to get hold of a copy of Hardwired... from SRC. Cheers
  4. If you're in the Uk there are still 3 copies available for £27 with free shipping on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253102351777 Soundstage wanted nearly £30 just for shipping.
  5. PO: Bjork - New Album

    well, its Friday night and we only have one litre of Vodka between us. I guess Scotch is going to have to do.... Odd that the deluxe version is being held back, wonder what the game is on that. We'll see I guess.
  6. Thanks to this thread I just managed to snag a Matador variant. £20 shipped to me is very reasonable.
  7. Not surprising really. 500 of such a huge selling record as a proportion of total worldwide sales is really limited.
  8. Got a brief response back from Nuclear Blast on whether an official release: We don’t seell Bootlegs, so that’s a legal one. Greetings Miri
  9. Ok thanks mate, I will contact them before cancelling.
  10. How can we tell if this is legit. The photos would indicate a quality item but beyond that?
  11. This is awesome, thanks for posting as I would have missed this for sure. 400 copies only, why so low,...
  12. HMV Vinyl Week 2017

    down to my local HMV 5mins walk down the road, lined up with about 3or 4 others and got what I wanted. Looked like they had about 5 copies of all the titles. There were certainly some odd releases this year which I cannot see selling in a hurry.
  13. Thanks for the musicvaultz link, I could not pass up on that.
  14. thanks for posting that hammertime, it was the push I needed to finally grab the Violent Femmes green LP.
  15. Thanks, Alex, you sure did I ordered a copy of the Monorail signed, appreciate the link.