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  1. God, I've never wanted to buy a limited edition release less thanks to you guys.
  2. Fuck it. Did that super deluxe. 14 vinylz sounds fun. Though i I have to say at $350, at least do the 5 bonus tracks on one more slab.
  3. Oh they aren't on Parlophone/EMI (or whatever they are now) anymore?
  4. Credit where it's due, I love that this is coming out in a month, rather than the unnecessary and common 3 month release schedule.
  5. Saturnz Barz is so fucking good
  6. 50 copies of a test press. wow.
  7. Damn. UK list is great. also, I'm not one to be cynical about RSD, but the Flaming Lips are really running out of ideas for the day.
  8. With the releases I wanted the most being RSD first, I know I don't have to bust ass to get them. If I come across them great. If not, NBD. I do want that Jason Isbell and AIC 2x7" which shouldn't be too hard. Wish I could get that U.K. Elastica though.
  9. This was the first major project Dangermouse did after dropping the Grey album. So it had massive buzz around it. You combine that with Albarns songwriting and knack for pop melody, it was an incredibly promising LP. I think even for the time, merging hip hop, pop, and indie was still pretty novel. So I think this album checked all the boxes for good critical scores. Combine that with a hit song, I can see why this album is a touchstone for many. That at being said, I was a massive fan of the s/t, it's b-sides, the DVD. In fact I devoured everything Albarn made. This came out after Think Tank which was a let down for me. I think the sour taste of that album really marred any excitement I had about DD and ultimately I thought the album was half good (to this day I still don't like Monkey with Fire). I will say though I've revisited it over the years and fell in love more with it. It's very much an Albarn album and the features are really well placed. The production is flawless and I think the songs themselves are some of the best Damon has written this century. I think in general, Gorillaz just makes great tunes and I think Albarn is incredibly talented and well respected that's why they are a thing.
  10. this is VNYL level type promotion. I mean, I guess its fine if you have no idea what you like/dislike. in 2017, there are so many avenues to discover new music, you don't need to just throw $25 out into the ether and hope for the best.
  11. So they have a new cut, I'm sure one will happen down the line. Probably later in the year.
  12. Makes me wonder if it's gonna see a standard pressing around the same time as the new LP.