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  1. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    My box: The Great Tyrant- the trouble with being born Phobia- unrelenting Publicist UK- forgive yourself Skinless-only the ruthless remain Anal Cunt-morbid florist Today is the Day- supernova Kylesa-spiral shadow Brutal Truth- round two 7" totally worth it for TitD and Kylesa, excited to spin the rest, hopefully find something new, but will probably find a new home for a few of these
  2. Unbelievably excited for this. This has always been my favorite. I miss Jason Noble...
  3. PO || SUMAC - What One Becomes

    Awesome, thanks! This also gives me hope that more is on the way
  4. PO || SUMAC - What One Becomes

    Which TAAS records have been repressed??
  5. I feel like I've been through this before with hello-merch, where shipping is stupid expensive, complaints are voiced and media rate shipping is added after a couple of days. Am I making this up?
  6. Is Celestial remastered or is it the same as the original Escape Artist version?
  7. i'm absolutely in for this. hope it's a sign that more of these are on the way!
  8. PO: High on Fire - Luminiferous

    It's back up to $30, glad I got one early
  9. PO NOW : Coliseum - Anxiety's Kiss

    Shirt Killer bundle is up!
  10. Same as others: good selection, free MP3's, cool postcards, stickers and posters in my orders then it dried up and got expensive... Remember when they tried to create a social media aspect to the site? Neat idea, a little before its time, so it fizzled.
  11. TRR has a small handful of the remix ep available due to a pressing plant overrun. If you missed out before, don't sleep this time!
  12. What was the first record you ever bought?

    in 9th grade (I think?) I moved my parents unused stereo into my room and would listen to their old Simon and Garfunkle, Santana and Iron Butterfly records, mostly because my friend Al told me that listening to vinyl was cool. That Xmas I asked my parents to buy me two used Ramones records I had seen at Down in the Valley (Pleasant Dreams and Too Tough to Die). First record I bought with my own money was a 7" by a local band called Arm (Suddenly Sorry).
  13. Yes definitely worth it. one of the best documentations of their early live shows.