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  1. If you actually give money to this you deserve to get ripped off with all the evidence that exists.
  2. if you are seeing them in January on the West coast they'll probably be a different mashup with SUMAC and Cult Leader.
  3. What video games have you been playing?

    Had Battlefront 2 preordered and passed after all the reviews of everything. Sticking with CoD and still working on Skyrim.
  4. PO: Fister/CHRCH split LP

    Full stream here: https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/43np9b/fister-and-chrch-capture-the-spirit-of-american-doom-in-2017
  5. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Fister/CHRCH split LP up for preorder: White vinyl here: http://crownandthroneltd.bigcartel.com/product/fister-chrch-split-12 Clear vinyl here: http://www.battlegroundrnr.com/product/chrch-fister-split-album
  6. In collaboration with our new friends over at Battleground Records comes the forthcoming release by Sacramento's epic psych/doom rock titans in CHRCH and our old friends in Fister. CHRCH, who are new to the label, have been hard at work crafting their particular brew of sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble continuation and glorification of those fundamental musical elements that first built and then sustained the genre and it’s offshoots over the course of decades. This purity and honesty comes across in a striking manner on the band’s debut "Unanswered Hymns" (Battleground Records), a sprawling roller coaster of an album that plumbs the heights and depths of emotion, whether be it sorrow, loss, or redemption. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Studios in Rocklin, CA, the recording exudes a warm, organic tone that draws the listener in to music heavily influenced by traditional doom, psych rock, drone, and ambience. CHRCH cannily wields dynamic songwriting, musicianship, and raw power to spin a spellbinding tale of occult darkness that clashes with illuminating melodies and riffs drenched in grimy reverb. Minimalistic, indulgent, or straightforward, the music of CHRCH is simply whatever the listener wants it to be. Fister, coming off their recent reissue of "Gemini" on vinyl (Encapsulated Records), their split 7" with TEETH (Broken Limbs Recordings), and of course their last 12" "IV" that we released in 2015, provide one new soul crushing track to this new release. The band, as before, incorporates heavy influences from the black and death metal genres into a depressing sludge spewing heaviness that many have attempted, but few have mastered. The band recently completed a East/midwest tour with Un and will be touring again starting 2018. Artwork created by Ethan Lee McCarthy (PRIMITIVE MAN). Digital download included. White vinyl here: http://crownandthroneltd.bigcartel.com/product/fister-chrch-split-12 Clear vinyl here: http://www.battlegroundrnr.com/product/chrch-fister-split-album
  7. Pretty sure that they couldn't redo those 7"s cause they didn't have the permission to use those songs. Remember when those came out that most sales were done via mail order and zine ads. Shit like this wasn't on the radar. It's not like now when you can search Discogs, YouTube, etc and file "cease and desist" orders (and you all know Sharon would do that in a second)...
  8. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Insanely good. Don't miss out.
  9. Poacher Diaries went back to Relapse. They would have to do it. I wish they'd do Beyond Hypothermia but probably not going to happen. Got two copies for sale on Discogs right now if you want to get a copy.
  10. Po : Sect xvx - no cure for death

    When's the Brooklyn show?
  11. I'm sure they'll bring half to the east coast shows and half to the west coast. They are usually pretty fair about making sure most people get a chance at those.
  12. What video games have you been playing?

    Do I buy Destiny 2, Wolfenstein 2 or the new Call of Duty? Or do I wait for Star Wars Battlefront II?
  13. If you live in Chicago my brother's store Bucket O' Blood has the blue copies that'll be available for sale.
  14. Probably. My package had an Acid Tiger LP jacket used for padding. They are probably burning through extras they aren't going to use.