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  1. PO: All Pigs Must Die - Hostage Animal

    Eh, white looks better than the blue even though blue is rarer.
  2. Cassette storage

    Funny that with cassettes being popular again there's not much in the way of storage options for them. Looking for something in the same black/brown color option IKEA uses for my collection. Anyone know anything that's being built/sold currently out there in the market?
  3. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    That was pretty "bold" of him... ill see myself out.
  4. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    ^ band is awesome
  5. Iron Age - Sleeping Eye Pressing Info?

    Selling a copy of the 2xLP on Discogs right now: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/503384478
  6. adding some random bits and pieces from Cave In, Botch, and Skin Like Iron to the list.
  7. Smiths/Morrissey Lot for sale

    $300ppd in the states, if you are outside the US be aware this would cost a small fortune to ship all titles are VG/VG or better Smiths, The “Ask b/w Cemetery Gates” 7” Smiths, The “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now b/w Suffer Little Children” 7” Smiths, The “I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish b/w Pretty Girls Make Graves” 7” Smiths, The “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore b/w Meat is Murder” 7” Smiths, The “What Difference Does It Make? b/w Back to the Old House” 7” Morrissey “Ouija Board, Ouija Board b/w Yes, I Am Blind & East West” 12” Morrissey “Our Frank b/w Journalists Who Lie & Tony The Pony” 12” Smiths, The “Ask” 12” Smiths, The “Hateful of Hollow” 12” Smiths, The “How Soon Is Now?” 12” Smiths, The “Louder Than Bombs” 2x12” Smiths, The “Meat is Murder” 12” Smiths, The “Panic b/w Vicar in a Tutu/The Draize Train” 12” Smiths, The “S/T” 12” Smiths, The “Shakespeare’s Sister” 12” Smiths, The “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side b/w Rubber Ring Asleep” 12” Smiths, The “The Queen Is Dead” 12” Smiths, The “This Charming Man Remixes” 12” Smiths, The w/Sandie Shaw “Hand In Glove b/w I Don’t Owe You Anything & Jeane” 12”
  8. Following on the heels of 2017's "Tando Ashanti" (Halo of Flies Records / Alerta Antifascista Records (official)) comes five brand new songs from Denmark's black metal/hardcore hybrid Hexis. Hexis "penchant for mixing hardcore, black metal, and doom is potent, and over two records now, they’ve charred those standing in front of them." (Meat Mead Metal Fanzine). The band, well known for being touring machines, has already completed extensive European and SE Asian touring for the year, with an additional 6 weeks in the United States followed by a UK tour before the year ends. The band themselves, described by Soundscape Zine as "the kinetic power... is a diabolical noise with more semblance to black metal...(a) high protein diet with added bass, where the resonant bass frequencies distort and suffocate the main collection of riffs... swimming in a sea of discordance." Recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, USA. Photos by Ivan K Maras and Sara Biscaldi (Deathless Pictures). Design and Layout by Allan Kristiansen. Includes digital download. "XII" is released in conjunction with Moment of Collapse Records, Truthseeker Music, and Division Records. Check out "Nefarius", the second song on the EP here: https://crownandthroneltd.bandcamp.com/track/nefarius Preorder here: http://crownandthroneltd.bigcartel.com/product/hexis-xii-10-cd
  9. Adding another small stack today. Still lots of good stuff in there.
  10. merch-matcher.com

    Mike Riley from Pulling Teeth/Firestarter Records put that together.
  11. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    If anyone is holding that Faceless Entity LP that just came out on Altare I will buy it off you.
  12. Is dead format.........dead?

    Maybe people just like something because they like it? Discogs is annoying because I just want to list my collection, not have to add every version because they aren't listed and then deal with the Discogs mafia that argue every point about the new listing.
  13. Yes, if you want I can pull off and I give you the fee discount.
  14. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    Can't roll the dice on this because I have upcoming releases to pay for but if anyone gets Primitive Man records out of these grab bags and don't want them I'm happy to pay for them. Just PM (yes, best pun) me on here.