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  1. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    You guys are funny. We’ve all gotten multiple emails updating us with all of the info about the subscription. Pyrolatrous LPs are shipping this week with the Hell CD. Forn got pushed. Yellow Eyes, Mutilation Rites, and Eighenlight are all at the plant. Adam’s probably the most honest person doing a label that would do a subscription. You’ll get everything you were promised. i signed up for the 2018 subscription. It’s a no-brainer. All heat, all tasty platters.
  2. Opinions on off center LP stickers...

    Not stickers. Not stickers. Not stickers. Not stickers. Not stickers. Not stickers. Not stickers. Not stickers. Not stickers.
  3. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I don't see any number on my copy.
  4. Everyone let you down with presents but you got some cash? Everything is make an offer. Shipping daily. Make up for your loved ones mistakes.
  5. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Mine is here this Wednesday. I'll look and see if mine is numbered.
  6. Amenra . Mass VI

    Highly recommend grabbing this if you are a fan of the band. Richard does amazing work on his releases.
  7. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Friend told me about them. Think I'll pick it up direct from IBP.
  8. New Stuff in the DW Estore

    Grabbed a clear YFM because I really needed a 10th copy of that record (that's including both regular and redux)
  9. Set everything to offers. Looking to move some more stuff. Buy holiday gifts for friends/parents.
  10. Just have my old Word doc since Deadformat is done. Probably going to just go with Google Docs.
  11. post your set-up thread

    Amp: Rotel RA-12 Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with Ortofon Red and Speed Box Tape Deck: TEAC W-890R Speakers: B&W 685
  12. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Oh weird I thought it was. Guess I need to order it then.
  13. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Both Krallice records are part of the current subscription.
  14. If you actually give money to this you deserve to get ripped off with all the evidence that exists.
  15. if you are seeing them in January on the West coast they'll probably be a different mashup with SUMAC and Cult Leader.