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  1. Do you have mewithoutYou - Catch For Us The Foxes by any chance!? Thanks.
  2. FS: Emery Test Press

    Pm me a price range please!?
  3. What Test Presses do you own?

    Jonny Craig - Find What You Love And Let It Kill You - Screenprinted Jacket Hand Numbered #10/24. Phantom Planet - The Guest - Hand Numbered #17/24.
  4. Could you message me with an idea of price ranges for the variants please!? Thanks!!!
  5. WTB mewithoutYou - all variants/presses/TPs

    Do you have A-B Life, Circa Survive/mewithoutYou 7" Split, mewithoutYou/Say Anything 7" Tour Split or Catch For Us The Foxes!? I have all of these except CFUTF and I regret it everyday that I sold my Dark Opaque Red Variant!
  6. Thanks for the best of luck wishes! I just scored the '17 SDCC Edmiston Eyes Without A Face Set for $100!! Very Excited, I was very tempted to get your set on Ebay for $350 but couldn't pass this deal up! Goodluck with your sale man!
  7. Money is money and I'm just trying to find these, no one knows the full story I never ripped anyone off or any bullshit like that so just relax, I'm the one getting fucked over because of some stupid shit and I'll leave it at that.
  8. Last full set I've saw sold on EBay for $205 during the Con...so I don't know where you're seeing those prices.
  9. Where has the clown sold for at all!?
  10. ISO: Jason Edmiston's New SDCC Eyes Without A Face Prints (Wonder Woman, Bane, Two Face, The Joker, Clown Joker, Batman) Willing to pay $140-160ppd for this set. Thank you so much for your time! Also have some great prints and Mondo Vinyl To Trade, Silent Hill - Snowfall Variant, Monster Squad - Wolfman Variant - Gary Pullin Art - FACTORY SEALED! Rey - Mike Mitchell and many more.
  11. Looking for the following records hoping to trade for them: Thursday - A City By The Light Divided Paramore - After Laughter (Teal Variant/Pink Variant) The Movielife - ...Has A Gambling Problem Senses Fail - The Fire/Life Is Not A Waiting Room/From The Depths Of Dreams Panic AT The Disco - A Fever Hot Topic Exclusive Also looking for PS4 (Injustice 2, Watch Dogs 2, Odin Sphere, The Witcher 3, Dark Souls II & III, Bloodborne...Etc, And Nintendo 3DS Games (Mario Games, Kirby, Hey Pikmin!, Yoshi's Woolly World, Fire Emblem Awakening Etc...