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  1. Forgot about the Balance And Composure 7" wouldn't mind finding that as well.
  2. $19.98 or so probably cheaper at some stores. That's RSD for you it's absolutely rediculous that's why people try and help each other out here as much as possible.
  3. Claypool Lennon, Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo, Sublime Bad Fish are all I'm really, really looking for this year! Any help would be awesome! Thanks
  4. Yeah I'm trying to track one down right now, unfortunetly that one fell through but if I hear of anyone getting rid of a copy after I find one I'll definetly let you know man.
  5. I live in NY to bu way upstate near Canada so I have to travel pretty far to go to anything but when I get the chance I do it, talk about probably one of the best bands I've ever seen Glassjaw is so amazing I met Daryl after the show i'll definetly never forget that! I need to get my copies of Worship and Everything you ever wanted to know back on vinyl but I tried getting their 7"s and Coloring Book and had horrible luck needless to say I don't own any of those haha.
  6. Yes we are intense best band ever I don't live anywhere near a record store believe it or not the closest one is over 3 hours away that participates in RSD so online is my only chance to get this vinyl. If I strike out atleast I'll have the memories of seeing them in concert like 5 times and meeting the band that'll have to do for awhile lol. Hope everyone gets a copy of this! Goodluck.
  7. Probably find these somewhere but would rather get from someone on here if anyone has an extra copy of these would probably be easier to trade right now for me but will still definetly buy these let me know please and thanks!
  8. I wish I had those La Dispute Variants I only have Wildlife First Pressing RSD Pink Variant /100, Somewhere Between 4th Pressing Blue Marble/Pink Marble Variant, Tiny Dots Clear RSD, Half Black/Half Purple Variant Split W/ Koji, and Their Split with Touche Amore on Black. I also have all the extra goodies that came in the Wildlife Deluxe 2xLP Clear Vinyl Bundle.
  9. I Just sold my Tour Variant of SSTB Signed by the band but I guarentee you wouldn't want to pay what the buyer offered me for me, I'll keep an ear out for a decently priced one for you tho man.