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  1. Anyone see where to get the 3LP or what is even on it?
  2. This album is pretty disappointing. Decent material but not really the classic danger sound I've come to love over the years.
  3. Love the post of 2012 photos vs 2017. Can't agree enough and also can't emphasize enough how much I dislike this new album.
  4. Everyone is being very polite. This album blows. Huge fan of their first 4 and now another 4 later and this is by far the worst of them all.
  5. Snagged one as quickly as I could. Wonder if I'll ever get the first EP to complete my collection. Haha nope.
  6. That already sounds better than anything on the last album
  7. Love this band. Grew up with them in northern jersey. This is by far their best release. However, saw them live a few months back and it was pretty rough. Not replacing 2 members and getting 2 new members will definitely take its toll - at least on the live expereince for the time being.
  8. Sorry, still bitter about Infinity Overhead
  9. A pretty crappy new minus the bear album?
  10. Bands are human relationships. Adult decisions were made. They currently don't want to get back together and play live for you just like your first girlfriend don't wanna be with you.
  11. These shows were good but trust me, the shows from censored colors and earlier go down in my history books and some of the best rock shows ever! So yeah, that song is rough to listen to to say the least. However, I'm sure this album will make them more popular than ever...
  12. Yesss! By far my favorite mono release
  13. I saw you will be pressing the Kilimanjaro discography. Will you also be pressing Here Be Dragons?