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  1. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    They did not, you are right. As others have said, why the secrets?
  2. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Right, but we didn't expect the purple Mad Season pressing. I doubt it will happen, really. I also would rather not pay for this twice.
  3. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Well, who's to say they don't release another one like they did with the Mad Season?
  4. Apparently mine is at the house right now, along with the regular version. Edit:. I guess my wife ordered 2 copies of the regular version for some reason? No black on black yet.
  5. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    I think you are right about the pressing issue.
  6. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Lightning Bolt had a few red vinyl sent out, and the Mad Season Benaroya Hall had a red/black as well. Not all if them, of course.
  7. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Pearl Jam fans are pretty rabid when they see the word "limited". You'll see them on eBay soon after, along with trade requests for Benaroya Hall.
  8. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    I'm always surprised how secretive Ten Club is about stuff like that. Every other band says exactly what you're going to get.
  9. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    I like the color of the blue, but I'll probably just wait until this hits my local store and get a pink.
  10. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

  11. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    I kinda thought they'd only sell the blue vinyl through Madame Zuzu.
  12. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Lol, 10c clear on anything? Go check out the daily butthurt on their message board.
  13. PO Afghan Whigs represses

    Again, Sub Pop said the management for Afghan Whigs asked them to pull it.