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  1. VMP will have a variant as well but it's not up yet. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/the-war-on-drugs-live-drugs
  2. LIVE DRUGS Format: 2x12" Vinyl Label: Super High Quality Records Release Date: November 20, 2020 Ships on or around release date, November 20, 2020. Tracklist 01) An Ocean in Between the Waves 02) Pain 03) Strangest Thing 04) Red Eyes 05) Thinking of a Place 06) Buenos Aires Beach 07) Accidentally Like a Martyr 08) Eyes to the Wind 09) Under The Pressure 10) In Reverse Transparent Green and Black variants available from the band: https://store.thewarondrugs.net/music/twod050010-the-war-on-drugs-live-drugs-2x12-vinyl/
  3. 5 blue left on Bandcamp: https://youwillloveeachother.bandcamp.com/
  4. Here we are... DISCO4 Part 1 announced today: 01. HEALTH - CYBERPUNK 02. HEALTH, Perturbator - BODY/PRISON 03. HEALTH, 100 Gecs - POWER FANTASY 04. HEALTH, Ghostemane - JUDGEMENT NIGHT 05. HEALTH, Youth Code - INNOCENCE 06. HEALTH, Full of Hell - FULL OF HEALTH 07. HEALTH, The Soft Moon - COLORS 08. HEALTH, JPEGMAFIA - HATE YOU 09. HEALTH, Brothel - D.F. LOOKS 10. HEALTH, Soccer Mommy - MASS GRAVE 11. HEALTH, Xiu Xiu - DELICIOUS APE 12. HEALTH, NOLIFE - HARD TO BE A GOD Limited edition blue vinyl plus a standard black vinyl available at htt
  5. Seems likely. It's still available to buy online: https://elliottsmith.co
  6. That "wasn't really consensual" quote was something she messaged to her friend the day after it happened when she was undoubtedly just beginning to process it. She's speaking in certainties now.
  7. I feel the same way. It's a shame because the current lineup is very talented and JD will always be a great lyricist (and person), but it just doesn't feel like tMG to me. And that $16 markup for colored vinyl just rubs me the wrong way.
  8. How did that work out for SST? Oh, that's right, most of their biggest bands jumped ship and sued to get their master recordings and unpaid royalties. While yes, you're right that labels use money earned from bigger bands/past albums to sign new bands and release new albums, they do still have to have money to pay those bigger bands. If TE couldn't pay Adult Mom $8k in royalties for three years there's either some serious financial mismanagement going on or they vastly overestimated their ability to handle and support the number of bands they signed. That TE allegedly called Adult
  9. From the article... "We get haunted by that number because it gives such a wrong impression. Basically, we owed almost that much when we sold it. Honestly, we netted something like $7-8 million altogether when we sold the building, and most of that went to operating costs over the years. It wasn’t money that we were able to pocket. When that happened, we were just trying to stay alive. We’d kept going further and further in the hole ever since the last recession, and we lost all of our equity and all of our backup, which culminated in that sale. I don’t want to sound defensive about it, b
  10. Apparently the online store is mostly run out of a distribution warehouse in Kentucky, it's not indicative of the in-store stock. I saw an update recently that indicated they were working on putting up records from the LA store prior to their move.
  11. The staffing is into the hundreds? It’s 300 people at the L.A. store, and they’re such an amazing and caring staff. And from what little we’ve managed to stay in contact with them as a group, everybody’s holding tight and absolutely all about trying to make sure we get back up on our feet ASAP. And most of those are part-time, we’d assume? Uh-uh. I would say more than two-thirds are full-time. I’m not sure the exact number, but if you’re counting anyone up to 32 hours, I would say that’s at least 80% of our staff. We have so many people working in the back, upstairs, pricing, m
  12. Amoeba LA owned the building they were in and sold it to a developer 5 years ago. They've been leasing the space from the developer since then, but are moving to a new location later this year. There was a bit of a kerfuffle in their Instagram comments referencing the sale price in relation to asking for donations, but they talk about it all in more detail here: https://variety.com/2020/music/news/amoeba-music-gofundme-record-store-fund-drive-vinyl-1234585476/.
  13. All the Weird Kids Up Front (More Best of Spoon) is a fan-selected companion piece to Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon. With a tracklist submitted by and voted on by fans, it features deep cuts from the Austin, TX band's 25-year history. 1. The Fitted Shirt 2. Don't Make Me a Target 3. The Beast and Dragon, Adored 4. Is Love Forever? 5. I Summon You 6. Out Go the Lights 7. Who Makes Your Money 8. The Ghost of You Lingers 9. Paper Tiger 10. WhisperI'lllistentohearit 11. Tear It Down 12. New York Kiss
  14. It's not enough to simply dig through a message board for posts related to the topic (which in itself is not a simple task), it requires getting answers to a set of specific questions that are tailored to the right audience. Having the ability to successfully conduct a market survey and then share the results of said survey is typically a requirement of these types of projects. Telling OP to fuck off isn't going to stop other people from making these threads. It's also not going to encourage OP to want to contribute anything else to this message board. Next time you see a thread w

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