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  1. That Rollerskate Skinny album is worth a listen if you're into '90s shoegaze / neo-psych type of stuff.
  2. Last night they had the album on orange vinyl, a new 7" with a new song on blue vinyl, plus various shirts.
  3. I think the word you're looking for here is "mistake," not "mystery." As in, someone made a mistake when entering that record into the list. Think Occam's razor. The only mystery here is why anyone cares about the used in 2019.
  4. Kinda figured this album would feature those collabs and more. I hope they end up releasing those at some point.
  5. Also available in the US from Polyvinyl. Early bird is clear with pink smoke plus a yellow 7" flexi, limited to 500. Regular version is purple. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/girl_with_basket_of_fruit
  6. Today only, all four box sets are available for $100. http://www.numerogroup.com/
  7. I recognize a few Instagram names here. @a.good.record.is.always.around
  8. Apparently this is coming out on December 8, but I haven't seen anything official from Graveface on that.
  9. argh, I confirmed the purchase before realizing the shipping address was wrong. what an amateur.
  10. yeah, free shipping for US orders. finally got my order in after about 10 minutes of loading.
  11. this was a nice surprise to wake up to today. slowwwwwwww website, though. finally got it into the cart. double LP is 22.98, deluxe LP is 30.98. per the mountain goats website, vinyl is gold and green, and the bonus 12" is red.
  12. awesome. just picked up the decemberists and tmbg. yet another RSD completed entirely on my couch.
  13. Amoeba has TMBG: http://www.amoeba.com/flood-black-friday-lp-they-might-be-giants/albums/3412675/