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  1. Apparently they've shipped out half of the orders. The other half should be shipping by mid-February. Phil's working with the people at The Business record store in Anacortes to get these shipped. FWIW I live in Los Angeles and mine arrived in perfect condition. Oh, and apparently all box sets will include a complete copy of Early Tapes after all, in case anyone here was one of the last to order.
  2. Sold out on Bandcamp, 20 left on the website.
  3. I think this is the full article: https://dnyuz.com/2021/09/20/the-18-year-wait-for-new-wrens-music-is-over-sort-of/ Basically Whelan got tired of waiting on Bissell to finish the new Wrens album so he's releasing the 5 songs he wrote for the album plus more on his own as Aeon Station. Not sure why I wasn't expecting much from this album, but this song is fucking good.
  4. you heard right: https://store.warnermusic.com/i-don-t-live-here-anymore-spotify-exclusive-vinyl.html
  5. Would love to see those first two Koufax records reissued but I can't imagine there's much demand compared to other albums in the Vagrant catalog.
  6. "Thank you for your patience throughout the Mars Volta issues. We have heard back from the pressing plant and have two options for people who received a replacement that did not solve the issue. We will be receiving a repressing of the record, estimated to be around October, and will send out a copy to everyone who experienced the issue when we get them! In addition to this, I can offer one of the following two options while you wait for the repressing. I can either refund the cost of the Mars Volta record back to your card, or ship out one of the records on the list below now! Please let me know which option you would prefer and if you have any questions!" You'll need to contact them to request a replacement.
  7. Are they really only selling these through the EU store?
  8. But their design studio worked on it for the past year!
  9. Better get two so my kids won't have to fight over "The Chuck" when I die.
  10. I've seen a couple listings for a stand-alone of Repetition coming out on that same day, but so far nothing on Numero's website. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/unwound/repetition
  11. Early Bird, Retail, and Test Pressing available from Polyvinyl Records. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/oh_no (US) https://store.polyvinylrecords.co.uk/products/688481-xiu-xiu-oh-no (UK/EU) OH NO, the group’s newest album, is an album of duets, with Stewart sharing the spotlight with an array of guests who have made an impact on him personally and musically. Sharon Van Etten’s tentative musings open the album, and from there vocalists from across the musical spectrum, including Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr, Liz Harris, Alice Bag, Chelsea Wolfe, Owen Pallet, and Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr., all drift into Xiu Xiu’s distinctive soundworld. 1. Sad Mezcalita (Sharon Van Etten) 2. I Cannot Resist (Deb Demur /Drab Majesty) 3. The Grifters (Haley Fohr) 4. Goodbye For Good (Greg Saunier/Deerhoof) 5. Oh No (Susanne Sachsse) 6. Rumpus Room (Angus Andrew/Liars) 7. Fuzz Gong Fight (Angela Seo/Xiu Xiu) 8. I Dream of Someone Else Entirely (Owen Pallett) 9. One Hundred Years (Chelsea Wolfe) [The Cure cover] 10. A Classic Screw (Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo) 11. It Bothers Me All the Time (Jonathan Meiburg/Shearwater) 12. Saint Dymphna (George Lewis Jr./Twin Shadow) 13. Knock Out (Alice Bag) 14. A Bottle of Rum (Liz Harris) 15. Ants (Valerie Diaz)
  12. is there really a "too embarrassing" when it comes to weezer?
  13. Cherry Red is reissuing J's live solo album Martin + Me on Jan 29, 2021. No extra stuff, just a new transparent yellow vinyl pressing of an album that's been out of print since 1996. https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/j-mascis-martin-me-limited-edition-yellow-vinyl-lp/ There's also a new 3-CD set available with Live at CBGB, Martin + Me, and an unreleased solo acoustic set from 1998 at https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/j-mascis-fed-up-and-feeling-strange-live-and-in-person-1993-1998-3cd/.
  14. I've got a few records in the mail now that all started moving in the past two days, including one that was in limbo since Dec. 4th.