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  1. They just released this on picture dis for pre-order https://polyvinylrecords.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=301ccb6f8cba0ba4938e01db5&id=76b2101b41&e=66500c659d
  2. looks like black with white/red splatter
  3. 25 copies left! Once these sell out we will e-mail everyone that purchased a link to the unreleased demo's from the album

    @Dapug In case you haven't figured it out yet... this isn't the place to come try and flip your record for bullshit prices. Stick to eBay and discogs.

    Oh. I'm not so interested I just want to make sure none of my friends on these message boards get ripped off! Cheers and good luck.

    I can get All-American Rejects sealed off discogs for $68+shipping lol
  7. PO Now:NSYNC-S/T

    Delayed til April Hello, and thank you for placing an order for the ‘NSync Numbered Limited Edition 180g Import LP (Blue Vinyl)! The label, Music On Vinyl, has pushed the worldwide release date of this item to April 2018. We have been assured that we will receive enough copies to fill all of our pre-orders. We’ll keep you order safely on file, and we’ll notify you via email once the item arrives and is ready to ship. Thanks for choosing Elusive Disc! Angela Clymer Primary Order Processor
  8. Man that's a huge bummer. Gonna try to pack them differently. Thanks for the support!!
  9. PO Now:NSYNC-S/T

    in for blue!
  10. Always!! Trust me I can’t wait til the label grows big enough for us to use a fulfillment center and not have to charge those prices! I don’t like paying 7.50 for shipping either
  11. Because we’re a very small independent label and have to purchase shipping supplies (when you don’t buy in massive bulk quantities it’s expensive). We also insure every order. We can’t afford lost or damaged products. Working on getting our shipping costs down in the future but right now this is what we’re working with. Appreciate the support though!
  12. The show last night was so great! They didn't miss a beat! Even played a few from Breaking In An Angel.
  13. We have leftovers! Going live at 12 PM CST! https://www.fielddayrecords.com/product-page/red-animal-war-black-phantom-crusades-15-year-anniversary