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    Hey Guys and Gals - just use "freeshippingdude" at checkout. Good for US based ordrers, one day only. www.secretaudioclub.com
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    Waiting for Rise to sign Midtown out of nowhere.
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    I have not now, nor will I ever buy a record from Urban Outfitters. I'd rather buy vinyl from Walmart (if that were an option). :3
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    This is my background and I get many comments on it
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    What I hate about eBay discussion like this is the temptation. Logic dictates that I should just sell my Euro Version +7" for $100 and then go to Hot Topic and pay $15 for a regular pressing. I could then hit IVWT with the remaining $85 and have 6-8 other records I want. It becomes hard to justify holding something like this when you have more interest in hearing a diversity. The solution is that people quit paying insane prices for things like this and I'll have peace in my mind.
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    Here's where he lost me: "Then we have Keepsake, which might be about murdering a woman and dumping her body in the river, but it’s like he wrote that song then fudged it because he wanted to be all nasty and honest like Johnny Cash or Nick Cave but didn’t want his mummy to think he’s not a nice boy. It’s like Nick Cave if you took away all the gothic menace and minatory artistry. Did they have harmonica on any of their older songs? If not that’s another PROPER HEARTLAND ROCK BAND checklist tick." If he's too dense to realize that this song is about Brian's dad, his liberal use of a thesaurus is not enough to make me take him very seriously.
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    Death of a wire?

    It could very well be a loose wire on the cartridge. With pair of fine nosed pliers or strong tweezers, unplug each wire and replug it in, one by one. Test it afterwards, if that doesn't help try opening it up and having a look for any loose wires/broken solder joints. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, take it to any hifi repair store. It should be a pretty simple fix
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    Probably nasty Mexican weed
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    Gettin' married today!

    Awesome man! Best wishes
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    with all the labels here, someone needs to buy the rights to the 3 songs from got friends and press a 7".
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    $80 pledged , if I'm thrifty enough throughout this remaining 34 days, I might just spring up and also get one of the other colored vinyl. I'm stuck between Slackers and All Stars haha. Also shared this up on my Facebook to try and get more support.
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    I love me some Duprees.
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    Use your $25 to buy a couple new independent releases.
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    Awesome, I just cured a kid with cancer by liking a Facebook status, then saved a starving child with a retweet, I can't wait to save somebody from an overseas prison by clicking yes after typing my name!
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    Converge/Napalm Death split 7"

    I don't think deathwish would ever let a $30 7" pass. Someone really should press an affordable Melvins 7" just to be shown that it can actually be done
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