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  1. Hey friends. It's been a bit. I finally saw Mono last night and thought you all would appreciate. It was an amazing show in a tiny venue with a light quiet crowd. It was perfect.
  2. Hey folks! Logged in for the first time in ages. Just thought I would say hi!
  3. It was amazing. The projected graphics / videos were pretty rad. They also wore headlamps. But mostly the music was just incredible and it was so nice to finally hear them live
  4. I haven't been on here in foreva, but thought it was worth noting that I'm finally seeing TWDY live
  5. So glad you dig all of it! Persepolis is forever one of my favorites. (The books and the movie.) I got those little roll up comics in Prague. I had never seen anything like that either! Anyway. I hope you have the best Christmas, dude.Edit: oh! And the wrapping paper was actually this huge black and white print of a photo of mine. It used to be on my wall but since it started ripping I just decided to use it as wrapping paper. <3 recycle life. Cheers!
  6. Haha my paycheck tomorrow will definitely help. But your shopping abilities just made it a sure thing
  7. I finally just listened to this. I have been trying to hold off till the release...but. ALL THE FEELS.
  8. I have so much Christmas shopping still to do. Ash, you are my hero.
  9. Well. I opened it. Secret Santa, thank you so much! Your gift was thoughtful! I got: All of a sudden I miss everyone LP - Explosions in the sky Belle of the boulevard CD - Dashboard confessional No excuses watercolor book The informer by Brett Easton Ellis Mix Various rad stickers! I haven't listened to the mix yet because I don't have a car anymore and my computer doesn't read CDs. but I'll see if my roommate can import it for me! I love that album and I read a lot of short stories on the plane so that will be perfect. I just finally bought watercolors so I'll definitely check that book out! No note or hints so I literally have no idea who it could be. But thank you so much and merry Christmas! Edit: typo
  10. So glad I snagged this from Amoeba. (Thanks Derek for the heads up). Sounds amazing.
  11. HI HI HI! Jealous of you Nic. enjoy! I have been good! I head to Prague on Saturday! So freaking excited. I have just been working a shit ton