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  1. Everybody here who jumped on it will be fine. We were able to lock in a good order.
  2. I was just about to post the updated picture here but I see two of you beat us to it!
  3. I'm sorry you aren't hearing back from us. I sent a screen shot to the guy who oversees customer service and he was pretty concerned about this. The best way to ask questions is to email [email protected] but that ask a question button should work just fine. If you want to DM us an order number or your real name, we can look into what happened. You deserve an explanation if you want one. It also will help us make sure we don't miss or not respond to other people. We don't want to be the company that doesn't get back to people. Thanks
  4. The variant of 2042 we have is purple and white. We don't have info on the other one (yet-hopefully.)
  5. I think everybody around here probably got the joke. Once non-music websites started calling it VHS black, we saw a lot of confused people. We didn't want to cause people to buy two black copies. It was too bad. We really wanted to start labeling records "black as your soul," black panther at midnight, pothole patch, etc. Just stupid stuff really. Merge took care of it by calling all their variants "Peak Vinyl"
  6. It's just one of our suppliers tooting their own horn. They aren't so good about putting the vinyl color in their data but they love to get this in there. We delete it when we notice it. You can safely ignore it. We don't try to be funny any more. We goofed around with the black variant of the first Stranger Things soundtrack and just confused everybody.
  7. We will let you what the color is as soon as we find out. EDIT: vinyl color is RED
  8. We just heard that there will be an indie exclusive in the US. No details just yet though.
  9. It was remixed at Dave's studio this year, but I don't know who did the remix.
  10. Yes, exactly. Those are regular releases. it looks like there is a lot more confusion about what's what this year. Entombed is a large pressing and they intend to keep in in print, which means you should have no trouble finding a copy.
  11. We know people here say nice things about us a lot. I don't know if you've ever been on the receiving end of something like that, but it's pretty amazing. I try to pass the comments along to the people who answer email, pack up records, etc. so they know you appreciate them. It means so much and we are always grateful when people take a minute to say nice things.
  12. Dang, you're quick. The two Black Dahlia Murder reissues were only in our system for an hour before you posted the link.
  13. I know. It's flattering that you thought of us.
  14. We are waiting for the details. If it's not up in the next hour, it will go up Monday. It depends on whether they get back from lunch before we leave the office. We will Tweet about it so as not to spam the board.
  15. We started changing this with orders placed a few weeks ago. Going forward, it will be as @lethalenforcer said. There probably will be times when we upgrade new releases to Priority Mail for free. It's still in flux and partly driven by tech stuff.
  16. Probably shouldn't. Good to know, but at this point, it's more about making sure that as many fans who wanted one as possible get one at list price.
  17. Customer service will need your help, but if you follow our instructions, you'll be golden. Or blue. Thanks!
  18. Not just yet. We're going to send out a status email to everybody soon, maybe today. Some of our packaging notices aren't getting through for some reason. We expect a second shipment early next week, which should just barely take care of everyone who pre-ordered, except maybe the guy who ordered six copies. Thanks! You're very nice to say that.
  19. Normally it's no problem. Thanks for sticking up for us!
  20. I seriously refreshed that section at 5:05pm yesterday. You're devoted! DM us your address. I'll send you a Bull Moose snow scraper.
  21. How did you find this so quickly? It was on our site for maybe an hour before you made this post. Amazing.
  22. The only info we have is that it will be very limited. All I can suggest is that you try stores that sell a lot of underground hip hop first. I think they are more likely to have it. I apologize for not responding until today. I didn't get the notification that you tagged us until this morning. If anybody here wants to get a quicker response to a question about a release, use @bullmoosevinyl on Twitter. Someone who can do the research is almost always logged in during weekdays. Thanks