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    darkforest71 reacted to mrrom92 in (A Disscussion Somewhat Related To) Brand New - Deja Entendu RSD   
    baby turn around and let me see that entendu thread go bump bump bump
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    darkforest71 reacted to +hecollec+or in (A Disscussion Somewhat Related To) Brand New - Deja Entendu RSD   
    Wouldn't he smash the orphanage to the ground?

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    darkforest71 reacted to timsimmons in THE WHITE STRIPES - Get Behind Me Satan 2LP   
    I don't get why people want GBMS as a vault. 
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    darkforest71 reacted to Emo Revival in (A Disscussion Somewhat Related To) Brand New - Deja Entendu RSD   
    Super secret sneak peak of the special edition cover

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    darkforest71 reacted to dreamover in THE WHITE STRIPES - Get Behind Me Satan 2LP   
    The RSD will have a 3D Lenticular Cover with these images:

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    darkforest71 reacted to dreamover in THE WHITE STRIPES - Get Behind Me Satan 2LP   
    To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the release of Get Behind Me Satan, Third Man Records is happy to unleash the first-ever commercially available version of the album on vinyl, to be released on Record Store Day, 4/18/15. This release includes a full-size, 12'' x 12'' lenticular cover and has disc one pressed on red vinyl with disc two pressed on white vinyl. Newly-created artwork reprising themes of the original promo-only version of the Satan LP will be exclusive to this release.

    Winner of 2006 Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album
    Includes their classic singles, ''Blue Orchid,'' ''My Doorbell,'' and ''The Denial Twist.''

    LP1: RED Colored vinyl
    LP2: WHITE Colored Vinyl
    180 Gram Vinyl 
    includes mp3 download
    Record Store Day Exclusive 3D lenticular cover gatefold jacket
    printed inner sleeves

    Limited to: UNKNOWN

    Jack White - lead vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin, marimba, tambourine
    Meg White - drums, percussion, backing vocals, triangle, bells, bongos, lead vocals on ''Passive Manipulation''

    Produced by: Jack White
    Recorded by: Matthew Kettle 
    Engineer, Mixing: John Hampton
    Mastering: Howie Weinberg
    Photography: Ewen Spencer

    Recorded to eight track reel-to-reel at Third Man Studios in Detroit, Michigan in February 2005, and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Mastered direct from analog tapes.
    Manufactured by: United Record Pressing

    Blue Orchid: http://youtu.be/uoZ4zWuu2Do
    My Doorbell: http://youtu.be/IlcMRq3gb1s
    The Denial Twist: http://youtu.be/y6LuwU3LPLE

    Tracklisting (sequence exclusive to this vinyl):

    Side A:
    1. Blue Orchid 2:37
    2. The Nurse 3:47
    3. My Doorbell 4:01

    Side B:
    1. Forever For Her (is Over For Me) 3:15
    2. As Ugly As I Seem 4:10 
    3. The Denial Twist 2:35
    4. White Moon 4:01

    Side C:
    1. Instinct Blues 4:16
    2. Passive Manipulation 0:35
    3. Take, Take, Take 4:22

    Side D:
    1. Little Ghost 2:18
    2. Red Rain 3:52
    3. I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet) 4:19
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    darkforest71 reacted to just a normal guy kevin in Miles Davis Misprint Copy "I Got One"!   
    Dude, do an ollie off the cover.
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    darkforest71 reacted to BuzzersonKillwell in (A Disscussion Somewhat Related To) Brand New - Deja Entendu RSD   
    Here is the limited edition packaging if anyone is interested:

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    darkforest71 reacted in <WINNER ANNOUNCED> I (STILL) WANT TO GIVE YOU A FREE RECORD   
    Good evening, VC.  I’ve spent the last few days checking out museummouth’s YouTube channel, OffTheRecord.  He’s got a ton of great videos containing reviews, recommendations, hauls and unboxing for some of our favorite releases.  His channel gave me an idea to do another giveaway for the community.  This giveaway is open to everyone across the globe.  One lucky entrant will receive a brand new copy of the record of their choice from the list below.  I will randomly select the winner out of a hat on the eve of March 5 (next Thursday). 
    To enter the giveaway:
    SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube Channel here. 
    COMMENT on one of the videos on his channel.
    CHOOSE one of the following records and POST your selection in this thread:
    My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (Clear w/ Red Splatter) (10)
    My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade (Bone & Black Swirl) (10)
    Sleep – Holy Mountain (White) (5)
    Sleep – Dopesmoker (Sativa Edition) (12)
    Torche – Restarter (Purple & Green Merge) (3)
    Mastodon – Remission (Purple & Black Split) (2)
    Mastodon – Leviathan (Gray) (0)
    Brand New – Daisy (Green) (6)
    AFI – All Hallow’s EP (Orange) (4)
    The Ataris – So Long, Astoria (Coke Bottle Clear) (2)
    Circa Survive – Descensus (Clear w/ Blue & White Splatter) (9)
    Periphery – Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal (Red Swirl) (2)
    **total entrants as of 10:24 PM EST on 3/3 is 65 (selections in parentheses)**
    Thank you for your participation and good luck to all!
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    darkforest71 reacted to JoToRoBo in (3/10 UPDATE) $8 LPs, $13 LPs, rare LPs, and more! Check it!   
    Calm down man, you're a bit rabid. He wasn't lying about it being the only copy listed, am I right? I for one have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Kess. 
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    darkforest71 reacted to rooks in (3/10 UPDATE) $8 LPs, $13 LPs, rare LPs, and more! Check it!   
    ugh do want that sun kil moon...
    lol. nevermind
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    darkforest71 reacted to iron666monkey in Miles Davis Misprint Copy "I Got One"!   
    This post belongs on Facebook so you can get likes instead of down votes.
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    darkforest71 reacted to dickcritter in Miles Davis Misprint Copy "I Got One"!   
    Just got the 2013 mono reissue of this.  I have mono and stereo copies, but I definitely prefer the mono copy.  An essential album.
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    darkforest71 got a reaction from somethingvinyl in Miles Davis Misprint Copy "I Got One"!   
    Nice! Any pressing in mono is the definite way to go.
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    darkforest71 got a reaction from longboarder in Miles Davis Misprint Copy "I Got One"!   
    Nice! Any pressing in mono is the definite way to go.
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    darkforest71 reacted to museummouth in BARGAIN YOUR RECORDS !   
    I wouldn't pay anything. The rolling stones are terrible.
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    darkforest71 reacted to THE_James_Champ in BARGAIN YOUR RECORDS !   
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    darkforest71 reacted to Shinji in RUSH Non-appreciation thread   
    eh, some people like music that other people might not like, chill
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    darkforest71 reacted in RUSH Non-appreciation thread   
    Origional first lp on their own Moon label (which later became Anthem label) now worth $700-900  even though pressed in quantity of 3500.
    That is one expensive turd.
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    darkforest71 reacted to StandingWaveWoodwork in How do you store/browse your record collection?   
    Obviously shelf-storage and standard cube-type storage makes browsing records a right pain, especially once the spine gets a bit worse for wear and your can't identify the record from the side.
    I've been making solid wood flip-through holders (PLUG: they are well crafted beautiful and practical pieces that make flip-through browsing super easy). Here's my Etsy shop  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/StandingWaveWoodworkSo far I've been making individual units that fit 35 records, but I've been thinking of creating a modular version where you could buy a custom amount of holders that could fill whatever size of space you want (in a nook or cranny, across the floor, up to the ceiling, round a corner etc).
    So, apart from my shameless plug, (see below!) my question is: what would be your ideal format/size for having a browse-friendly storage set up? How many records per unit would be ideal? Obviously the more records it fits in the bigger the footprint of the holders.
    Your expert knowledge is called for!



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