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  1. damn, if you haven't already contacted KRM about it, I would happily take it off your hands for cost + a lil extra
  2. Wait a second... just realized the account that pointed out the record being in stock on interpunk was created right before that comment was made, and their only two posts are about interpunk... is mr. interpunk among us?
  3. goddamn. welp. filing the paypal claim now. what a fucked situation.
  4. Christ. I guess I'll try and submit a paypal claim later.. If that other person who might wind up with an extra copy still has the extra, I'm still interested in taking it off your hands...
  5. should've done some digging. got excited and pulled the trigger too fast I guess. fingers crossed still maybe? christ haha, this is exactly my luck EDIT: "talk about a losing streak" would've been much funnier, in retrospect.
  6. THANK YOU! Just ordered a copy from interpunk. Fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled for whatever reason. At this point I don't even get a shit that it was almost $40 after shipping and junk. Just excited to finally have a copy of this record.
  7. Dang, i've been at work all day today. Figures I'd miss this fluke last chance too haha. This is my favorite LTJ album, so if nobody else has hit you up about taking the potential extra off your hands already, I'm very interested!!
  8. fuck. i forgot this was today. is it still in stock anywhere or did I totally miss the boat? maybe I'll try my local record store
  9. He didn't say for certain that it's going to be a 2x10", just that it was something they were thinking about. Guess we'll have to wait and see next year... I haven't really heard people complain about 10"s tho, so I'm sincerely curious what's prompting the "yuck".
  10. Some AK3 news that may be of interest: I saw them with Bad Religion the other day in Philly and got to talk to Derek and Dan out behind the venue for a little bit. Derek told me a Good Mourning vinyl reissue is in the works for the 20th anniversary next year. He said they were thinking of doing it as a double 10" or maybe even an expanded version with the demos and stuff. Said he wanted it to be a deluxe thing. I asked him to lobby for the inclusion of that leaked "Angel Alcohol" / "Everywhere I Wanna Go" demo, and he said he'd try. He also told me the actual title of that song was "So Good To Be Here". Just some info I thought people here may appreciate.
  11. what are the odds of good mourning reissue announce on halloween?
  12. yep! just looked and he's got a couple videos posted on his instagram. thanks!!

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