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  1. seconded- I've already been seeing some of these FBR 25 releases in brick and mortar stores. I'm sure TTTYG will be widely distributed.
  2. ordered a silver TTTYG from FOB(?)'s webstore and haven't heard anything about shipping yet either- but I'm glad to hear they exist and are starting to get out there. So thankful they finally re-pressed this one. I had been wanting one for years, but they were way too expensive haha TFB - Back On Top seems like a likely enough option for this reissue series. It's been out of print for a couple years now, I believe.
  3. lol. I'll think on it!! Maybe I do need a shirt three sizes too big with a design I don't care for after all... 😁
  4. hope they have surfer standalone 7"s soon- I'd like a copy of that EP, but def didn't want the shirt haha
  5. Fat just emailed back!! "Apologies for the mix up! We’re sending a color copy out to you tomorrow, please keep the black copy as a token of us being ding dongs. Thanks!" cool :)) glad they're being chill and are gonna fix it
  6. 1x colored vinyl- that was one of the first things I checked because I wanted to make sure it wasn't my screwup hahaha Anyway, I wrote a real polite email to fat about it. So we'll probably see what's up soonish I guess. I did order a black decline at red rocks a while ago and got color instead, so maybe they did this to even it out for me lmao /s
  7. hmm, I think the GD email to people that got a mixed batch said something about there being more oranges on the way soon? but idk if they just made enough to send out replacements to the folks that got black or if they're doing another full run... but if they are doing more oranges, it'll probably only be on the Green Day webstore. If you're willing to settle for black though, I know someone on the GD message boards said they're selling this reissue at walmart now... so it seems to be widely available haha
  8. hmm... so my RebUke 7" just arrived. I know I ordered a color copy because I remember being excited I made it in time for the first color batch and thought to myself "why not spend the two extra bucks for a fun color"... anyway, opened my package and it's two black copies. anybody else ever have anything like this happen from fat?? kinda confused. def had worse things happen to orders though, so I'm not too broke up about it. Just a little bummed bc I was looking forward to seeing which variant I got lol
  9. ugh, this is a bummer to hear... hopefully it'll only be the newer, gimmicky major label released junk that winds up there though. UO exclusives and the like... I'd like to think stockx will become the secondhand market for causal, surface level vinyl consumers and the real heads will stay on discogs but who knows
  10. ah jeez... just looked it up. didn't realize those were so pricey nowadays! I've had my white adeline pressing for close to ten years now, so I hadn't bothered keeping up on what they're going for haha. but good to know that I could probably scrounge up some quick rent money with that if need be I guess
  11. the now defunct Adeline had warning consistently in print on fun colors for a long time... no clue what those are going for secondhand now though
  12. cool!! mine is on its way, could you post pics/add it to discogs pls? very excited to get mine
  13. listened to my old hot topic pressing of this and the new pressing immediately after- and wow. everything is so much more defined. these live tracks are really something too...

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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