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  1. waiting out for a repress has saved me a ton of money so many times. still waiting on a Short Music for Short People repress tho...
  2. Hey all, is there any chance anybody has an extra copy of this that they're willing to sell for less than 4-5x the original price? Very long story** but I had a copy coming and now I don't, and would love to still get one. [spoiler]**The long story if anybody cares: I was graduating from college around the time pre-orders for this box set went up, so the person I was dating at the time's parents pre-ordered me a copy as a graduation gift. Well, in the time it took for these to be manufactured, the person I was dating cheated on me hard and then dumped me for the other person. So now I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be getting that graduation gift... I emailed Dischord and they put me on the waiting list for any overrun copies, but I don't want to put all of my eggs in that basket. If somebody happened to buy two and wasn't looking to flip it, I would be eternally greatful if you let me buy it at a fair, non-flipper price [/spoiler]
  3. Excited to hear these are in hand at Dischord HQ. Can't wait to get mine.
  4. I'll be goddamned. A copy of less than jake - losing streak arrived at my house today. Neat! EDIT: It's the yellow with black splatter variant
  5. Well interpunk just responded to my paypal claim with a tracking number that was created today? We'll see if anything comes I guess...
  6. damn, if you haven't already contacted KRM about it, I would happily take it off your hands for cost + a lil extra
  7. Wait a second... just realized the account that pointed out the record being in stock on interpunk was created right before that comment was made, and their only two posts are about interpunk... is mr. interpunk among us?
  8. goddamn. welp. filing the paypal claim now. what a fucked situation.
  9. Christ. I guess I'll try and submit a paypal claim later.. If that other person who might wind up with an extra copy still has the extra, I'm still interested in taking it off your hands...
  10. should've done some digging. got excited and pulled the trigger too fast I guess. fingers crossed still maybe? christ haha, this is exactly my luck EDIT: "talk about a losing streak" would've been much funnier, in retrospect.
  11. THANK YOU! Just ordered a copy from interpunk. Fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled for whatever reason. At this point I don't even get a shit that it was almost $40 after shipping and junk. Just excited to finally have a copy of this record.

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