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  1. I’ve been collecting for over 20 years, and I’m not huge on them, either.
  2. I went for the Revolver variant. That 7” box is super cool, but I have nowhere to put it! Haha. I’m sure that’ll be a sound investment for all who are game.
  3. They’re remasters, so I’m going for them! I absolutely love those Punk Note covers as well. I grabbed S/T with Rock For Light when it went back up. I’ll bite the bullet and pay separate shipping for Quickness when it goes up - sounds like that one may be a ways away with current production times.
  4. And of course the S/T sells out before they put preorders up of the other two. Why couldn’t they just do a normal preorder for the 3?? MerchNow was absolutely clueless as to what was going on for the rollout upon contacting them as well. So bummed at how they handled this one.
  5. It’s great, as you’d imagine. Bob Ludwig mastered, Chris Bellman cut.
  6. Waiting to pull the trigger on all 3 of these at once. I wish they were all available to preorder!
  7. Whew!! That’s good news. I snoozed and the black sold out on Scat’s web store.
  8. Where’s the press release from? Waiting to see if Kings Road announces any variants.
  9. So did a US press just not happen with these? Anybody have any updates? Same deal with a US Amazon preorder - just sitting waiting to be fulfilled.
  10. They’ve since lowered the price to $199.96. Guess they got approximately zero orders priced $30 higher. I gotta say, real ballsy of them. Especially after such a shipping debacle on these initially, and dunno about you all, but my copy is pressed off center. Real winners.
  11. I emailed them and said, “I think the price was entered incorrectly.” We’ll see if I hear back. Haha
  12. Excellent condition throughout with original box and packing material. 9” Evolution carbon fiber arm, Clamp It, upgraded Connect It cables, and heavier counterweight. Ortofon 2M Red cartridge aligned and ready to go! Mahogany finish. Located in Brooklyn, NY. Would of course prefer a local deal, but have no problem shipping. Asking $1150 shipped or $1100 local, PayPal only and will include the fees in that. Thanks!
  13. Arrived today! Killer packaging. Home too late for a spin tonight, but very much looking forward.
  14. Haven’t spun the LP yet believe it or not, but the digital remaster sounds very weird to my ears. Definitely some excessive mid/side stuff going on in mastering.
  15. Yeah strange that there would be a month’s difference in production!

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