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  1. Arrived today! Killer packaging. Home too late for a spin tonight, but very much looking forward.
  2. Haven’t spun the LP yet believe it or not, but the digital remaster sounds very weird to my ears. Definitely some excessive mid/side stuff going on in mastering.
  3. Yeah strange that there would be a month’s difference in production!
  4. Aw, that sucks! I ordered white as well, haven’t received any refund notifications :/
  5. Just got the email, they credited me back the difference.
  6. Promise it wasn’t, Satan! I think it depends on browser, payment method, or something. I’ve had this happen in the past with them - typically it’s there, but every so often it doesn’t appear as an option.
  7. I didn’t have one either. Emailed Kings Roas to see if they could switch the shipping method for me. They’ve done it in the past.
  8. I ordered one from eBay and had the same thing happen - advertised as red, arrived black.
  9. Digging up an oldie here - anyone had both the OG and the red MOV press, which did you feel sounded better?
  10. I actually prefer this these days - space getting limited on my shelves in my tiny apartment, the shelf hogs are a killer!
  11. The packaging is gorgeous! Really nice die cut cover. Is it just me, or is the mix on this a little wonky? Seems to be some slap delay on the drums?? That was an odd choice. I'm only a couple cuts in, we'll see how it grows on me.
  12. @timsimmons you are KILLIN it this week!!!! Due time for all these b-sides to see the light - I truly thing the whole package might be their best record, in retrospect. I'm sure there'll be a color version direct from the band.