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  1. I ordered one from eBay and had the same thing happen - advertised as red, arrived black.
  2. Digging up an oldie here - anyone had both the OG and the red MOV press, which did you feel sounded better?
  3. Really like this album, but I too am balking at the price.
  4. ludakrishayes

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I actually prefer this these days - space getting limited on my shelves in my tiny apartment, the shelf hogs are a killer!
  5. The packaging is gorgeous! Really nice die cut cover. Is it just me, or is the mix on this a little wonky? Seems to be some slap delay on the drums?? That was an odd choice. I'm only a couple cuts in, we'll see how it grows on me.
  6. ludakrishayes

    Black Friday RSD 2018

  7. @timsimmons you are KILLIN it this week!!!! Due time for all these b-sides to see the light - I truly thing the whole package might be their best record, in retrospect. I'm sure there'll be a color version direct from the band.
  8. Ok, yeah, it seems as though you need to be a paid member of their fan club to actually be able to purchase this. Bummer.
  9. Is some sort of membership required for this? It prompts me for a login, and I can't find where to actually sign up for an account.
  10. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Saw some of these at Amoeba without colored vinyl stickers on shrink - possible they’re pressing them on black now? Reason I wonder is because some had the stickers, some didn’t.
  11. There’s an indie green /3000
  12. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Thanks for the heads up. I figured these would find their way to digital. Hoping the Blu Ray will be available for purchase digitally as well on the regular outlets. And kinda glad I skipped on the vinyl. Yikes!
  13. Compared to the original press, red vinyl on Atlantic, this remaster sounds significantly better to me. Not as midrange focused. Better instrument separation. More bounce to the low mids. Much softer top end, the 90's master sounds shrill in comparison (as many 90's records suffered from!). I think the real missed opportunity here though, was to do a 2xLP remaster and include all 4 b-sides on side D. That would've been really special.