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  1. Aw, that sucks! I ordered white as well, haven’t received any refund notifications :/
  2. Just got the email, they credited me back the difference.
  3. Promise it wasn’t, Satan! I think it depends on browser, payment method, or something. I’ve had this happen in the past with them - typically it’s there, but every so often it doesn’t appear as an option.
  4. I didn’t have one either. Emailed Kings Roas to see if they could switch the shipping method for me. They’ve done it in the past.
  5. I ordered one from eBay and had the same thing happen - advertised as red, arrived black.
  6. Digging up an oldie here - anyone had both the OG and the red MOV press, which did you feel sounded better?
  7. I actually prefer this these days - space getting limited on my shelves in my tiny apartment, the shelf hogs are a killer!
  8. The packaging is gorgeous! Really nice die cut cover. Is it just me, or is the mix on this a little wonky? Seems to be some slap delay on the drums?? That was an odd choice. I'm only a couple cuts in, we'll see how it grows on me.
  9. @timsimmons you are KILLIN it this week!!!! Due time for all these b-sides to see the light - I truly thing the whole package might be their best record, in retrospect. I'm sure there'll be a color version direct from the band.
  10. Ok, yeah, it seems as though you need to be a paid member of their fan club to actually be able to purchase this. Bummer.
  11. Is some sort of membership required for this? It prompts me for a login, and I can't find where to actually sign up for an account.
  12. Saw some of these at Amoeba without colored vinyl stickers on shrink - possible they’re pressing them on black now? Reason I wonder is because some had the stickers, some didn’t.