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  1. i'm super busy too. i left seattle a long time ago then went back to oklahoma and now i'm back in the bay area. i'm exhausted from all this moving. but it's all been really good! hey hey. how are you doing?
  2. Do you like factory work? I worked at a factory for a few years and I loved having zero customer interaction.
  3. Hey! I was just in Portland a few days ago. I wish I planned it better and reached out to hang out. next time for sure. I would love to visit again, Portland is as amazing as everyone makes it out to be yo!
  4. I'm definitely getting the feeling that this thread died down? And I hope things aren't too much of a mess for you. I know i'm slowly coming back around from things getting pretty shitty in my life. I'm looking forward to halloween though. pretty stoked!
  5. hey so i pretty much disappeared from this thread. How is everyone?
  6. yeah you look like you had a ton of fun! I just got back from SF on thursday and I still feel like i'm dying. I need a whole day to sleep
  7. awesome thanks!! I'm hoping to try and make it down to Seattle today
  8. i totally forgot about RSD this year but i just saw Marcy Playground and now I'm tempted to go check it out. Jon what record store would you recommend I hit ?
  9. oh nice! i have heard a lot about voodoo donuts and i'll definitely add that to the list
  10. oh nice!! i haven't taken the train much but i've always loved it =) also, what kind of stuff would you recommend doing while in portland? anything off the top that i gotta do and will be bummed if i don't check it out?
  11. ha. well i've been in seattle for about 2 months and haven't met any of the seattle smalltalkers yet lol.
  12. awesome!! yeah i'll keep you updated. hopefully the butcher is in to hang out too?

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