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  1. Rick White has put out a vinyl pressing of Eric’s Trip’s “Warm Girl” cassette (not to be confused with the 7” of the same name). The first run of 400 sold out, but they’re pressing more. Seems they will all be on green vinyl. https://bluefogrecordings.bigcartel.com/product/eric-s-trip-warmgirl-vinyl-lp
  2. Happy to be corrected by others, but Academy Annex probably has the most 45s (though perhaps not an “absurd amount”) without being junky. They keep some boxes of more valuable stuff behind the counter, so ask for those too.
  3. The shops in Greenpoint are where I spend most of my time. Best are Record Grouch, Captured Tracks and Academy Annex, but there are a couple others that can be covered in between if you have time. All pretty close together, and Peter Pan Donuts is excellent for a coffee break. Rough Trade in nearby Williamsburg is fine, but I rarely buy new stuff at a store and that’s all they do. The only shops I’ve liked in Manhattan for used selection are Other Music (now closed) and Ltd to 1. Everywhere else, the prices tend to be stupid.
  4. If you’re going 8x4 vertical like me, I would highly suggest gluing everything together on each unit, and also getting a sheet of MDF cut to size and nailed in on the back of each unit. The added strength and rigidity is key to keeping the bottom level from collapsing, from what I’ve read. Wall anchors are also worth considering for the top level, especially if you can get them into studs.
  5. I have what is effectively an 8x4 Kallax to make use of my high ceilings. I remember reading something somewhere (Hoffman?) about floor construction and how you could basically never get too heavy with records in a properly constructed building.
  6. Upgrade on Uhaul boxes are these with these inserted at the bottom and top of each box. Fits like a glove and exceptionally secure, especially for stacking.
  7. You could try warming the adhesive a bit with a blow dryer before peeling.
  8. A number of years back, I swapped out only those PVC sleeves in direct contact (mostly pic discs). On some darker ones, you could see some hazing had occurred. A couple years ago, I decided to swap out the rest. I found that adjacent poly sleeves had reacted with the PVC, becoming rippled and weaker. And the LP jackets under the poly sleeves stank like PVC. Records seemed fine, but it totally put me off keeping any PVC sleeves in my stacks.
  9. Transfer transfer transfer. Stickers are easy to peel off. You can also just store PVC sleeves separately, which I’ve done for some others that are printed or otherwise unique. These are just generic, so into the trash they go.
  10. A global stamp from the post office for $1.20. Highly unlikely it would go missing, but if you want proof of delivery, you’ll need to make it Registered Mail for an extra $16, or send by USPS Priority, UPS, FedEx or DHL, any of which will be around $20-25. Separately, I was 0/8 on scratch cards. If anyone won twice, I’ll buy it off you for a not crazy amount.
  11. Glad for any Stan, but you can probably pick up copies of most of his LPs for a total price close to what this costs.
  12. Best one yet. Wasn’t going to preorder this but I’m a sucker for a complementary color scheme.
  13. “I said, ‘Am I just the drummer now?’ They said yes. And I said, ‘Can you tell me if I am still a creative equal in the band?’ And they said no. So, I left.” Just one side of the story, but that is really really shitty.
  14. New Wolf Parade LP coming in the new year. Pre-orders available from their webstore and Sub Pop (and presumably elsewhere soon). Pressings include standard black, Loser Edition (clear with red and green swirl) and a "Canada Edition" on clear with alternate cover (i.e. more obvious Tim Hortons logo).
  15. It should be on your “Dashboard” but it’s gone for me as well. Would email [email protected] and they’ll sort you.
  16. Rick White (Eric’s Trip, Elevator to Hell) has a new project out with Eiyn Sof. He’s also given the sole album from The Unintended (project with Dallas Good and Greg Keelor) its first vinyl pressing. Both limited (500 for the LP with Eiyn Sof) and available here: https://bluefogrecordings.bigcartel.com/products For those in Toronto, Rotate This also had copies this past weekend.
  17. If anyone in Toronto still wants “Day for Night”, Rotate is selling the silver version for $24.99, which is much better than online prices. They apparently have also had the half-speed, but were sold out when I was in. No idea how that’s priced.
  18. This seems to be a common sentiment. Interesting to me, because I think it's great. Probably not top three Cursive for me, but I definitely listen to it more than their first two LPs.
  19. New LP from Cursive, out this month digitally with vinyl shipping in January. Pre-order on silver (limited to 1000) or black from 15 Passenger: https://15passenger.bandcamp.com/album/get-fixed
  20. Can anyone tell me if the merch went quickly at their show? Specifically interested in the laundry bag.
  21. In my limited experience, DPD is very unreliable. I had an LP that shipped from the UK a couple months ago. Tracking never updated (for what was supposed to be an overnight shipment) so the retailer ended up sending another copy. Original copy showed up randomly after a full month. Tracking still never updated. Thankfully my obi copies here shipped FedEx without issue. I’m surprised they used two different couriers.
  22. Just don’t use an adapter, and center it on the platter. You could put another 7” (with a small spindle hole) on top as a guide to help center it.