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  1. Masterpiece was a debut album from a band previously unheard of...
  2. My blue/white swirl came today, too. Glad to finally own this on vinyl.
  3. Thanks! I own everything but Suburban Hymns and Tragic Boogie. Trying to complete the collection.
  4. I saw that, too. My first thought was reggiomedia1, but his feedback isn't nearly that high. A shame a flipper is hoarding all of these.
  5. I almost jumped on this earlier, but that upc is for the Deutsches album.
  6. I picked up one on the relist - did you go back for two more on the relisting? I think this will ship. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Same here. - I've ordered dozens of albums from them without issue. Their mailers and service they provide is stellar. Can't speak highly enough of Bullmoose.