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  1. I lucked out and saw my local shop got a few in. This is nuts. With all the lead up for this thing, to have this happen is such a crazy letdown.
  2. Got an email about a half hour or so ago. Bum deal. Offered 20% off coupon and 20% of the black LP when it's in stock. I wrote back pissed in the moment, but I don't know what they can do honestly. They can't mail what they don't have. I just wish this was news that was shared with enough time to actually try and get one when I could. That all day in-store thing is happening Friday. I can't skip work for it so there it is.
  3. Someone told me there was talk of inner sleeves and cat gifs in here. Got me like:
  4. So much this. Also you guys think I need a better shot of my cover for the composite or is the one I posted OK?
  5. The upside is now we can start a club. Or support group if that's the case.
  6. HAH! As unique as it *might* be it's driving me nuts.
  7. Received mine the other day. Was curious if they laid the covers out in a grid or just tossed them all over the floor. Also if we had enough of them pictured if we could recreate the layout like a puzzle. Heh. Edit: My hype sticker is upside down. The opening of the outer sleeve is at the top in this pic. Anyone else's turn up this way?
  8. Well shoot. I didn't look at where you guys were located. Sorry about that. If it's any consolation, there doesn't appear to be one anywhere near me since I've moved from VA to DE.
  9. If you're near a Books-A-Million they still had a couple of their exclusive variant kicking around the last I checked. It's not as limited as the ETR version but they're pretty and /1000 I think.
  10. So technically most of us got Nothing so far. (yes, I went there.)
  11. That's one of them. Lithium is another and their are one or two more.
  12. Same here. Although I was planning on getting to the shop by 5 and the owner told me there's no need to get there that early. First time doing RSD in DE and I'm going in with no idea what to expect. Should be interesting.

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