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  1. Signed holograph-cover vinyl. Ships in 4 years. https://shop.theweeknd.com/products/after-hours-signed-holographic-vinyl-digital-album?variant=31803631829064
  2. So there's clear (/1500), clear orange, clear yellow (/500) and clear greenish GITD?
  3. I think the represses may actually be happening? MusicDirect is adamant that they have them on hand, right now. Copies have begun popping up for all volumes on Amazon via third party sellers for close-to-list prices as well. https://www.musicdirect.com/vinyl/Trent-Reznor-and-Atticus-Ross-Watchmen-Volume-1-Music-From-the-HBO-Series-(180g-Vinyl-LP)
  4. You talked to an absolute idiot then. Find a different support person in their chat and ask again, I've canceled numerous things from UO in the past.
  5. Cheaper on Matador https://store.matadorrecords.com/making-a-door-less-open
  6. I read “clear vinyl is gonna happen” and my heart sank through my buttopening ohhhh my goddddddddd Rather have the splatz tho
  7. It’s what they stated, Jizz. But they just flat-out fucking lied to our faces.
  8. Maniac Meat repress is rumored to come later this year, no idea about Mystic though.