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Found 23 results

  1. As discussed, changed this to a Nadja / Baker catch all thread. Feel free to post anything related to Nadja, his solo project or anything else he may be involved in. I know that this is a vinyl specific thread, but I don't think that any of us would be upset if CD/Digital news is shared either.
  2. "Weighing Souls With Sand" is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that gives its listeners one final look into the tortured mind of Kris Angylus before he left our world." (Sputnik Music)" 2018 Remastered version by James Plotkin now available for pre-order on cd. If needed including a shirt. Shirts available S to XXL. Girlies S to XL. Go here if interested. <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/488950611&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=true"></iframe>
  3. For trade or sale. My official want list is small, but there are significant gaps in my shoegaze experience, so message me if something you think I might like and haven't checked out yet. I think I'm easy to work with and make sure you come out ahead for agreeing to the trade -- within some sane reason of course -- otherwise I'd just do another giveaway. Even will consider shoegaze CDs and tapes from the 90's as well. If you think the price is high just shoot me an offer. Shipping is $3.50 LP, $4 2xLP, $5 max shipping My Want List My Deadformat List - feel free to shoot me a message on anything Discogs For Sale Now, Now: Neighbors /500 Green RSD - $27 Daturah: Reverie #38/200 (/350 Black, unplayed) - the best jacket I've seen on this release, true NM+ $30 65dos: The Fall Of Math LP 180gm + CD - $20 65dos: The Destruction Of Small Ideas 2xLP - $18 Beware of Safety: It is Curtains LP /200 Red with Black Swirl - $12 East Of The Wall: Redaction Artifacts /150 Cream - $8 Lowtide: S/T LP 2nd /300 Red (sealed) - $13 - tremendous shoegaze/dreamgaze from Australia Test Pressings: Helms Alee: Weatherhead 2xLP TP #20/30 - $59 Special release CD, for original cost (not including ship from Canada): thisquietarmy /TQA (Eric Quach): I Heart Drone XL 8x8" Hand painted Heart, unique design #12/35, autographed TQAXL032 - $30 12" Latitudes: Old Sunlight #23/50 Vellum Special Edition - $40 Jakob: Sines 3rd /200 Crazy Splatter Camera Shy: Camera Shy LP /200 Green Beware of Safety: It is Curtains LP /350 Red with Black Haze Beware Of Safety: Dogs /100 Yellow Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /100 Blue - Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /100 White with Black Streaks - Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /300 Brown Amesoeurs: Amesoeurs 2xLP /222 Blue Transparent "Night Sky" Beware of Safety: dogs #8/10 Test Press Aidan Baker: Already Drowning LP Test Press /5 with poster and swag Red Sparowes/Grails Split EP /100 Half Red:Half Green NM/NM nice surfaces/jacket Year Of No Light: Ausserwelt 1st /500 Black If These Trees Could Talk: Above the Earth, Below the Sky 1st /100 Tour White with Black Haze - gone fast! Have A Nice Life: Deathconsciousness 2xLP Test Press (unnumbered but labeled) Camera Shy: Jack O’Lantern 12” TP #3/20 Camera Shy: Crystal Clear 7” TP #17/20 Junius: Martyrdom… 2xLP Clear/Bronze /30 Error Labels (hand made cork Moth Jacket) Jakob: Sines 2nd /100 Clear w/ Orange Swirl and Clear w/ Red Swirl Deafheaven: New Bermuda /500 Pink and White (UK, sealed) Superheaven: Jar LP 3rd /500 Kelly Green w/ Black Splatter Hum: You'd Prefer An Astronaut Clear Deadhorse: We Can Create Our Own World - Translucent Green, Special Jacket Tour Press #/75 NM - $29 ON HOLD Red Sparowes/Grails Split /100 Green with Black veins NM/VG+ Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains #41/100 (50-60 exist) Black with Silkscreen Jacket Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains /10 Test Press White Label Animals As Leaders: Weightless TP /60 White Label *Serengeti & Sicker Man: Doctor My Patience LP #5/250 - 1st offer will be accepted + $3.50 ship, just be somewhat reasonable *Xiu Xiu: Knife Play LP + 7" Clear #109/250 - 1st offer accepted will be accepted + $3.50 ship, same LSD And The Search For God: Heaven Is A Place /200 Blue (Deep Space) True Widow: Avvolgere /100 Clear (Relapse) Night School: Blush LP #45/250 Yellow - Graveface Record Club Night School/Dott Split: Carousel #132/333 Purple Marble - Graveface Record Club Mono: The Last Dawn/Days Of Darkness 2xLP /150 Marbled Gray (Pelagic) Mogwai: Happy Songs For Happy People LP (Matador) - pristine! The Pirate Ship Quintet: Rope For No Hopers /150 Gold (Denovali) - Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP #80/100 White (Sheath) Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP /200 White w/ Blue Haze (Band) Sigur Ros: Kveikur Box Set #331/1000 - 9 x 12" Singles, Instrumental B side; Autographed Art Designs Caspian: Tertia 2xLP 4th /323 Half Black: Half Gold Shy, Low: Binary Opposition EP 2nd /150 Black:Clear - $12 Jakob: Sines 1st /300 Half Red/Half Orange with Black Center Diiv: Oshin LP 2nd press This Will Destroy You: Live 3xLP unplayed, opened to confirm color Black/White/Gray Marble - Junius: Days Of The Fallen Sun EP /200 Black with Ivory Splatter Junius: Martyrdom Of A Catatrophist 2xLP /100 Bronze w/ Black Swirl Cassettes: Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas Promo Cassette (Capitol Records) The Verve: No Come Down Promo Cassette A Place To Bury Strangers: A Place To Bury Strangers Casette
  4. For fans of drone, a new album by the Fun Years just came out: http://www.springbreaktapes.com/#/the-fun-years-heroes-of-the-second-story-walkup/ Vinyl is hand numbered out of 300 with some pretty slick artwork. Here is their band camp: https://thefunyears.bandcamp.com
  5. Locrian's new album is up for preorder at Relapse's site. Available in Silver (/250) and Electric Blue (/850). It's out July 24th. http://www.relapse.com/locrian-infinite-dissolution-lp-blue.html The artwork is not so great in my opinion.
  6. A tribute to REYNOLS frontman, Miguel Tomasin. Inspired by Tomasin’s unique way of looking at the world, Reynols made music that most people probably wouldn’t consider music- plugging guitars into pumpkins, releasing empty CD cases, blank tape hiss, detuned guitars, effects pedals, feedback and the occasion ram’s horn. It’s trippy and noisy. But mostly noisy.Buy the shirt @ https://rawgravy.threadless.com/designs/reynols-t-shirt/mens/t-shirt?color=goldLATEST RELEASE:DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS "Warmth 2" download @ https://chromepeelerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warmth-2Mutated drones convert into harsh noise killing zones. Pointless laughter while watching a mushroom cloud grow in the skyline.
  7. SSIA. If you have it, I want it. I pay money. Lots of money. Please let me buy your stuff. I love this band so hard.
  8. Hey there, since friday the debut album by german black metal band 'Boden' is available. "Boden is a six-piece from Stuttgart / Germany, formed by members of Wølfenstein, Loner and Loose suspense. Influences vary – loud/quiet, drone, doom, shoe gaze, black metal, pop acts, post-rock ensembles. This is their first album, now to be released as one-sided EP through Holy Goat Records, revolvermann records and Meta Matter Records. The 20 minutes of dark droney shoegaze blacked kind of metal were pressed on black vinyl, which comes with a screen print on the B-side, lyric poster and in rough and heavy cardboard. It was recorded in february 2015 by Jan Woldt and later mixed and mastered by Role at „ Die Tonmeisterei“." ~ listen: http://revolvermannrecords.bandcamp.com/album/boden ~ buy: http://www.revolvermannrecords.de/produkt/boden-st-12/
  9. I run Lurker Bias. We release weird music on tape. Starting today and running through December, all our stuff is half off on Bandcamp with the promo code 'half'. Check our stuff out at http://LURKERBIAS.BANDCAMP.COM Thanks!
  10. title says it all. offering big money depending on condition. NM+ only please. please pm me with pictures. thanks! I GOTS ME ONE
  11. The auction is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sonic-Youth-Slaapkamers-Met-Slagroom-LP-BLACK-VINYL-FIRST-PRESSING-rare-oop-/291394731954?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43d87abfb2 Part of the "Perspectives Musicales"-series as "Muzikale Vergezichten". This is the FIRST PRESSING on black vinyl that was done by mistake. This record is in excellent condition and has been kept in a smoke free environment. TRACKLIST: A. Slaapkamers Met Slagroom B1. Stil B2. Herinneringen I will ship outside the USA but additional postage will be required. Proceeds of this auction will go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.
  12. A bit late on this, but for anyone who's interested - you can pre-order this sweet Boris & Merzbow collaboration in a splatter DLP/t-shirt bundle now from Hydra Head, $40. http://bit.ly/1DS7NFO
  13. I don't think I've seen any real interested in this band, but who knows. Anyway, Six Organs of Admittance - Hexadic. Came out yesterday. $18 PPD from Drag City. http://www.dragcity.com/products/hexadic
  14. So, I'd like to make a little room in my record and cassette shelf to buy some newer stuff. Willing to negotiate. Media mail is preferable, combining shipping is no problem. Definitely willing to post pictures or detailed descriptions of anything if asked. My want list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fTy2Vh9QcrBgPHW8HwrDlh_QVY0eATBobDLJFSyLXIg/edit?pli=1 If you wanna trade something that you think is up my alley, please make an offer! Lightning Bolt: Hypermagic Mountain (etched D-side) $25 NM Oneohtrix Point Never/Tim Hecker-Instrumental Tourist: $20 VG+ Mono: Gone: A Collection Of EPs (3 discs, splattered grey/white/black/gold, etched F-side, very limited) $32 VG+/NM Cloudkicker-Subsume: (red vinyl) $17 NM *SOLD* Boris: Attention Please $15 NM *SOLD* Melt-Banana: Charlie $15 VG+ Shrinebuilder-S/T: (orange/black/blue splatter, etched, very limited) $52 NM *SOLD* Touche Amore: Is Survived By (cyan blue/white) $17 NM High on Fire: Slave the Hive 7 inch: (purple, etched, very limited) $16 NM *SOLD* Isis: Panopticon (very limited) $20 VG-There is a slight bend and a tiny bit of nicks but the record plays fine. Saint Vitus: Lillie: F-65 (purple, limited) $19 NM *SOLD* Jesu and Eluvium split: (2 copies, orange and black.) $14 VG/NM Drudkh: Handful of Stars: $15 VG Between the Buried and Me: Colors live (red, RSD exclusive) $22 NM The Bug vs. Earth: Boa/Cold (etched, RSD exlusive) $14 NM Earth: Phase 3 $16 VG+ Cattle Decapitation: Your Disposal 7 inch (clear, very limited, signed) $14 NM Converge:Live at the BBC 7 inch (green, limited) $6 Author and Punisher: Drone Machine (silver/green/grey splatter) $25 NM-M Shining: One One One VG $14 King Crimson: In the Court Of The Crimson King (first pressing) $18 VG+ *SOLD* Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV (rare yellow vinyl) $19 VG+ *SOLD* Ghast: May the Curse Bind (red vinyl, repress) $15 NM Sunn O))): Oracle $14 VG+ Nadja/Atavist: 12012291920/1414101 $13 NM This Will Destroy You/Lumbyc Systym: Field Studies (splatter pink/brown split) NM $15 Windmills By The Ocean: Windmills By The Ocean 2 (grey split "windmill" color, limited) NM $13 Sonic Youth: Anagrama $14 NM Dinosaur Jr.: Bug $14 VG+ Jello Biafra/Melvins: Never Breathe What You Can't See! $14 VG+ Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine: White People And The Damage Done (includes two inserts) VG+ $15 First five Black Sabbath albums: (Master of Reality is red, the rest are black vinyl) VG $14 each Cassettes: Whirr: Sway $7 Greymachine: Vultures Ascend $7 Man is the Bastard: Live at Fiesta Grand $6 Corrupted: Live at 924 Gilman $6 Thank you all for the interest.
  15. Pre-order is up for The Bug/Earth collab on Ninja Tune. I searched for another thread but didn't see one. Bleep tweet says they have it but the only place I see to purchase it is on the Ninja Tune site here: http://ninjatune.net/release/the-bug-vs-earth/boa-cold 12/15/14 release date. "This collaborative effort between Kevin Martin and drone connoisseur Dylan Carlson aka Earth is a match made in a dystopian heaven. Having originally pencilled the collaboration in for The Bug’s concrete rattling LP Angels and Devils, the tracks needed a little more room to move around in. The result is the sound of Boa- a 7 minute deposit of Carlson’s rumbling noodling and the typical bass weight assault we’ve come to expect from The Bug. This is life between a rock and a hard place, unrelenting noise and unswerving intent. One of the most thrilling collaborations of the year."
  16. Hi guys, I know this is kind of a strange request, but I was wondering if one of you could help me out. Awhile ago, I bought the collaboration between Boris and Sunn O))) called Altar, (fantastic album, highly recommended) and boy, it was pretty much a steal. Even though thousands were pressed of the album, it doesn't go for cheap really anywhere. I paid about $18 total for mine. New condition, marble blue vinyl, comes in a freaking leather, full color book and has a huge poster. Anyway, here's the kicker. The seller's copy came with three discs, the third being damaged. He clearly stated it on the eBay bid and definitely did the right thing, I would hate to receive a defunct disc. Anyway, if one of you wouldn't mind sparing 1/3 of their copy, PM me! Doesn't even have to match the color. I just want a complete package. Working on my trade list right now, and I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount and negotiate. Thanks!
  17. Founded in 2011 as a side project by members of Afterlife Kids and Henry Fonda, ANCST is a collective from Germany with a lyrical focus on social and political topics as well as personal struggle. The guitar work of multi-instrumentalist Tom, also a member of Henry Fonda, is anchored in steady, pounding tremolos reminiscent of early Amon Amarth and shrouded in thrashy, black crust. This is a perfect complement to the relentless, blasting, pattering kit and Torsten’s crusty, dry shrieks. ANCST hits that sweet spot between fierce melodic black metal & dark metallic hardcore crust, fusing together extreme metal and hardcore socialization In Turmoil features the 'Humane Condition EP', the songs from the splits with Hiveburner, Smutecni Savnost, the first demo, some compilation tracks and one unreleased track. Taima features 40 minutes of pure scifi drone music. In Turmoil LP is limited to 130 white, 392 black, 33 hand numbered testpress editions Taima Cassette is limited to 100 handnumbered copies and available here.
  18. First recording by the concept that became Expo 70 featuring Justin Wright, and members from Bipolar Bear. Originally released on Kill Shaman as a CDr edition. Bonus edition includes unreleased material prior to this recording. Edition of 500 with silkscreen covers - 300 on black, 200 on white. White vinyl have /100 with CD of bonus material and /100 with cassette of same bonus material. Cassette version of July 18, 2004 also available. http://exposeventy.bandcamp.com/album/july-18-2004
  19. For anyone a fan of field recordings, drone, minimal pop, experimental this might be for you! M Sage owns this record label he's such cool dude I nearly forgot to post about this. Check it out here! http://www.patient-sounds.com/
  20. Adrift for Days psychedelic/doom epic 'Come Midnight...' is getting a vinyl release through Doognad Records on on 28 November 2013. Sydney's Adrift for Days have made their name with an introspective blend of psychedelic rock, post-metal, doom and drone. Their sophomore album, 'Come Midnight...', is an ambitious sonic journey that draws on the traditions of Earth, Neurosis, Boris, Pink Floyd and Rosetta. When originally released through Art As Catharsis in late 2012, 'Come Midnight...' was met with near-universal acclaim; being named Brag's Album of the Week, as well as making many 'best of 2012' lists. Now upcoming Norwegian label Doognad is re-releasing 'Come Midnight...' in all its glory as a 2x12" gatefold vinyl package. Pre-orders are available now. For fans of: Earth, Electric Wizard, Cult of Luna, The Doors, Monster Magnet and Neurosis. 100 x clear/black splatter vinyl 200 x black vinyl Side A: Premonition Void, The Aftermath Side B: House of Cards The Stonebreaker Side C: Back of the Beyond Gravity Well Side D: Eyes Look Down From Above “The only journey is the one within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke On “Come Midnight”, Adrift for Days have retained the smoky, psychedelic, heaviness that they’ve become known for, while also ambitiously expanding their sound. This sprawling album incorporates elements of doom, drone, stoner, sludge, blues, ambience, psychedelic rock, and post-metal. As a result, the album as a whole is hard to pin Down to a single style or genre. The concept behind “Come Midnight…” is grounded in an existential search for meaning in a universe that at times can seem pitiless and indifferent. This is not a simplistic glorifi cation of drug-taking; nor is it an album that falls into the trappings of vague, occultist worship. “Come Midnight…” is an intense, dynamic and deeply personal album that takes you for a nightmarish trek into the depths of man’s soul. It the soundtrack for journeyers, for seekers, and for wanderers engaged in their own search. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. Pre-order date: Oct 29th Release date: Nov 28th "Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Adrift for Days are an underground stoner/doom quintet playing a diverse mix of styles described as “smoked-out psychedelic dronefuzz”. The band mixes a heavily psychedelic blues-based foundation with stoner rock, doom, sludge, post-rock, post-metal and drone. They cite their influences as Earth, Jimi Hendrix, YOB, The Doors, Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Rosetta and Boris - amongst many others." Ordered the ltd splatter just a second ago myself. Render looks amazing If you need help deciding, you can get both of their albums in any format off Bandcamp. http://artascatharsis.bandcamp.com/album/come-midnight http://adriftfordays.bandcamp.com/album/the-lunar-maria
  21. Looks like Drag City will be reissuing Sun Araw's 2010 LP On Patrol on September 17! I fell in love with that hazy, drugged-out, beach-drone sound after playing a lot of Hotline Miami. When I stumble across original pressings they're up in the $50 range, so it will be nice to have an option that is a little more affordable. Not too many details available, color/download/bonuses/etc. Enjoy! Sun Araw - On Patrol Tracklist: 01. Ma Holo - 8:47 02. Beat Cop - 8:20 03. The Stakeout (feat. W. Giacchi) - 5:18 04. Conga Mind - 14:36 05. Deep Cover - 8:09 06. High Slide - 5:45 07. The Stakeout: Reprise (feat. W. Giacchi) - 6:31 08. Dimension Alley - 5:56 09. Holodeck Blues - 18:54
  22. Labirinto & thisquietarmy - split LP (PRE-ORDER) Active since 2005, thisquietarmy is the experimental guitar-based brainchild of Eric Quach from Montreal, Canada (also involed in Destroyalldreamers, Ghidrah, Mains de Givre, Parallel Lines...). Revolving around improvised guitar-based drone music, he takes his sonic experimentation further by adding textural and structural elements of industrial, shoegaze, krautrock, post-rock, black and doom metal to them. The results can be described as dark, melodic, expansive and engaging dreamscapes. His live performances are mostly presented as a real-time score to hypnotic ethereal visuals, which he creates himself for each show. .... Formed in in 2003 by friends who sought to materialize their various musical and personal influences through instrumental composition, Labirinto (“labyrinth” in portuguese) seeks to create textures and environments full of imagery, as in a movie soundtrack, in which the scenes are on account of the listener’s imagination. Their musical references travels through many different styles, from ambient music, to metal, from progressive to drone, resulting in a rich mixture so deeply inspiring, and intense melodies along several passages that can be found on each track.In 10 years, Labrinto has released several EPs : "Pseudo Segurança Compensatória" (2005), "Cinza" (2006), "Labirinto" (2007), "Etéreo" (2009) and "Kadjwynh" + an acclamaid full-length album on 2010 ("Anathema"). LP from Pirate Ship Records: http://nvy.gd/15JEmWa CD available from Consouling Sounds: http://consouling.be/labtqa.php European: http://store.oxide-tones.com/project/thisquietarmy-labirinto-eclipse-lp/
  23. Just noticed the option to preorder today. While supplies last, order comes with a bonus CD: http://thrilljockey.com/thrill/Barn-Owl/V#.UUoa46V9lUM

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