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  1. I look forward to anything other than rona because that's all we have in Wisconsin right now
  2. make sure you leave a tip in paypal when you order and they might even customize your mailer!
  3. Just got 2 in the mail yesterday from that capital one bundle
  4. Person had it up for a $20 bid or best offer. I offered $250 thinking it'd get denied right away, but they took it. Wish I had offered less because they obviously didn't know what they were selling. This is how I got 2 rsd 1989s for $115 and $150. Just need to get an fye reputation now.
  5. she hasn't had any records to pre-order lately so i picked up something cheap on ebay to hold me over
  6. I grabbed it because it was my only option. Got 4 other things for rsd and they were all on ebay. Fuck working every weekend!
  7. anyone know why i haven't seen any of these since RSD? was hoping these would be good trade bait when i was looking for the spacehog, but haven't seen these on discogs or ebay.
  8. Ugh why are the ps5 and Xbox pre-orders this week too?! Might have to skip this rsd because I just bought 2 ps5s and Xbox pre-orders are on Tuesday.
  9. question is will is be cheaper for me to buy a ticket for the drop time and a plane ticket and hotel or just buy on ebay..hmm
  10. ...and they just took the page down again also a copy popped up on ebay already at $339