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The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

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Maybe this will fail but the idea is to have a thread that will be bumped everytime that a Fat Preorder. I've missed a few in recent memory that kinda hurt. If everything works to plan, we will either notice the thread bumped or you can click the "follow" button and get an email sent to you each time someone posts.


Not meant to replace threads for individual records. Take your "I can't wait for this record", "Fat Mike has really lost it", or "my record came today" posts elsewhere. Just "like" people's posts to show appreciation for posting the preorders.


Now let's hopefully kick this off with a Swingin Utters preorder this week...

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I feel like this could work... maybe... hopefully.

We just have to make it work and stick with it until it becomes a thing.

In response to just reading the individual threads: 1) the are bumped frequently for reasons other than the preorder going up. It's cool people are voicing their opinions in here initially, but over the long run, it should be bumped only to signal that something went live.

2) sometimes threads being bumped sneak by you. There are so many now. The ability to follow the topic will be huge if used properly, as I check my email almost instantly when something comes in for work.

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because youre going to make people search for this thread, which obviously, 90% of people who post on this board do not know how to do, or so it would seem with the amout of duplicate threads here.


if you guys just signed up for twitter alerts, you wouldnt miss them. or as another precaution, join FWW get 100 posts (and keep up being an active member) and pay a $10/year charge to be in our pre order club. $10 is nothing compared to the prices some people spend on ebay just to pick up one record they missed.


i havent missed a fatwreck preorder in over 4 years

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Following this thread is essentially the same thing as the FWW pre order club (and free). Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that just someone sending out a mass email the the subscribers, perma? If a few of us keep this thread in mind when pre orders go up, an email goes out to the followers. I'll add this thread to my favorites and support it.

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how many times is the thread going to get bumped for "when is [insert band here] preorder going up?"


like marc said make a twitter. subscribe to fat wreck and turn on text notifications or if you have twitter on your smartphone you can turn on the notifications for fat. i do the same as marc. I have a twitter solely for following things that I want to know immediately

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it is essentially that, and its SMS capable, but how many times do you guys on this board see a preorder go up hours and hours after the wiki does? more times than not, it seems. with the way that records are selling out so quickly, especially larger bands, NOFX, MI, SU etc. those couple hours could save you. there are people who post all over the world over there and are constantly refreshing fatwreck.com. i mean, do what you guys want. but if its THAT big of a concern, id consider spending the $10/year.

not only does the wiki alert you when a new pre order goes up, but we catch when sold out things go back up and fat doesnt announce it as well.


not only to mention that, but there will always be people who dont get the concept of this thread and bump it asking when certain things will be going up. its just going to make you guys have a mini heart attack and think a pre order went up.

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No one forcing you to participate. I think it's worth a try. Others do to. No need to try and tear it down before it even get's started.


I refuse to pay $10 for alerts when stuff goes up. Just do. When I miss colored I just buy black. It doesn't save me anything in ebay dollars.


I just don't want twitter and I don't want my phone going off for anything but texts and phone calls. If that works for you, great. There are no shortage of places to get information on the internet and this isn't claimed to be better than any other.


If someone prematurely bumps, it's not gonna cause a heart attack. One person posts "Please only post links to preorders and sales in this thread". Anyone following checks and sees it was a false alarm. If that is undesirable, click unwatch and do something else. It's almost certainly going to happen. It's just not a big deal.


If anyone is following already, sorry. I think once all the negative nancy's are done this will work fine.

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