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  1. . not sure what any of you are talking about. no need to take offense to my comment and not sure why you would. point is that the first 10 seconds of each song are exactly the same (if you play them with your eyes closed you would not even know what one is playing until 10 secs in) and anyone with ears would agree. also...new song debuting at noon...
  2. the strokes are band I only know a couple songs by and I liked this 'at the door' single so much that I went through their singles to try to find some other songs I like by them and came up with a holy cow moment... the song "you only live once" has the first 10 seconds the same as the song "in too deep" by sum 41. seriously check it out here: listen to the first 10 seconds of this: and then the first 10 seconds of this: boom!
  3. there will prob be another for all retail, maybe standard black?
  4. in less than a week the yellow splatter vinyl (limited to 500) the used were selling exclusively in their web store has SOLD OUT so they posted a new green splatter variant to replace it but this one is 1500 copies. the first post in this thread has been updated with the details and links.
  5. well I can't replace your friend and give min by min updates but I could give you a weekly update or maybe a monthly update or maybe just this one update. the limited edition from the used online store went up for PO at midnight Friday and a week later its just about sold out. and I will guess they list another limited color for their online store so they can keep selling bundles. and then the indies get their own and all other retailers get theirs too.
  6. That cover art for the single is pretty sweet indeed.
  7. the single is good. 9 song album seems a bit short but maybe all the songs are long? im not really too familiar with this band outside of the room on fire album.
  8. the single is very catchy, these guys know how to write a poppy rock song.
  9. so far 3 variants have appeared which I think is the perfect amount. it gives a couple options but not too many or anything over the top like so many bands do these days. there is a color exclusive to the used store, a color exclusive the indie stores, and a color for all other retailers... possibly a 4th one for fye? since they usually have an exclusive but nothing posted yet. so we will see if any more store exclusives show up in the near future.
  10. video looks like a mix of simple plans "I do anything" and all American rejects "swing swing"
  11. I think 2,000 each. if you update the cart to 2,000 copies it says there are not that many and it changes so they let you have 999 in the cart.
  12. from what I learned in collection music, most albums are ready a good 3 months before release date and its just a little over that at the moment. the pressing vinyl adds more delay then it used to compared to just making cds. but overall albums are usually good to go at least 3 months ahead of release date. I think hopeless usually has bands make announcement at noon so we will see soon what they say. possibly an early digital release right away and then they will mail you the cd/vinyl if you want physical in may...
  13. I just check the NZ iTunes and only 1 song is available. did they fix it? did they seriously put up the entire album by mistake at first? edit: did some research on reddit and it was apple music/iTunes that put the entire album up (NZ or AU time since they are 14 hours ahead of us in time it always appears there first) instead of just the single. years ago when these digital music sites would put up the entire album track list but only have the single playable, I always thought an error or glitch would cause an album to leak early by mistake. and now its happened! the band must be livid. .