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  1. well.. seems like a PO is coming soon.. or they fucked it up like last time..
  2. bought that /400 as well.. interested to see how it's gonna turn out..
  3. my splatter copy arrived today.. interesting that it is already here while you others in the US are still waiting for yours to arrive
  4. KRM Europe is shipping the split.. should be getting mine today
  5. Hello there the good folks over at Hassle Records are repressing Four Years Strongs Rise or Die Trying album! Half Crystal Clear/Half Purple vinyl, individually numered and limited to 500. Due for release on october 30th. https://fouryearstronguk.bandcamp.com/merch/rise-or-die-trying-limited-edition-crystal-clear-purple-12-vinyl-15-years-of-hassle-records
  6. damn.. I've read Misery Signals instead of Mixed Signals..
  7. so got the Splatter and the Deluxe version
  8. and it's gone.. seems like KRM put it up too early
  9. just go to the normal KRM Europe site and then search for Touché Amoré under Artists... you'll only find the Deluxe Edition as of right now.
  10. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=18139&artist=291 Deluxe edition limited to 2000
  11. I really enjoy this album as well.. way better then Resurrection and Makes Me Sick..
  12. pre-ordered my copy.. was surprised that shipping to Germany was only 13 bucks..
  13. yeah I have a copy.. but that's the euro retail variant.. still waiting on my copy from Fat Wreck..