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  1. got the Mad Caddies yesterday.. nice looking copy, gits the artwork very well
  2. got From Parts Unknown on green vinyl yesterday from Dodo Beach over here in Berlin
  3. got the clear copy yesterday.. really enjoying the record so far
  4. nice surprise.. my copy already arrived in Germany
  5. my copy of Mean Everything To Nothing finally shipped!
  6. got my Ex Lives and New Junk Aesthetic represses today
  7. oh I remember them saying at the time of the first pressing that this would never be repressed like that..
  8. got my copy from TTL yesterday.. took less than a week from the States to Germany.. very pleased
  9. got my Purple & Mustard Galaxy variant from KRM Europe today
  10. don't know if this was posted already.. but anyone searching for Senses Fail.. there you go: https://vagrant.com/collections/all-products/products/senses-fail-let-it-enfold-you-transparent-blue-marble-lp-vinyl
  11. got Mute Print and Ruiner yesterday.. luckily no import fees