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  1. Ahhh i missed your statement on that. that's good to know.
  2. So in the images on their linktree there's a fourth variant but I can't find any details on it anywhere.
  3. I listened to the green copy today. noticed a good amount of surface noise, loved how punchy the bass is.
  4. You gotta blue? Currently holding out on selling it outright to find the blue.
  5. I got an extra pink coming in that if anyone has a blue and wants to trade for it plus some cash, please hit me up.
  6. they apparently didn't update my address when i send an email asking them to, said it was delivered today, post office didn't fwd it to my new address and I drove by my old house and it wasn't on the porch..... reached out to cust support but don't have high hopes given how unresponsive CCA has been in the past EDIT: I stand fully corrected. Owner of old house texted me and it showed up today. all is well
  7. It's so rare when a two solid color splatters actually look good. Wish bands would stick with a clear base and opaque splatter
  8. At this point HIL has been selling out of all vinyl released so I wouldn't surprised if Unoriginal eventually drops SOTP.
  9. Good to know! luckily I'm literally a mile from my old house so I should be good
  10. same boat on the shipping label created. I literally moved in the inbetween the shipping label being created and now. fwd'd my mail but gonna have to watch it like a hawk once it actually starts shipping to see if it ends up at the new house or old house
  11. 2 variants /75 apiece 3/10 Test Presses are available hand printed jackets comic is 32 pages and full color https://foxbat-music.myshopify.com Next single just dropped: https://ingrv.es/venery-in-the-orchar-os8-6 Final Single Dropped
  12. poor till monday. so hope they post vagrant variants later or the newbury doesn't sell out.
  13. My bet is they will move once the record is out. They didn't sell out of that first press until well after the record was out and then it was repressed. They're perpetually a slow burn band.
  14. I've heard a good chunk of it. it's a normal greyhaven record. it's dynamic. like their past two releases they push the needle either way at a moment's notice.
  15. I asked unoriginal vinyl and their response was "We're sworn to secrecy, but the number is lower than you would expect"
  16. jacket and sound quality is great, actual variants compared to mockups on the splatters were way off mark, but that's obviously not the band's fault
  17. I enjoyed Four for what it was. Silent Alarm -Intimacy was peak BP for me. This new song is a banger and I want to physically fight their bass tone. Probably won't preorder but will give the record a chance.
  18. Truly the only record I want to be pressed out of this vagrant celebration
  19. I think the one they have going for them is they're still active and while they're not huge they are consistent so the market is there for their releases.
  20. So that was my understanding as well, however the most recent unoriginal post on instagram shows the blue cover with a blue record.
  21. Originally they showed the blue cover with the pink vinyl when they released it at furnace fest, they've since changed the picture to now having blue vinyl. ffffffffffffffffff. I rarely variant collect, but this is the one release i feel obligated to get all.

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