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  1. I asked unoriginal vinyl and their response was "We're sworn to secrecy, but the number is lower than you would expect"
  2. jacket and sound quality is great, actual variants compared to mockups on the splatters were way off mark, but that's obviously not the band's fault
  3. I enjoyed Four for what it was. Silent Alarm -Intimacy was peak BP for me. This new song is a banger and I want to physically fight their bass tone. Probably won't preorder but will give the record a chance.
  4. Truly the only record I want to be pressed out of this vagrant celebration
  5. I think the one they have going for them is they're still active and while they're not huge they are consistent so the market is there for their releases.
  6. So that was my understanding as well, however the most recent unoriginal post on instagram shows the blue cover with a blue record.
  7. Originally they showed the blue cover with the pink vinyl when they released it at furnace fest, they've since changed the picture to now having blue vinyl. ffffffffffffffffff. I rarely variant collect, but this is the one release i feel obligated to get all.
  8. exactly. White Lighters is a chillish song but fucking rules and gives the record the space it needed. They've always had strong dynamics on everything they've put out which is why I appreciate them so much.
  9. I want to like this so much but I'm not digging the singles and Placebo has been losing me more and more after they released Meds.
  10. I love the new single. I've heard a good amount of the new record and can confirm they don't all sound like 90's rock tunes, there are absolutely a lot of disgustingly heavy songs on it. You should enjoy the range of this band.
  11. Anyone know where it's going? I'm assuming the pale chord site?
  12. Furnace Fest copies are supposed to be all pink variants, but have a different cover. One cover is blue lettering the other cover is Gold lettering.
  13. unoriginal vinyl confirmed. Screen shot is floating around Metal and core collectors group. there's 500 total copies so they would be # out of 500. the covers are the only thing different, not the actual vinyl variant.
  14. FYI, I'm down to trade the BTMKTC copy if anyone got a copy of the blue cover and want to trade
  15. This list seems the most likely. I think Zao is probably the best guess. Would love for HIL to happen and I'm hopefully because I feel like they've very loosely hinted at that happening though it could have been just an assumption on my part.
  16. This song bangs and the Bridge is top tier, can't imagine why this song get's any sort of shoulder shrugging.
  17. I never got to see him play live but he was such a phenomenal drummer who will forever be underrated/under-appreciated.
  18. yup, still waiting. be sitting in "waiting to receive shipment" status for 2 weeks now.
  19. Im glad people are excited for this release, I'm personally disappointed because this record has been repressed so many times and I was hoping Craft was going to give us something that hasn't been pressed yet from victory. Hopeful for the future.
  20. Also since they showed Last American Cowboy in the clip my assumption is it's gonna be Found in the Flood
  21. To be fair, they did re-release in 07 so it could be fair to say they have the rights.
  22. Really hope this means they're pressing that final FATA record.

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