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  1. I made a felt sleeve and then put it between two 12x12 pieces of wood and put weight on top of it. Left it under my bed for a week or so and it worked. Oh and clean the record real well before you do it. Don’t wanna mash anything into the grooves
  2. I got mine a few weeks back. Actually showed up the day after bless the martyr
  3. Mine has an insert as well. Anyone else a little disappointed this isn’t a gatefold? This albums’s art is awesome and I figured they’d run with it. Their pressing of showbread’s no sir is and it was $40 too
  4. The newsletter said you’re pressing spitfire’s cult fiction. Self help has already been pressed so I think the real question is when are we getting Scarlet’s Cult Classic?
  5. I fall into the category that listens to all the soundtracks they buy. It’s epic as shit to clean your house to terminator 2 and short 8/16-bit soundtracks are always a fun listen But on the subject of Hades and Bastion, supergiant consistently repress their shit unless it’s marked limited. My copies of Bastion and Transistor are probably from the 3rd or 4th run of them directly from supergiant
  6. Unoriginal vinyl posted a story the other day that these were finally in and we’re going to be shipping out soon. Still no word on the chariot right?
  7. $29???? I found this for $8 a few years back and I’m pretty sure victory always sold if for $20 or less
  8. My vol 3 from Amazon says it’ll be here Friday which is the same date as the Best Buy listing so hopefully it’ll show up. and that one on eBay is this bootleg https://www.discogs.com/release/17460280-Slipknot-Vol-3-The-Subliminal-Verses
  9. My green one sounds fine to me. A little noise and a few pops here and there but it is a record so I kinda expect it. Got a yellow one for a friend but he won’t get to open it till chariot/Norma Jean get here too
  10. This went up and then sold out back around Christmas from Laced and that Amazon listing is way more than it was originally listed for. And now Laced is in the US so their shipping doesn’t cost as much as the record. I think it’s supposed to ship in August. Either way it’s megaman so buy it if you haven’t already https://www.lacedrecords.com/collections/vinyl/products/mega-man-2-3-deluxe-double-vinyl
  11. Number 4 with a smile is still a jam. I want the 90215 ep real ass bad. And unoriginal vinyl posted a story with wars and rumors of war in it on April 18th and I asked if we were getting those 3 soon and they replied with “yup” so hopefully we’ll actually get them in May
  12. $14 shipping? I mean I bought it but that’s fucking absurd. Are they hand delivering or something?