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  1. It’s been 15 years and I still spin mercy on a regular basis. His voice was something else. This fucking sucks ”We are not but babes. Grand but without grace”
  2. Do you guys have any plans to repress stick up kids. I missed it both times it’s been pressed and I’m tempted to hit up a scalper but I’d rather give you the money
  3. Man I came to post about how they sent me a used copy of Incredibad and I said something to customer service about it and they just gave me my money back and told me to keep the record. Didn’t expect this dumpster fire of an argument going on
  4. As someone who liked the first two, this is 1999 C-tier nu-metal. Union underground, professional murder music, and powerman 5000 didn’t last for a reason
  5. so does this mean we’ll get wars and rumors of wars first week of December but they all have the same release date and there’s no way to combine shipping?
  6. I was able to get one of each and check out in less than two minutes. It took me 37 minutes to do that with bless the martyr
  7. Nope. And I’m one of those jerks that waits for the vinyl to listen to my favorite bands new albums. If I don’t get a notification soon I’m gonna have to break down and listen to it like Colors 2
  8. CODY is my favorite and I’m glad I have that 2014 box but rock action was the first Mogwai album I actually waited to be released so anything from era in a big box set would be amazing. I’m assuming they’ll eventually do a box set for happy songs and mr beast just to round it all out. Over all I’m glad I never caved and paid at least $30 each for these EPs
  9. That’s what I’m waiting on. I’m only missing the YT box set as far as their full lengths go. The completionist in me want the rave tapes and hardcore box sets too but I have the albums already. Fingers crossed my father my king gets pressed again soon because I think that’s the last single LP of theirs I don’t own
  10. Took me 38 minute to check out and it popped up at 12:57. That was entirely too stressful and I know the next two are probably gonna be worse. Especially he is legend
  11. Really hoping darkest hour’s hidden hands shows up in these at some point
  12. I have the reissue from like 10 years ago and it’s a double LP but it has the bonus tracks. I’m wondering if this a remaster

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