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  1. Yeah, this thing sounds like early 2000s MP3s slapped onto vinyl. I went from listening to a film score to this and the quality was so different and I had to mess with all my settings just to get it to sound decent. Glad to finally own it, but not exactly happy that it sounds like butt
  2. When I saw them in Atlanta, shirts were $30 and posters were $35. He even complained about the barricade the whole time
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJCHPFVM Easily $50 if the open preorder that starts next week is $40
  4. My problem with this is the fact that they’ll say it’s got all this fancy stuff going on with the sleeve and it shows up and you paid $40 for basic cardboard. Showbread’s no sir was well worth the price tag but bless the martyr wasn’t even a gatefold and dead poetic didn’t have any of the UV spot gloss or whatever the preorder said it would. The best part is when I messaged unoriginal vinyl about it they replied with a thumbs up and issued a statement about how it was the manufacturer’s fault about the sleeve
  5. I think that people are confused that a band that goes from playing hardcore music you’d expect from someone’s first band to playing a 3rd rate version of live through this gets this massive push and Taco Bell is propping them up. Not saying they don’t tour a ton and aren’t nice people or whatever. I just think their music is rather mediocre for how popular they are
  6. That satellite years on the bottom left better be getting an online release or I’m gonna be begging for someone going to get me one
  7. If you felt like either response to your lack of reading comprehension skills were aggressive then I think it’s you we should be worried about
  8. I think he’s just amazed at the fact that you read that he was involved with making the record, but somehow missed the fact that it says he does guest vocals on two songs. As well as the fact that if you’re holding the record in your hand, you could look on the right corner in that little white square and see that Palumbo did not do the art for this thing.
  9. Are you like me and all my friends who turned it up loud as fuck the first time and then what’s a little reign kicks in and scares the shit out of you? and Agents of Oblivion’s ST is an album for me
  10. I have the super pixelated cover teal copy from hot topic back when and it’s got the shitty re-recorded version. Ender even starts into it and cuts off
  11. I’m hoping $30 like it hates you but I’m assuming $35 or $40. And I’d be all in for a copy of poison. Still my favorite
  12. The record itself looks and sounds awesome and I’m glad I got it but life in your way gets a pop up book and showbread got the full service and this feels like a “be happy you finally got this on vinyl” feel to it
  13. Has anyone else received their dead poetic album yet? I thought it was supposed to be “a gorgeous, UV spot coating, off set “wallpaper pattern” printed LP jacket” Mine is about as regular as it could be. And for $35 it’s kind of a dick punch since they did this with Bless the Martyr too

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