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  1. All sorts of stuff. Converge. Black Dahlia murder. Matt pond pa. Bunch of cheap sealed records. Come on People! Buy my stuff!!
  2. Got some stuff for sale dance Gavin dance - happiness still sealed seahaven - reverie lagoon these arms are snakes - Easter http://myworld.ebay.com/thehylianhero/
  3. they buy up a store that's had water/fire damage so it's always random as to what they get. They just happened to get a hot topic this time around. So I'm about to head out that way again today. All the people that made requests, are you still interested?
  4. The twist is that they cost about 7-9 each. It's 46 miles from my house(not all highway) and then I gotta ship it to you. So I think $15-$17 is fair seeing as how you can get most of them online shipped to a hot topic for free. The main reason why I'm doing this is to pay for all the records I took first pick on and the fact that I'm just fucking nice(it's called southern hospitality where I'm from) so you can take what you want from it
  5. So after all the ones people got today, this is the revised list. Hopefully they'll all still be there when I go back on Friday. Architects - Lost Forever Lost Together Ataris - Anywhere But Here Ataris - End is Forever Bad Religion - No Code Bouncing Souls - Hopeless Romantic Comeback Kid - Die Knowing Dance Gavin Dance - Happiness For the Fallen Dreams - Heavy Hearts Get Involved! - Silk Cuts Grade - Under the Radar Handguns - Life Lessons Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely Heart to Heart - Dulce I Am the Avalanche - Wolverines Lawrence Arms - Metropole Memphis May Fire - the Hollow Menzingers - Rented World Midtown - Forget What You Know Millencolin - For Monkeys Pennywise - Yesterdays Pennywise - About Time Royal Blood - Out of the Black EP Say Anything - Hebrews Silverstein - When Broken (beat to shit and back, your call) Thursday - 5 Stories Falling Vandals - Peace Thru Vandalism (lookin rough) Vanna - Void
  6. Factor in gas, shipping/packaging, and general bullshit, and I make about $3 a record. Which really just covers the records I purchased for myself. I figured I'd give the boards some southern hospitality and buy myself some records in the process. And to everyone who got something today, your records are already packed and ready to go in the morning. Thanks a ton
  7. If enough people want stuff I can go back there on Friday. And I also forgot to list a copy of dance gavin dance's happiness with the list. Thanks again to everyone who got stuff
  8. Ok so I'm calling it for today. My next day off is Friday and if enough people want stuff I'll ride back out here. So this is what I have going to who so far Zeb enjoys vinyl The wonder years - the greatest generation Hudson complex Bouncing souls - summer vacation Ajhall04 The Ataris - anywhere but here Yumplok Lawrence arms - metropole IIsal09 The Ataris - blue skies Deer Seahaven - lagoon David the gnome The starting line - silymi
  9. Thanks for that. I was just writing them in the order they were in
  10. Bouncing souls summer vacation gone. And I'm saying 15 for a single and 17 for a double and that's ppd
  11. Here we go kids. I'm only out here for a little bit so PM me and let me know The Ataris - anywhere but here Pennywise - about time Thursday - 5 stories falling Bad religion - no code Wonder years - the greatest generation Get involved! - silk cuts Starting line - say it like you mean it Heart to heart - dulce Pennywise - unknown road The Ataris - blue skies Royal blood - out of the black EP Lawrence arms - metropole The Ataris - end is forever Bouncing souls - hopeless romantic Say anything - Hebrews Millencolin - for monkeys Silverstein - when broken(beat to shit and back, your call) Comeback kid - die knowing Architects - lost forever lost together Memphis May fire - the hollow I am the avalanche - wolverines The vandals - peace thru vandalism(lookin rough) The mezingers - rented world Vanna - void Grade - under the radar Fireworks - oh common life Handguns - life lessons Midtown - forget what you know Seahaven - reverie lagoon Dance gavin dance - royal ocean Bad religion - generator Penny wise - yesterdays Bouncing souls - summer vacation Hawthorne heights - if only you were lonely For the fallen dreams - heavy hearts
  12. Just stopped to get gas before heading out there. Expect the list sometime in an hour or so
  13. If you could only see the 25 PMs asking for circa survive. That and shit hot topic pressed like 2 years ago. Once again, what's there is there and don't expect nothing but super rare shit at a salvage store in Collins mississippi
  14. Woke up this morning ready to do the damn thing only to be called into work(managing a restaurant is so much fun). My actual day off is tomorrow so it's gonna happen no matter what. I'll keep you guys updated
  15. To the ton of people messaging me asking for specific stuff, I can't stress enough that you'll know what's there as soon as I do. I don't know what all is there and I'm not making any promises. I'm gonna drive out there in the morning(it's almost an hour from my house) and I'll post a list. So if you're on here and make the request(from said list) before I leave there you'll get it