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  1. Piky, you absolutely have too much money
  2. This is what it's like for me for nearly everything haha. It cost me $30 and I live in Aus
  3. Are yoU able to share the code? I went looking back a page or two
  4. Some of you guys were digging that Oslow EP I put up. Their first LP was released today. https://oslow.bandcamp.com/album/oslow
  5. Ceres are great. Seen them a few times. Good to see they are getting released over there
  6. Dead mans bones is a pretty great Halloween album
  7. Shipping is a killer but will have to order that three pack and the shirt this weekend. Fell in love with them as soon as I listened to one song
  8. This came in so quickly. Looking forward to spinning them this weekend. Thanks
  9. Even with shipping to Australia this was a great deal. Grabbed one
  10. I'm pretty sure not, Tom posted that polyvinyl is handling the release (said nothing about him pressing anything)