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  1. This is my new band. Shirts available here ---- 11/8/12: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7kZTOD7KLY 2/11/13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHn0NoXKmCo 4/9/13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWrhJIA2GnU 6/16/13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ttqECfLf50 8/22/13: Upcoming Brooklyn show on 8/26 @ St. Vitus, Brooklyn. 9/24/13: 12/29/13: NYC NYE Show with Murphy's Law, Urban Waste, and more! http://www.thetrashbar.com/tuesday-123113-murphys-law-urban-waste-zombie-fight-skum-city-death-to-slater-sewage/ 1/16/14: New Song! New Shirts! 2/20/14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwz7KGL-flE 3/19/14: 4/10/14: 4/21/14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaPT6zTd7Ac 7/2/14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaPT6zTd7Ac 7/25/14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDk3net6Xbo 8/26/14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57qgJGT_gqs 9/12/14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAKrspNdXZY 1/6/21: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHPNAZQKzLQ 7/20/21: download here: http://deathtoslater.bandcamp.com
  2. Hey all! Been meaning to downsize my collection for a while now, and since I'm broke and rent is coming up, decided to sell some now. I did my best to mix it up and included something for everyone on the list. Some rare, some not so much, but all are priced very fair! Set sale but will take reasonable offers, especially on multiples and will also combine shipping. If you're interested in something or have any questions, please PM or Email me - ( [email protected] )- 7"/EPs Bad Cop Bad Cop; Self Title (2019 white W grey/black splatter) $25 Beatnik Termites; You're All Talk (green) $5 Chemical People; Cum, Blister, Bleed (purple) $5 Chemical People; Fan Club Single (blue) $5 The Crums; Creepy Crawl (blue) $10 Dickies; Gigantor (yellow) $10***SOLD*** Evaporators; Welcome To My Castle $10 Gorilla Biscuits; Self Title $10***SOLD*** Longshot; Love Is For Losers (picture disc)$15 MurderBurgers; Shitty People and Toothache (orange) $10***SOLD*** Nobody's; Politically Incorrect (first press numbeted red and second press black)***SOLD*** NOFX; PMRC $5 Propagandhi; Where Quality is Job # 1 (2ep one black, one grey) $15***SOLD*** Propagandhi; How To Clean A Couple Of Things $10***SOLD*** Random Victim; Self Title $10 Screeching Weasel; You Broke My Fucking Heart $10***SOLD*** Screeching Weasel; Suzanne Is Getting Married (Glued Cover) $10 ***SOLD*** The Scuches; Negatory (blue) $15 S.O.A.; 12/29/80 First Demo (yellow) $10 Vindictives; Eating Me Alive (picture disc) $5 The Young Rochelles; Gotta Keep You Alive (clear 5") $10 The Young Rochelles; Know The Code $5 Zoinks!; The Soap Factory $5 The Reptilian; No Path (green flexi) $5 10"s: Zoinks!; Panorama $15 Comps/Splits: Jabber/Science Police Flexi (white, green) White $5 Green $5 Cj Ramone and The Manges $10 Scooby Don't and Boris The Sprinkler $5***SOLD*** MTX and Sicko $5 Proton Packs and The Livermores (yellow) $5 Vandals and Dropkick Murphys $10 City Mouse and Week End Dads (yellow) $5 Sloppy Seconds and Dangerbird (orange) $20 Something To Do Music For Something To Do People; Phase One (green) $20 Punk Rock Raduno; 3 $20 12"/LPs/2xLPs Against Me!; Reinventing Axle Rose (sealed orange/black splatter W tote) $30 Bad Cop Bad Cop; Warriors $10 Beastie Boys; Polly Wog Stew (EU Unofficial Clear) $50 Being As An Ocean; Dear G-D (grey/silver) $15 Black Keys; Rubber Factory (picture disc) $20 Bomb The Music Industry - Vacation (Pink/Yellow Sunset, Never played ) $27***SOLD*** City Mouse; Get Right (blue and black) $15 Cokie The Clown; You're Welcome (red W splatter) $20 The Copyrights; Learn The Hard Way $15 Counterpunch; Bruises (Blackhawks splatter) $25 Descendents; Everything Sucks (with bonus 7") $20 Descendents; Everything Sucks (clear with bonus 7") $40 Descendents; Hypercaffium Spazzinate (red) $20 Emily's Army; Dont Be A Dick (yellow) $15 Groove Ghoulies; World Contact Day (red) $15 ( also have a promo picture may get rid of ) Promo Photo $15 The Gungans; MessaMessaMessa! (Grim Deeds) $20 Horror Section; Self Title (yellow) $20 Huntingtons; Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol! (red black marble) $20 Less Than Jake - GNV FLA ( Green w/ Pink splatter ) *Sleeve has a makeshift cover, I had no idea when I purchased it. Looks pretty cool though, will gladly send pictures. Vinyl is in mint condition* $25 Lillingtins - S.O.L. (Glow in the Dark) $50***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Death By Television ( RSD exclusive Pic Disc, New w/Hype sticker ) $25***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Death By Television $20 ***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Stella Sapient $15 ***SOLD*** Longshot; Love Is For Losers $20 Masked Intruder - 3 (green) $20 Mean Jeans - Gigantic Strike (Red and Blue split W Black splatter) $15 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Diva (Fatwreck Store Edition) $100 Misfits - Static Age $20***SOLD*** Moral Crux; Pop Culture Assassins (red) $10 NOFX - Ribbed (first press) $50***SOLD*** NOFX - Ribbed Live In a Dive (" Together on the Sand " blue mustard split) $50 NOFX - The Greatest Songs Ever Written 2xLP (glow In the dark /500) $50 Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything $15***SOLD*** The Putz; Hole In One (orange) $15 The Putz; Clinically Inane (yellow) $15 The Putz; Mad Monster Party (orange) $15 The Putz; Rise and Shine (red copy, blue copy) Red $15 Blue $15 The Queers; Grow Up (brownish marble) $20***SOLD*** The Queers; Love Songs (brownish marble) $20 ***SOLD*** The Queers; Beyond The Valley Revisited (singed) $25 Thrice - Beggars ( Special Edition on Red/Yellow/Blue Stripped vinyl. Opened but never played, w/ hype sticker, + 7" still sealed ) $35***SOLD*** Rehasher; Make The Noise; Blue $30 Rehasher; High Speed Access To My Brain (red white split copy and blue white split copy) Redwhite $15 Bluewhite $15 Reno Divorce; Fairweather Friends/Ship Of Fools (orange) $20 Screeching Weasel - Wiggle (red) $30 Teenage Bottlerocket - Tales From Wyoming (beer) $40***SOLD*** The Sleights; Something Wasted This Way Comes (red copy and yellow copy) Red $15 Yellow $15 Sloppy Seconds; Knock Yer Blocks Off! (Yellow) $15 The Smarties; Whole Buncho Weirdos $5 Smoking Pope's; Into The Agony (red purple split) $15 Street Dogs; Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing (gold) $65 Test Pressings: The Wannabes; Out Went The Lights (48/50) $30***SOLD*** Pinhead Gunpowder- West Side Highway $40***SOLD*** Vandals - Peace Thru Vandalism $80 Man Dingo; ifive $30 Mikey Erg - Wax Built Castles (Signed, colored test ) $50 Something To Do Music For Something To Do People; Phase One (24/30) $40 Zoinks!; Panorama $40 Jabber; Science Police (flexi test) $15 Rehasher; Eat/War (7/24) $25 The Scuches;Negatory (2/30) $25 The Smugglers; Sellin'g The Sizzle $80 Shipping in the U.S ( Media Mail ) 7"- $3.50 10"/12"- $4.99 •Discounted shipping on multiple records• International Shipping Rates: *RATES VARY BY LOCATION, PLEASE MESSAGE/EMAIL ME FOR EXACT OVERSEAS PRICING* I'll gladly work out deals and open to reasonable offers, and will combine/discount the shipping prices. Thank you everyone!!
  3. Okay, just as a place to have this discussion, here is a thread for the punk rock. As Hipster would say, tr00 punx only...save the Blink, Wonder Years, and Good Charlotte bullshit for their own thread(s). To start off, I have always loved F.Y.P (and anything Todd C. does)...those early tracks are 100% punk rock to me (the samples are so good). http://recessrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/complete-crap
  4. Lofi closetpunk to shock yer mama! Spooge Nackin is a high-octane scumbag soundtrack to the grimy underbelly of the disaffected masses. This single-take collection of trash-rock anthems and drug-fueled chaos was recorded entirely during twilight hours in a closet on a tascam cassette studio by a lone deranged bedlamite. Limited to 100 on random colored cassette for only $5 here! www.spoogenackin.com
  5. via Thousand Island Records, Pink Lemonade Records and Ends Meat Label? Thrilled to announce the release on May 1st of “Grand River Transplit” - A split LP featuring Cambridge, ON’s Block Parent and Frank Dux! We’re teaming up with Pink Lemonade Records and Ends Meat Label for the vinyl release, available in three different variants. Note that you can only pick the variant of your choice during the pre-ordering period which starts now! Limited to 250. CAD$ Store: https://tinyurl.com/vv754am USD$ Store: https://tinyurl.com/ux2jyrv listen: https://thousandislandsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/grand-river-transplit
  6. LATE BLOOMERS will officially be available in 4 exclusive vinyl colours and digipack CD and released on November 15 (US) and November 16 (worldwide)! We’re super proud and stoked to announce our baby will be out on Bearded Punk Records (BE, exclusive colour!), Fond Of Life Records (DE), La Agonía de Vivir (ES vinyl only), Lockjaw Records (UK), Milestone Sounds (JAP, CD only), NoReason Records (IT), Punk & Disorderly Records (CAN) and Sound Speed Records (US, exclusive colour!). Trilob Records (NL) will also be doing an exclusive tape cassette release. Pre-order our love child now via all labels! Crazy enough to buy an entire set of all colours?! Go to www.beardedpunk.com! Only 10 sets available! Don’t forget to buy your presale tickets to our For I Am ALBUM Release Party 2019 through www.beardedpunk.com! You as excited as we are?!
  7. SNAKES/SERMONS "This Party is Dead" CS/Digital Total of 50 copies made. Hand numbered. 25 available exclusively at the BH webstore and the other 25 will be available by the band direct at their final show in Spokane, WA on Aug. 17th** ORDER HERE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM
  8. Fucking awesome!!! Taken from La Agonia De Vivir records: Próximamente!!! / Coming soon!!! LADV84 - SATANIC SURFERS "666 motor inn" LP REISSUE (February / March 2017) 20th anniversary vinyl reissue limited to 1000 copies (200 red / 200 yellow / 600 black). Pre-order will start before the year ends. More info soon, stay tuned!!!
  9. Following on from our new release from For I Am (detailed here) Disconnect Disconnect Records are very happy to present the new EP 'Float' from Danish punk rockers Forever Unclean. These guys play catchy punk rock / skatepunk sort of stuff, with a bit of an indie rock edge. Really great band, so check them out! Out now on limited (/300) orange 7" (with download). https://disconnectdisconnectrecords.bandcamp.com/album/float Punknews also premiered their new video for the title track 'Float', which you can check out here:
  10. New KEPI GHOULIE LP out today!! Kepi, frontman of the legendary GROOVIE GHOULIES, draws influence from the entire spectrum of his long career for his new solo LP - from upbeat pop punk ragers to mellow introspections of catchy folk / americana. This is Kepi at his very best, and we are so proud to release this record! For sale RIGHT NOW at https://eccentricpoprecords.storenvy.com And that's not all!!! Also new to the Eccentric Pop store - a Europe-only split 7" from Kepi and Herve Peawee, featuring both artists' acoustic interpretations of classic cuts from THE CLASH! And there's even more!!! Our good friends at Mooster Records have reissued the EPIC 90s POP PUNK CLASSIC self titled LP from THE AUTOMATICS! 90s snot punk at its finest, presssed on beautiful splatter vinyl, and limited to just 300 copies! This is the first time this record has ever been available on vinyl - the original Mutant Pop release was CD only! Fun tip - you can get ALL THREE NEW RECORDS for just $35!!
  11. What are everyone's Valentines Day plans? My band made a Valentines Day music video (below), my wife took me out for an amazing steak dinner, and I'm ready to feast on clearance candy starting tomorrow. *Just a reminder that PornHub premium is free all day.
  12. We need to make some room for new releases and the tax people are gonna kill us if we don't get rid of these! All 7"s listed are $1 (plus shipping) Dig em! http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/18846202-1-one-dollar-7-sale-1
  13. So coooool! La Agonía de Vivir from Spain is reissuing this awesome record. Taken from laagoniadevivir.com: "PRE-ORDER starts October 5th at 00:01 (spanish time)!!! 20th anniversary vinyl reissue edition PRESSING INFO: 200 white 200 transparent blue 600 black Originally released in 1996 by Epitaph. First press on vinyl since the original press!" http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/product/pre-order-now-ladv79-snfu-fyulaba-lp-reissue
  14. SPANISH LOVE SONGS (LOS ANGELES BASED PUNK/POP PUNK) - GIANT SINGS THE BLUES 12" LP PRE-ORDER Spanish Love Songs debut album "Giant Sings The Blues" is now available for Pre-Order over in the Wiretap Records shop. Pick up the 12" LP or a sweet bundle including a limited Giant Sings "Quack" T- Shirt with art by the awesome Corey Purvis. Head over to www.wiretaprecords.com to order. Euro friends visit the folks over at Bearded Punk Records to order in Europe and save on shipping. If you dig bands like The Menzingers, Alkaline Trio, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, Against Me!, this is right up your alley! Pre-Order 12" LP HERE Listen/Download HERE Spanish Love Songs - Concrete (Official Video) WATCH Music Video for their track "Concrete" HERE
  15. MOOSTER RECORDS is a punk rock label from Chicago, IL. We are in the process and pressing a new vinyl LP and are in need of some help. SO HERE COME THE CRAZY DEALS. Two deals spelled out below! Thanks for your support! 5 LPs for $30 plus shipping (US ONLY PLEASE) http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/16860465-5-lps-for-30 Heres what you get: 3 Mooster releases, 2 distro LPs The Homewreckers "I, Statements" LP The Connie Dungs "S/t" LP Pool Party Number One LP 2 distro LPs(make a suggestion and we will try to match SEVEN 7"s for $21 plus shipping (US ONLY PLEASE) http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/16860423-seven-7-s-for-21 Here's what you get: 4 Mooster Releases and 3 distro 7"s Pool Party "Teenage Weirdo" Pool Party "Pool Party Party" The Demerits "Shake" Moral Crux "Victim of Hype" The Hungry Ears "Failure to Speak" 2 distro 7"s(feel free to make a suggestion and we will try to match) tons of other punk rock LPS, 7"s, Cassettes, CDs and the like in our store, as well! thanks for looking Brandon/Mooster
  16. Hello skatepunk fans! Pleased to let you know that the new vinyl edition of Aussie skatepunk heroes Local Resident Failures 2012 debut album 'A Breath Of Stale Air' is nearly here and up for pre-order now! Limited to 250 copies on blue / yellow splatter vinyl. Available to pre order from: Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK/Euro): http://disconnectdisconnectrecords.bigcartel.com/product/local-resident-failure-a-breath-of-stale-air Pee Records (Australia): http://www.peerecords.com/site/product/pv012/ Oxford Records (USA): http://oxfordrecords.storenvy.com/products/15969495-local-resident-failure-a-breath-of-stale-air-vinyl Orders will ship May / June.
  17. http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/product/pre-order-now-ladv63-satanic-surfers-hero-of-our-time-lp-reissue This is going to happen tonight (00.01 spanish time) LADV63 - SATANIC SURFERS hero of our time LP REISSUE 20th ANNIVERSARY VINYL REISSUE!!! COMING OUT January 21th!!! Under exclusive license from Burning Heart Records/Epitaph Europe © 1999 https://laagoniadevivir.bandcamp.com/…/ladv63-satanic-surfe… VINYL REISSUE PRESSING INFO: 200 clear red / 200 clear transparent / 600 black. Delivery and shipping: January 18th Ask for wholesale prices for distros and shops (only available for black vinyl version). http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/ https://laagoniadevivir.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/laagoniadevivir.records
  18. It's the final few days of the Disconnect Disconnect Records sale - for the past few weeks, everything in stock (including distro items) has been heavily reduced in price, whilst we make space for new releases in 2016. This includes all of our 2015 releases, from Hogwash, Local Resident Failure, Adrenalized, Years and Miles and more. In the distro we also have cheap copies of records from Mad Caddies, After The Fall, Rancid, Green Day, Banner Pilot and more, so check it out. http://disconnectdisconnectrecords.bigcartel.com/ Many thanks!
  19. The Mooster year end bundle is here! $30! Heres what you get: 4 LPs, 5 7"s, 4 cassettes and 1 CD!!! not to mention tons of goodies (stickers, buttons, zines, etc..) http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/10083846-year-end-mooster-bundle
  20. All prices are ppd and gift only. Most of these records have only been spun once. Feel free to ask about the condition of anything if that concerns you. I usually can ship out next day! 7"s Citizen | Young States | White | 1st /500 $15 12"s Balance and Composure | Separation | Black/Green Haze | 5th /1000 $20 Balance and Composure | The Things We Think We're Missing | Opaque Yellow/Black Haze | 2nd /1000 $20 Tapes Man Overboard | S/T | Metallic Light Blue | 1st /50 $20 Misc. Black Beatssolo2 headphones. Brand new, still in box, just unwrapped. Offer! (I promise I don't bite)
  21. Selling off a bunch of stuff to help fund/slim down my packing for a move across the country. Everything below is in excellent condition. Most of the stuff has been played a few times tops, but there are some listed that are unplayed and still sealed. Please send me offers. 7”: Cheerleader – Perfect Vision 7” (Black Vinyl) Five Stars For Failure – S/T 7” (Translucent Red Vinyl) My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words 7” (Square Shaped Pic Disc) NOFX – Fuck The Kids 7” (Black Vinyl) Over The Line – The Demo 7” (Black Vinyl) Protagonist - Reasoning With Time 7" (Black/Blue Split Vinyl) Smoking Popes - I Know You Love Me / Need You Around 7" (Black Vinyl) Stay Alive – Vinyl For My Friends 7” (White/Green Marble Vinyl) V/A: Bullet Treatment - Designated Vol. 1 7" (Black Vinyl) 10": V/A: Chunksaah Records Presents – The Philadelphia Sound 10” Compilation (Coke Bottle Vinyl) 12": Against Me – The Original Cowboy LP (Black Vinyl) Alice Cooper – Killer LP (Black Vinyl) All Time Low – So Wrong, Its Right LP (Yellow w/ Red Splatter Vinyl) Angels & Airwaves – We Don’t Need To Whisper x2 (Gold Vinyl) – Fan Club Release Bouncing Souls - How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Red Vinyl) California Rasins – Sing The Hit Songs LP (Black Vinyl) Candy Hearts – All The Ways You Let Me Down LP (Easter Yellow Vinyl) Chuck Palahniuk – Expedition (Black Vinyl) - FIGHT CLUB 2 read by Chuck Palahniuk; hand numbered Dashboard Confessional – Shade Of Poison Trees (Yellow Vinyl) Diarrhea Planet – I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams LP (Purple/Brown Split Vinyl) Fidelity Jones – Piltdown Lad LP (Black Vinyl) George Carlin - FM & AM LP (Black Vinyl) Goldfinger – S/T LP (Black 180 gram Vinyl) Lowtalker - The Marathon EP (Translucent Red Vinyl) - /400 Matchbook Roamnce - Stories And Alibis x2 LP (Red Vinyl) - w/ CD Men Without Hats – Rhythm Of Youth LP (Black Vinyl) Moving Mountains - Pneuma x2 (Clear w/ Blue & Green Splatter Vinyl) Mr. T Experience - Night Shift At The Thrill Factory LP (Black Vinyl) My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade x2 LP (Black & Bone White Vinyl) NOFX – Heavy Petting Zoo LP (Translucent Red 180 gram Vinyl) NOFX – So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes LP (Translucent Brown Vinyl) None More Black – Icons LP (Black Vinyl) One Win Choice – Conveyor (Yellow Vinyl) Patrick Gleeson – Star Wars LP (Black Vinyl) Refused – Freedom LP (Black/Gold 180 gram Vinyl) Reggie And The Full Effect – Greatest Hits ’84-’87 LP (White Vinyl) Senses Fail – Let It Enfold You LP (Red Vinyl) /500: Hot Topic Exclusive Seu Jorge – The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions x2 LP (Translucent Yellow Vinyl) Situations – Pressure Is A Pleasure LP Sortits – Jetzt Wired Getfickt! Spiders From Mars – S/T LP (Black Vinyl) SPLITS: Diarrhea Planet/Those Darlins – Live At Pickathon LP (Black Vinyl) – 2015 RSD Exclusive Sum 41- All Killer, No Filler (Yellow Vinyl) - /100 The Schmucks - Axes Of Evil LP The Good Life – Everybody’s Coming Down LP (Blue w/ Yellow & White Splatter Vinyl) The End Of The Century Party – Isn’t It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain LP (Black Vinyl) The Sores – Six Songs Of Despair And Frustration LP The Starting Line – Say It Like You Mean It x2 LP (Green Marble 180 gram Vinyl) – /500 The Vandals – Peace Through Vandalism LP (Black Vinyl) Thrice – The Artist in the Ambulance x2 LP (Translucent Red Vinyl) Thrice – Vheissu x2 LP (Translucent Vinyl) Troubled Coast – Awake And Empty LP Useless ID – Symptoms LP (Black Vinyl) With The Punches – Seams & Stiches LP (Mint Green) SOUNDTRACKS: OST: Alex North – Music For 2001: A Space Odyssey LP (Black Vinyl) OST: Creepshow – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (180 gram Meteor Green Vinyl) w/ 12" x 12" print OST: Day Of The Dead – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (“Zombie Skin” Gray & “Blood” Red Split 180 gram Vinyl) OST: Dexter - Music From The Original Showtime Series LP (Clear w/ Red "Blood" Splatter Vinyl) OST: Easy Rider – Music From The Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl) OST: ET – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Black Vinyl) – 1st pressing OST: James Bond - 10th Anniversary Album Superpak x2 LP (Black Vinyl) OST: James Bond - The Spy Who Loved My (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP (Black Vinyl) OST: Jim Henson's Muppets - The Frog Price LP (Black Vinyl) OST: Mega Man – Best of Mega Man (Pic Disc) OST: Pet Sematary – Original Motion Picture Soundtack (Black 180 gram Vinyl) OST: Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (featuring The Ramones) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl) OST: SpaceCamp – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl) OST: Superman – Animated Series Die Cut Vinyl (Red Vinyl) OST: Superman – Animated Series Die Cut Vinyl (Green Vinyl) OST: The Darjeeling Limited – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Green Vinyl) - RSD OST: The Return Of The Pink Panther – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Black Vinyl) OST: V/A: The Best Of Nicktoons (Pic Disc) Also feel free to check my full collection list. Most of that stuff isn't for sale, but would be willing to let it go for the right offer. https://deadformat.net/collection/infinityrec Thanks for looking!
  22. A newly remastered reissue of Steel Pole Bath Tub's 'Tulip' is out today. It has new art and is remastered by Bob Weston, Noah Landis of Neurosis and Mike Morasky. http://bit.ly/1UHYRbU
  23. This record is up for order now. Shipping early to mid-September The Stops - Nameless Faces LP Self-described as “5 girls playing punk, The Stops quickly became one of Dirt Cult’s favorite local Portland bands (if not one of our favorite current bands period) when we moved out here last year. Their debut LP, Nameless Faces, definitely adds to Portland’s reputation for dark melodic punk (see also: Observers, Red Dons). The Stops are talented individuals who’ve cultivated a unique sound – combining seemingly disparate influences of the Wipers, Adolescents, and early Go-Go’s. They kind of come off like an American counterpart to Terrible Feelings – except they’re more straight-forward punk rock and no quite as bleak. Still, if you enjoy that blend of melodic hooks and darker lyrics, The Stops are a band you won’t want to miss. Lead guitarists, Ruby is an absolute force. Out of the many guitarists of the moment playing in that classic Rikk Agnew style, she’s one of the best we’re heard. This record is loaded with top-notch guitar hooks, and they fit in perfectly with the band’s style. LISTEN BUY
  24. Earth Girls - Someone I'd Like to Know 7' (out now) Following a killer self-released demo tape and 7" on Grave Mistake/Drunken Sailor, Earth Girls return with 4 fierce, slightly bubblegum garage rock songs. Fronted by Liz Panella (Libyans. Broken Prayer, Autonomy, Siamese Twins). Sounds like there's an LP coming soon on Grave Mistake Records. Comes with download. 100 color/400 black LISTEN BUY
  25. PRETTY BOY THORSON BUNDLE We have a $29 pack of Pretty Boy Thorson classics, for the low price of just $20, going on now at A.D.D. Records. It includes, the almost brand new acoustic, 10 track LP, "Loud & Ugly", the 21 track CD "Let's Go Home", and the 2 song 45 "I Ain't Your Man", by Lil Happiness. Also, included is a digital download version of the sold out 45 "I Can't Get High." immediate digital download of every releases, except the "Let's Go Home" CD. Only 25 bundles available. order here We have also added several new independent labels releases to our store out now SLOW DEATH / RAGING NATHANS split 7" DUDE JAMS "How To Become A Famous Recording Artist" LP PRINCE "self titled 2" 7"

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