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  1. Moving Mountains - Pneuma on green http://www.ebay.com/itm/291214439573 Fall of Troy - Manipulator Splatter http://www.ebay.com/itm/291214444316 Thrice - Major / Minor http://www.ebay.com/itm/291214447883
  2. I have the top tier of Violent Waves, may consider this /7. Impartial on the performance. Meh. The phone call with the band was weird.
  3. Havent bought a game in a long long time - NCAA FB 12? I may get this one.
  4. handful of people here use it. I like to see what else is out there. i'm down here in the south atlantic (florida), so when I see or hear about some good stuff out west, north, whatever... I send a message and see if I can get some somehow.
  5. Here's what I've been having lately. https://untappd.com/user/mrNoodle
  6. this is my opportunity to see my 3rd final tour ever show!
  7. no hate, but not thrilled at first listen. kudos to them for branching out even more!
  8. How fast did those go? I don't buy these - but I checked within 4 minutes of your go go go post - sold out!
  9. feds are too smart. big brother is always watching. technology is too advanced.
  10. Team, Rather than creating a new topic - adding to this one. Sold a record on the cheap for $15.00 to someone through ebay. According to the tracking, it was delivered on 4/5/13. I receive a message on or about 4/11 asking for status. I had previously uploaded the tracking number and marked as shipped and told the buyer same. Today, I get a message where the buyer states the following: "So apparently something was up with the label on the package and it wasn't deliverable. USPS said the package is being returned to you. Please send it back out to me when it arrives. To confirm, my address is:"... There is nothing on USPS that suggests that it was sent back to sender/me. Here is the kicker. I have since moved since I shipped it out.... 1,200 miles away. I will never get that. What would you do? I don't want to screw the guy - but this seems quirky.
  11. Yorktown that bad now? I noticed their selection was dwindling. Joliet store does not carry any more... I actually didn't put any on hold. And I am no longer in Illinois... made the move to Orlando.
  12. Thank your parents for helping you miss these shows.
  13. I agree! I've had that and Jai Alai. moving to florida this week, closer to orlando. but will be going there for sure. looking forward to it. i am accustomed to 3 Floyds... but I am certain this will suffice.
  14. who is near or has been to Cigar City in Tampa?
  15. I believe both are gone. Olidipo for sure. Zeller - 75% chance of going.
  16. my confession is that i am debating what to do with my small record "collection." i'd say about 100 total (you'd all laugh at what I have) - i don't keep track of the number and truly don't have that many. moving from chicago to orlando next week. i may be sinning, but I was thinking about unloading them all. I have bought a handful over the last few months, but haven't even opened them to listen due to job interviews, looking for places to live, etc etc. not sure i have the time to stay on the hunt or even sit down and listen.