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Found 99 results

  1. FFO: Touche Amore, Iselia, Pianos Become the Teeth German-based band The Tidal Sleep will release their debut full-length album, titled Vorstellungskraft [in English - Imagination], on July 25th through This Charming Man Records. It is the follow-up to their 2012 S/T output. The new album was recorded at RAMA Studios in Germany, and was mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Frameworks) at the Atomic Garden. Pre-orders will be up June 27th and consist of the following, both with a full-color die-cut jacket: Blue/Clear Split /150 Black /600 Teaser: Listen to Flood Dreams.
  2. Really, really hoping someone on here has this and is willing to part with it. I'll pay someone $35 tonight for one. Doesn't matter which color. This is one of my favorite post-rock albums and it's starting to bother me that I don't own it. Thanks!
  3. Catacombe is a portugese post rock band that originally reached out to us last year about releasing this album. While I particularly LOVED it, I knew that we had too much on our plate in 2014 to give it the attention that it deserved. However, I wanted to do at least a little bit to try to bring their music to the US, so I offered to buy a chunk off of them to distro through our store. The title says it all, and I can see several of you really getting into these guys. Check out one of their tracks below and then go scoop this up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAwcynKShH4 http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com/store.html
  4. FFO: If These Trees Could Talk, The Pirate Ship Quintet, Giants, Magdalene, Caspian France's Fall of Messiah released their second full-length album How to See Beyond Fields quietly on March 1st of this year. The album was pressed to 250 copies on black vinyl and is available here. For the majority of the 41-minute long album, the four-piece is expertly winding through post-rock structures a la Giants and If These Trees Could Talk with tracks ranging from five to nine minutes and interspersed with piano, spoken word, and even a little trumpet here and there. Occasionally, the band will break out in spurts of heaviness much like Suffocate For Fuck Sake and Magdalene and pull it off exceptionally well. From the label: "This album sees Fall of Messiah move into a more atmospheric feel, bringing a range of sounds and instruments forward. This album instantly makes me think of a cross between Deafheaven's Instrumental tracks and Caspian. It's very powerful, driving and emotive." Stream the album here.
  5. Trying to grab the last few variants to finish my Caspian / Lavinia collection. I know the ones that I am missing are pretty rare and hard to find, but figured I would ask. TERTIA: 1st Pressing: /100 180g Black vinyl (Mailorder Edition) /100 Pilsner w/ Maroon Haze (Mailorder Edition) /150 Translucent Maroon (European Exclusive) /150 Cream (European Exclusive) /200 Translucent Maroon w/ Black Haze (Band Exclusive) /700 Opaque Maroon 2nd Pressing: /200 White vinyl /300 Gold vinyl 3rd Pressing: /100 Maroon/Gold Swirl /104 Bloody Gold Splatter /400 Translucent Pilsner /10 Test Press FOUR TREES: First Pressing: /200 - Side A/B: Green vinyl w/ White Splatter, Side C/D: Blue vinyl w/ White Splatter (Mailorder Edition) /300 - Side A/B: Brown vinyl w/ White Splatter, Side C/D: White vinyl w/ Brown Splatter (Tour Edition) /500 - Half Pilsner/Half White Second Pressing: /100 - Translucent Pilsner w/Maroon And Black Splatter /100 - Clear w/ Bronze Swirl /400 - Bronze LIVE AT OLD SOUTH CHURCH: /10 Test Pressings /100 Blush vinyl (Mailorder Edition) /100 Black vinyl (Band Exclusive) /200 White vinyl (Retail Exclusive) /600 Pink/White Marble vinyl YOU ARE THE CONDUCTOR / FOUR TREES: /100 A/B: Blue vinyl, C/D & E/F: Grey vinyl (Tour Edition) /190 Silver vinyl; Hand-numbered (Mailorder Edition) /210 White Vinyl /25 Test Press WAKING SEASON: First Pressing: /? Clear Vinyl /? Clear (German) /300 Black 180g Vinyl /300 Purple Marble (Tour Exclusive) Second Pressing: /250 Red (German) /500 White / Purple Starburst Vinyl Third Pressing: /250 Blue (Australian) HYMN FOR THE GREATEST GENERATION: /250 Milky Brown Vinyl /? Cloudy Clear /500 White Vinyl (European) YOU ARE THE CONDUCTOR: /10 Test Pressing /100 Translucent Brown vinyl (Mailorder Edition) /100 White vinyl (European Tour Edition) /200 Baby Blue vinyl (US Tour Edition) /600 Clear vinyl 2012 Reissue (2nd Press): /100 Translucent Green vinyl /100 Opaque Mint Green vinyl /100 White vinyl /300 Black vinyl 2014 Reissue (3rd Press): /100 Clear w/ Translucent Green & Opaque Mint Green Splatter vinyl /200 Clear w/ Olive Green swirl vinyl /300 Translucent Coke Bottle Green vinyl /400 Black vinyl CONSTANTS Split 7” /500 Gold w/ Black Haze /500 Black ———— LAVINIA Take Shelter 7” /43 TP /100 White w/ Black Splatter /100 Half White / Half Black /300 Black / White Swirl There Is Light Between Us /10 TP /100 Bronze (Tour) /100 Silver /300 Bronze / Silver Swirl
  6. FFO: Ambient Hardcore/Post-Rock, Echoes, The Tidal Sleep, Fall of Messiah Formerly known as Fallacies, the British rockers in HAZE have put their debut full-length album, entitled Clouds Surround and Breathe, up for pre-order via Beyond Hope Records (EU/World) and Frail Abuse Records (UK), limited to 250 copies on random colored marbled vinyl. The first 25 pre-orders from Beyond Hope come with a 7-inch of the album's lead single - I Can't Help But Get Lost. The nine-track effort falls just short of 50 minutes in runtime and was mixed and mastered by Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House. "Haze is one of those bands that you can't miss out on. Previously known as Fallacies, these guys have mastered the post-rock soundscapes and the hardcore rawness and combined it into something immensely beautiful." -Bandcamp Review (Fret not, US fans. Beyond Hope's shipping fees are beyond cheap. The total cost comes out to about $20.50ppd.) Stream the release here.
  7. FFO: Rinoa, Acres, Devil Sold His Soul, Cult of Luna UK-based atmospheric post-rock/post-hardcore band Echoes are releasing their debut full-length album - The Pursuit - on March 20, 2014. The group has been compared to such greats as Rinoa and Devil Sold His Soul, and the album is nothing less than breathtaking. The shortest track clocks in at about 4 and a half minutes, while the longest, the cathartic roller-coaster closer, is a colossal 8 minutes in length. The vinyl version of the album is on clear vinyl limited to only 40 copies worldwide. "Every song maintains just the right amount of variation and contrast between the heavy and light elements that make Echoes so unique. The seemingly effortless blend of post-rock and hardcore genres make the group something truly exceptional and worthwhile. The Pursuit is an intense record that does not spend any time wasting time." -Hit the Floor "With over an hour of music, ‘The Pursuit’ is one hell of a journey. It’s simply gargantuan in epic-ness, like a soundtrack to a hugely emotive movie with a unique take on melodic beauty and dynamics." -Rockadia Listen to the full album now on Already Heard: http://alreadyheard.com/post/80164016245/exclusive-album-stream-track-guide-echoes-the#.UytxqYdOXIV Pre-order here: http://www.weareechoes.com/preorder/
  8. Thought I should make a thread about the upcoming third album from post-rock/screamo band Pianos Become The Teeth, which I then can edit when the PO comes up etc. They have started playing an upcoming song from the new album at shows. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7jom6YniGU
  9. So, if you have been around the postrock universe for a few years you most likely have run into Joy Wants Eternity (JWE, not to be confused with JEW). Their 3rd release in 2012, The Fog Is Rising was pressed on vinyl and the band self-released and sold it via Etsy, and also on bandcamp (links forthcoming). The bulk of the duties fell to one band member, plus some other issues forced them to close the store while they re-grouped. They pressed /150 on Clear with White Haze (now sold out), but /350 on Black with CD, and as of this evening, the store is open again for sales. The Black and a CD are a very affordable $12 + shipping, to USA only from this site. Denovali still has some of the black for sale, link below. The band had also been on hiatus, but I have solid info that they will hit the studio in August to record a score for a film (+vinyl plans), AND also they are planning to press their awesome second release, "You Who Pretend To Sleep" (2007) on vinyl at some point TBD. I do not know re: international shipping at this time, but if you have US friends in the postrock community, I'm sure there will be a way to get hooked up with some JWE. No plans have been mentioned re: their 2004 debut "Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn To Listen With Your Eyes." Of course, Sly Vinyl VIPs have been made aware as well, so don't forget to check in there frequently as well. BUY 'THE FOG IS RISING' ON VINYL (USA): https://www.etsy.com/listing/100371982/the-fog-is-rising-vinyl-lp-and-cd?ref=shop_home_active_1 EUROPE FROM DENOVALI: http://denovali.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=7653 LISTEN/BUY ALL 3 RELEASES ON BANDCAMP: http://joywantseternity.bandcamp.com/album/the-fog-is-rising Enjoy! edited re: the European information
  10. Looking to start filling some holes in my Caspian collection. I am willing to buy and/or make trades. Feel free to shoot me a PM for an offer or if there is something in my collection that catches your eye. I know some of these are up on Discogs / ebay, but if I can get a better price on here, well... My main priority is Tertia. And I know what a bitch this is going to be to complete. Haha Thanks. http://www.discogs.com/user/mattphotographs/collection TERTIA: 1st Pressing: 100 180g Black vinyl (Mailorder Edition) 100 Pilsner w/ Maroon Haze (Mailorder Edition) 150 Translucent Maroon (European Exclusive) 150 Cream (European Exclusive) 200 Translucent Maroon w/ Black Haze (Band Exclusive) 700 Opaque Maroon 2nd Pressing: 200 White vinyl 300 Gold vinyl 3rd Pressing: 100 Maroon/Gold Swirl 104 Bloody Gold Splatter 400 Translucent Pilsner FOUR TREES: First Pressing: 200 - Side A/B: Green vinyl w/ White Splatter, Side C/D: Blue vinyl w/ White Splatter (Mailorder Edition) 300 - Side A/B: Brown vinyl w/ White Splatter, Side C/D: White vinyl w/ Brown Splatter (Tour Edition) 500 - Half Pilsner/Half White Second Pressing: 100 - Translucent Pilsner w/Maroon And Black Splatter 100 - Clear w/ Bronze Swirl 400 - Bronze LIVE AT OLD SOUTH CHURCH: 10 Test Pressings 100 Blush vinyl (Mailorder Edition) 100 Black vinyl (Band Exclusive) 200 White vinyl (Retail Exclusive) 600 Pink/White Marble vinyl YOU ARE THE CONDUCTOR / FOUR TREES: 100 A/B: Blue vinyl, C/D & E/F: Grey vinyl (Tour Edition) 190 Silver vinyl; Hand-numbered (Mailorder Edition) 210 White Vinyl WAKING SEASON: First Pressing: /? Clear Vinyl /? Clear (German) 300 Black 180g Vinyl 300 Purple Marble (Tour Exclusive) Second Pressing: 250 Red (German) ? White / Purple Starburst Vinyl HYMN FOR THE GREATEST GENERATION: /250 Milky Brown Vinyl /? Cloudy Clear /500 White Vinyl
  11. Hey there, long time reader, first time poster! Thought some of you would be into this. We've release our first new material in two years and first as a three piece. Hope you're into it. http://cavallo.bandcamp.com/album/passages-to-safety-split-w-ghosts-of-sailors-at-sea PREORDER NOW for a special preorder price of $8! They'll be going up to $9 in a few weeks. Limited Edition of 300. 50 Pure White (sold out!) 125 White w/ Sea Blue Splatter 125 White w/ Golden Yellow Splatter This is a pre-order. The vinyl just went into production and won't ship until June.
  12. I have this version of the record: http://www.discogs.com/This-Will-Destroy-You-This-Will-Destroy-You/release/2472001 The only reason I want to get rid of this is because I want to get the repress with the standard cover, and not the animals. I'd honestly prefer to do a trade for something on my want list - https://deadformat.net/tradelist/BrianM/wants - but I will sell it as well. If you're interested, PM me!
  13. I have bought a fair few records in the last couple of years, and now that the honeymoon phase is over I am starting to regret a lot of my impulse purchases. I can't fit any more on my shelf and these are the things I've mostly only listened to once or twice and never touched again. Here's the list of stuff I'd let go: *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo | SHELS023LP | Second press | Purple marbled vinyl | x / 300 Atoms For Peace - AMOK | XLLP583X | 45 RPM | Debossed foil cover Balmorhea - All Is Wild, All Is Silent | WEST059 Brian Eno ‎- Ambient 4: On Land | EGED 20 Brian Eno - Before And After Science | 2310 547 Camel - Camel | MCF 2665 Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink | PS 593 Caspian - You Are The Conductor | SHEATH009 | Clear vinyl | x / 600 Cloudkicker - Fade | Clear vinyl David Bowie - Aladdin Sane | RPL-2103 | Japanese pressing David Bowie - Heroes | AFL1-2522 Deep Purple - Machine Head | TPSA 7504 George Harrison - All Things Must Pass | STCH 639 | Box set God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright | ER-003 | Clear vinyl God Is An Astronaut - Far From Refuge | MR.2008.02 | 238 / 500 God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut | MR.2009.04 | 67 / 500 If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk | Sheath001 | Orange vinyl | x / 100 Jakob - Solace | GRAVE029LP | Red / black vinyl | x / 500 Jeff Wayne - War Of The Worlds | CBS 96000 Jethro Tull - Aqualung | L 35212 Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures | RHI1 73395 | Textured Sleeve | 2007 repress King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King | 2310 516 King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King | P-8080A | Japanese pressing King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic | SD 7263 Kraftwerk - Autobahn | 6360 620 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV | SD 19129 Marillion - Fugazi | EMC 2400851 Marillion - Misplaced Childhood | EMC.240340 Marillion - Script For A Jester's Tear | EMC 3429 Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary | SE-3002-1 | Green vinyl MGMT - Oracular Spectacular | 88697 19512 1 Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge | V 2013 Mike Oldfield - Incantations MONO - Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined | TRR68 Muse - Absolution | 48733-1 Muse - Black Holes And Revelations | 44284-1 Muse - Showbiz | 47382-1 Pink Floyd - Animals | SHVL 815 | Wide spine | UK first press Primus - Green Naugahyde | ATO0113 | 45 RPM | Green vinyl Queen - A Day At The Races | 6E-101 Queen - Sheer Heart Attack | 7E-1026 Radiohead - Kid A | 5284831 Radiohead - The King Of Limbs | TICK001S | Newspaper edition | Clear vinylRadiohead - No Surprises | 509996 93537 10 Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun | FATLP11X | 2009 repress Spaces - Nothing Exists But Atoms And The Void | WIR 002 | Red vinyl | 83 / 250 Tame Impala - Innerspeaker | MODVL128 | 33 RPM re-release Tame Impala - Tame Impala EP | MODVL174 | Red vinyl The Beatles - Rubber Soul | PCSO 3075 The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band | PCS 7027 The Beatles - Yellow Submarine | 2012 repress Tool - Lateralus | 61422-31160-1 LP | Picture disc Van der Graaf Generator - The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other | CHC 5 Various - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | 0343-1 | Red vinyl | 2013 repress Prices will depend on what you want, but I will probably let most of it go for $10-20 a piece (some of the older stuff, maybe cheaper again). Ideally I'd really prefer to sell to people who live in Brisbane so I don't have to dick around with postage; our postage rates are ridiculous and most of them probably aren't worth sending through the mail because odds are it'll more than double the price (plus I don't have many mailers). If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can organise prices and all that good stuff. I can also take photos and record audio samples if that is a thing you require. All of these are in at least listenable condition and none of the covers are horribly destroyed or anything. thanks
  14. Since you guys are only instrested in that test press, the rest and more I am now selling. - PPD PRICES, PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING, AND PAYPAL FEES - I ordered 25 Record Mailers to ship these!!! - ALL PURCHASES SHIP SAME OR NEXT DAY! Condition: All records listed are in at the least excellecnt condition, and most sleeves are mint. Last thing, the more you buy the better the price!!! Pics ava by request, have any questions please ask! Thank you! SOLD< THANK YOU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caspian "Tertia" (Translucent Pilsner) /400 $18 PENDING Caspian "Waking Season" 2xLP (Black) /300 $20 PENDING
  15. http://www.cargo-rec...og_art.123.html holy fuck this came out of nowhere. I am so excited. Apparently it's only available on tour atm, but it's also supposedly going up for sale from Constellation on the 19th of this month. comes with a free 7" as well. Goddamnit I did not know I could get possibly more excited to see them in 2 weeks.
  16. Someone here must like this band. Limited to 500 Metallic Gold vinyl! These preorders will ship late 2013. http://www.translationloss.com/ Everyone seems to love this album, but i'm not sure yet. Not a big fan of those new clean vocals... But Translation Loss makes super good quality releases so i guess this is a must buy. Here is a cool review of the album. That kid is great! And is a song "It Swarms".
  17. Hey everyone! Short and simple - if you want to tour, hit me up! " The post-rock band Deadhorse from Pennsylvania is looking for a drummer and guitar player to help restart the band, write a new album, and get back on the road. Submissions from anyone with a serious interest are welcome! You must be at least 18 years of age (over 21 is preferred), be willing to tour, and be willing to take on responsibilities of a touring band member. You are not required to relocate anywhere. To talk directly with the band about becoming a part of Deadhorse, email [email protected] " Brian Morgante www.facebook.com/deadhorsemusic Send an email, or even PM me on here, and we can talk!
  18. Braveyoung's newest album is up for pre-order. Pre-orders end May 3rd and they ship May 5th. Only 100 will be made. 50 were special editions with the print set by Thomas Sara, but those are already gone. You can still order the standard copy for $10 at http://www.braveyoung.bigcartel.com/ If you don't act on this fast, they will be gone. Heads up for anyone that was interested in this!
  19. Add $4 for shipping. International buyers get in touch. Agalloch - The Mantle - Clear Vinyl w/ poster - Sealed - $35 Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain - Clear Vinyl w/ poster - Sealed - $35 Alcest - Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde - Translucent Green Vinyl w/ poster - $25 Alcest - Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde - Sealed - Alternate Cover - $20 And So I Watch You From Afar - All Hail Bright Futures - Sealed - $18 Between The Buried And Me - S/T - White Vinyl - Sealed - $12 Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus - Tan Vinyl - Sealed - $16 Between The Buried And Me - Colors - Clear with Black Smoke - Offer Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence - Sealed - $30 Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus Slipmat - $10 Between The Buried And Me - Colors Slipmat - $10 Blueneck - The Fallen Host - Sealed - $18 Blueneck - Repetitions - Sealed -$20 Boris - Attention Please - Sealed - $12 Caspian - You Are The Conductor - White Vinyl - $18 Caspian - Live at Old South Church - White Vinyl - $15 Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops - Black Vinyl - $28 Chromatics - Kill For Love - Magenta Vinyl - Sealed - $20 Converge - You Fail Me - Black Vinyl - $12 Converge - No Heroes - Black Vinyl - $12 Converge - Axe To Fall - Black Vinyl - $12 Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind - Sealed - $20 Converge - Caring and Killing - Sealed - $25 Deafheaven - Roads To Judah - Cream with Black Splatter Vinyl - Sealed - $13 Deafheaven - Sunbather - Red/Gold Vinyl - Sealed - $20 EF - Delusions of Grandeur 10" - Clear with Blue and Yellow Splatter Vinyl - $18 God is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright - Clear Vinyl - $14 Intronaut - Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones) - Sealed - $16 Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead - Sealed - $15 The Ocean - Heliocentric/Anthropocentric 4xLP Box Set - Sealed - $95 Omega Massif - Geisterstadt - Clear Vinyl - $20 Omega Massif - Karpatia - Clear w/ Green and Black Splatter - $30 OST: Deadly Spawn - Sealed - $22 OST: Oblivion - Sealed - $28 Paulson - All At Once - Sealed - $8 Poison The Well - The Opposite of December / Tear From the Red - Clear Vinyl - $20 Red Fang - Murder The Mountains - Black Vinyl - $16 Rosetta - A Determinism of Morality - Red Vinyl - $21 Russian Circles - Geneva - Sealed - $23 Russian Circles - Empros - Sealed - $19 Thrice - Illusion of Safety - Yellow Vinyl - Sealed - $15 Thrice - Anthology 4xLP - $85 Tera Melos - Untitled - Clear Vinyl - Sealed - $18 Tera Melos - X'ed Out - Sealed - $18 Tesseract - Altered State - Sealed - $16 Tool - Opiate - Sealed - $6 Torche - S/T - Green/Yellow/Red Tri-Color Vinyl - $13 Torche - Meanderthal - Orange Swirl Vinyl - $13 Torche - In Return 10" + CD - Clear with Pink Splatter - $15 Torche/Boris - Chapter Ahead Being Fake 10" | Translucent Pink Vinyl - $20 White Arms of Athena - Astrodrama - Coke Bottle Blue with Splatter, White with Purple Haze, or Black Vinyl - Sealed - $13 (Prog Metal, for fans of BTBAM, Cynic, Animals As Leaders, etc.) Any questions just drop me a line!
  20. Sooo, just saw this go up online. http://www.mylenesheath.com/products/mylene-sheath-vinyl-collection-starter-kit "This is a package deal for those of you that are just recently discovering the label and would like to snag a bunch of our releases at once, and heavily discounted This package includes 27 different releases, it's one big ass box of records! And we'll also toss in the CD versions of each one thst hsd s CD version - AT NO EXTRA COOOOOOST! Here's the list: (Sheath001) If These Trees Could Talk "If These Trees Could Talk" 12" half orange/half black (limited to 300) (Sheath002) Beware of Safety "It Is Curtains" 12" red/black swirl vinyl (limited to 200) (Sheath007) Beneath Oblivion "Beneath Oblivion" 10" black vinyl (limited to 100) (Sheath008) Eksi Ekso "I Am Your Bastard Wings" 2xLP white vinyl (limited to 600) (Sheath009) Caspian "You Are The Conductor" 12" black vinyl (limited to 300) (Sheath010) Lvngs "Sinking Ships b/w Two" 7" purple vinyl (limited to 150) (Sheath013) Actors&Actresses "Arrows" grey vinyl (limited to 300) (Sheath014) Constants "The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension" 3xLP cream vinyl (limited to 300) (Sheath015) Caspian "Tertia" 2xLP maroon/gold swirl vinyl (limited to 100) (Sheath017) If These Trees Could Talk "Above The Earth, Below The Sky" opaque blue vinyl (limited to 300) (Sheath018) Junius "The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist" 2xLP bronze vinyl (limited to 600) (Sheath019) Angel Eyes "Midwestern" LP navy blue vinyl (limited to 300) (Sheath023) Herra Terra "Quiet Geist" LP grape soda vinyl (limited to 300) (Sheath024) Eksi Ekso "Kills of the Flood Tide" 7" pink vinyl (limited to 200) (Sheath025) Lavinia "There Is Light Between Us" 12" bronze/silver swirl (limited to 300) (Sheath027) Eksi Ekso "Brown Shark, Red Lion" 2xLP orange marble (limited to 300) (Sheath028) Actors&Actresses "We Love Our Enemy" 12" translucent purple vinyl (limited to 100) (Sheath030) Beware of Safety "Leaves/Scars" 2xLP brown marble (limited to 300) (Sheath031) Actors&Actresses "ARC" 12" black vinyl (limited to 98) (Sheath032) Angel Eyes/Beneath Oblivion split 7" clear vinyl (limited to 200) (Sheath033) Beneath Oblivion "From Man To Dust" 2xLP toxic green vinyl (limited to 100) (Sheath035) Junius/Rosetta split 12" clear vinyl w/etching (limited to 400) (Sheath037) Chasma "Declarations of the Grand Artificer" LP red vinyl w/black streaks (limited to 100) (Sheath039) Constants "Pasiflora" LP purple vinyl w/pink haze (limited to 100) (Sheath040) Aeges "Southern Comfort" 7" translucent red vinyl w/aqua splatter (limited to 200) (Sheath041) Gifts From Enola "A Healthy Fear" 2xLP navy blue vinyl (limited to 300) (Sheath042) Minot "The Ringing Silence" 7" baby blue (limited to 300) We'll also toss in a bunch of other free stuff, like zines, slipmats, stickers, pins, etc. That should get your collection well underway! And if you prefer a different color of any of the records listed, just email us and we'll see if we can make it happen Snag this and save hundreds of dollars, kid."
  21. It's a new year, and it's time for us to get the ball rolling again. We have new music to share, and we're ready to get back on our feet, back on the road, back in the studio, and doing what we love most! These will be shipping asap, these are not a pre-order or anything, cds will be made in the next few days. In this bundle, you will receive: 1 "We Can Create Our Own World" LP (Black vinyl, limited to 150 ever pressed) 1 Limited Edition CD which include: (handmade cases, limited to 50, hand numbered) 5 Brand new demo songs - all 2013 material "Tired Lungs" - never released physically 2 New Buttons 1 Sticker A surprise! ***ALL SALE FROM THIS BUNDLE WILL GO TO FUND OUR NEW ALBUM COMING SOON*** There is also a bundle available with a shirt and back patch for only $20. We also restocked our 7" - only 15 available at the moment!
  22. Hello everyone, I've been posting here for quite some time and never really spoke about my being a musician or writing and recording music. I decided to write, record and release a new project titled "Bells & Whistles" and give it away to all of you for free/pay-what-you want download on Bandcamp. I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year and please enjoy all the music it brings! UPDATE: Forgot to mention Ryan Russell did the cover artwork. He's an incredible photographer, please visit him here: http://www.ryanrussell.net Link to download: http://bellsandwhistles.bandcamp.com "Bells & Whistles" EP Trailer: http://youtu.be/d28HihA6rTk
  23. Make a list below of anything you want to sell. I'll pay top dollar, may even more. I'll let u know if I have it or not. Been sleeping on a king sized bed with just large cash bills and instead of them keep sticking to my body, id rather buy your records. Thanks.