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The Promise Ring and Jets To Brazil reissues... 2015.

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Fairly certain no extras. 12 tracks. Single LP. 


Unless you want extras in terms of packaging - I can't speak on that.

kind of a bummer. After the PtL releases being remastered I was hoping for something at least on those lines. Meh will stick with my original, unless 30 degrees comes out because my copy's jacket is pretty beat

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PO = tomorrow for Nothing Feels Good. 




...was hoping for a Promise Ring reissue similar to Pedro The Lion's from not too long ago with the entire Jade Tree discography in one fell swoop. 


Still crossing my fingers that the Electric Pink and Horse Latitudes EP's gets a vinyl release. Maybe someday. 

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I'm not sure if they will sell 300 uber fan bundles.


I'm guessing you'll be able to pick up those variants separately one way or another. They'll either post extras or someone with buyer's remorse will offer them up even if they do sell out (not sure they will either).


Incidentally, if that bundle included shipping, I wouldn't hesitate even though I only like the records and the mug: the 3-record bundle was $13 shipping to Chicago as there's no media mail option.

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