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The Original Cassette Collective Thread

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Are there any advantages to collecting cassettes over vinyl or CDs? Isn't the sound quality worse on a cassette?


Just discovered this thread! Here are some pics of my stuff. :)


*click on the photos for enlarged versions. I know some of the titles are a bit hard to see.


If anyone is down for some trading I have extra copies of Thursday - War All the Time, Pearl Jam - Ten, and Saosin - Self-titled. Shoot me a PM for trade talk.



Damn, that's a nice collection. Lots of my kind of music there.

Unfortunately I myself don't have many cassettes at all, just a Screeching Weasel one and some NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo promo cassette.

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Are there any advantages to collecting cassettes over vinyl or CDs? Isn't the sound quality worse on a cassette?


I myself, don't really notice any better difference for cassette over cd or vinyl. Vinyl is pretty much going to be the best sound. But for me collecting favorite albums on cassette is just a way to be able to have another version of a favorite album. Plus I listen to them in my car. 

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A lot of good albums there. But I have to ask are these tapes floating or is this picture taken on the floor?

Also, For me (I would be a stickler) but these are not organized haha. Just me though. 


I laid them on my cut-out windowsill and took a top down shot! Their home as of right now is a plastic crate. I've gotta be alphabetical as well, just looking for the right storage shelf to come around

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I read a study someone did once where they had a blind listening test of the same piece of music on mp3, cd, cassette, and vinyl - all on well maintained equipment and "fresh" copies of each. Most listeners rated the quality of the cassettes highest, then vinyl, then cd, then mp3.

Not sure how accurate that is, but I could buy it - the biggest sound quality issue with cassettes is that they degrade, and tape players are finicky things that require more maintenance than your average CD player. Most tape players were poor quality, and not maintained well, and most tapes were made from cheap shit materials that wore out quicker on knockoff Aiwa walkmans.

It seems like there'd be a lot of "analog bias" to have a result like that.

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Neat that this thread is somewhat lively! My fondess for the medium has been growing and growing as of late. I actually recently decided to start a little tape label as a hobby. First release should be done in the next few weeks and hopefully a few of you guys into this whole emo thing will enjoy it! 

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