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We are the Romans reissue?

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Fudge. Any chance that someone is hoarding these in their cart?

Is it possible to do that on the BCD site like how Deathwish is set up. The people that do that on DW are some of the most annoying, sad pricks out there.

If a number of them *do* pass through, I'll get some and distribute them out to some of you who missed out. That's even if my copy is secure through HH - the last 45 minutes have been enough - everyone on here who tried deserves one of these things.

I will be doing the same. I got some great local shops out here in Sac. I don't see any of them getting this but if so, I will be helping.

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Yeah, I already know of that. You must be talking when the repress went up. I have an original so I just saw all the mess back when I was lurking around here. Didn't have to participate thankfully.

yeah, ha. Good times vinyl collective

The Jane Doe repress went up before I started collecting records ;_;

So happy I got this one though!

People who missed out, I know someone said on here that their distro was going to get some in, so don't lose hope!

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Insound.com has this listed as a pre-order. For those who didn't happen to be online during that 30 minute window of opportunity you could always give them a shot. Also, in vinyl we trust had stated previously that they'd ordered some for their store. They were just going to wait to post them in their store until they had the physical copies in hand to avoid any pre-order BS. If I recall correctly anyway...

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