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FS/FT: The Dark Knight Blu-Ray


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Wow, that looks great!

yeah i couldn't believe how cool it turned out to be in hand. the BD/dvd are in a little case in the base that pulls out of the back. these things are becoming a pain to find though--happened upon the last one at walmart earlier and they're only $25 (normally $35 elsewhere, but all sold out). i've heard its going for $100 on ebay already...

sorry for hijacking the op's thread. buy his movies and stuff! :ph34r:

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i'm waiting for the super deluxe trilogy release they'll be putting out in 2013. picked up this earlier though:


If you get around to it, could you post if the disc is region free? I preordered one of these on amazon.com, as together with shipping it was still around $15 cheaper than the UK version. But I completely forgot that I have no way of playing region locked discs...

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you might have more luck selling this in the blu-ray.com forum. if the slipcover is in good shape and hard to find, someone is bound to want it. after all, the movie itself was ~$4 during black friday, so marketing the slip might be more fruitful

anyway, that's just my recommendation. I've got extra blu-ray copies of bb and tdk (thanks to best buy having cheap steelbooks), as well as dvds of both that I'll likely never watch again, but I doubt they're anything but expensive coasters these days

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