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VC Fantasy Baseball League

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On 3/20/2017 at 5:41 AM, whoshotthefrog said:

Below is who is returning and who isn't. It also states whether that person wants a buy in and.or a vinyl prize. if I have the wrong info let me know.  I am sending out messages to everyone on VC who didnt respond via my group gmail email.  




The Milwaukee Beers / brock309 Y  
BrewCrew2013 / Torts Y Buy In
Her? / STLouisBen Y  
JHooks Moshers / jhook Y  
Bad News Beers / Ian Rees Y  
Luchas Del Machos / Aopps42 Y  
The Wretched Ones  /   Y  
Circular Relics / NapalmBrain Y  
Knackered Meerkats / sirrichardrichard Y  
Alabama Thunderpussy / whoshotthefrog Y BOTH



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9 hours ago, NapalmBrain said:

whats going on with the draft? email says 9 pst, and im seeing results and settings says 6 pst. I'm extremely confused

hey man, really sorry about the email, I meant 9 PM EST, not PST.  We've always done our drafts at 9 PM EST to allow Ian and other past PST members a chance to draft live.  Totally messed up that email

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45 minutes ago, IanRees said:

Can we add a IR+ position for day to day players?

Also did we ever change it so a player is added to the roster the same day, its super annoying not being able to play someone the same day you add them.

I guess IR+ is only for hockey.

34 minutes ago, stl_ben said:


Glad i'm not the only one bother by this.

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