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// Sexy Sale: Coheed, BTBAM, HANL, Stars, Caspian, Sleigh Bells, Pelican, E!E!, Chromatics


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Derek, I can't believe you're selling The Appleseed Cast!


Let's be real.  I wouldn't part with the greatness that is Appleseed Cast if I wasn't holding onto superior variants.


Kinda want that DK record...


You and a few others.  I'm working out some offers that are deemed fair by the buyers, but no one has pulled the trigger quite yet.  Still open to discussing a price, though I will admit that the two potential buyers have settled on pretty fair terms.

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8.5 month bump.


Rearranged items, lowered prices, and cleaned things up a bit.  You know how it goes: new items fill up the slots of those that sell.  I feel that these (PPD) prices are pretty fair, but if you're in the haggling mood I'll do my best to hear you out.


Regarding the Kensrue -- I'm only looking to sell one of the variants, as I'll be keeping the other.  I'm torn on which one to hold onto.  Help me decide.  I'm not chasing a fluke eBay price.


The Envy album is still sealed.  I think is may be the colored variant.  (Clear and black?)  If anyone's genuinely interested in buying it, I'll crack it open to find out.  I recently obtained the boxset and have no use for individual albums.


And for those who don't know, Psychic Babble is the side-project of Circa Survive's guitarist, Colin Frangicetto.  It's a fair listen, but I ordered it on whim and it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  It's untouched, and I'm parting with it at a decent price, in my opinion.


That's all.  Thanks for looking.

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2014 Bump


Added a few new items, and lowered the price on most everything else.  Tried to set a price that's as low or lower than the cheapest eBay and Discogs route.  If you have any questions on the condition or details of anything, just hit me up.  I'd be glad to answer any questions.


I've been saving a mountain of mailers for this thread.  Help me use a few.


Reminder that all prices are PPD.

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