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  1. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    I got Depeche Mode - Violator and The Frightnrs - Nothing More To Say for 24 bucks after all was said and done. Pretty good.
  2. Yeah, The Duke is the real hero here. I was locked in for the first few days but I felt I spent enough money on this and my fervor died down, so I slacked on keeping up with the list. I missed Wax Mage and I didn't think to get the other Fuzz Club, which (besides the VC variant) are the ones I care about the most. Maybe I'll look over it tonight and check which have sold out etc. This will be the most plentiful test pressing I've ever seen, though. I am right now mostly looking forward to that weird 7 inch from PIAPTK. And the laser disc thing. I'm starting to love the oddities, makes me think of all those vaporwave VHS and albums released on floppy disc that I scoffed at...
  3. That Flying Lotus cover makes me quiver, man. But the Discogs prices for it remind how lucky I am to have grabbed this fancy seven inch at this moment.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. This guys stuff never stays up for long. By the way, if anyone is feeling spendy, there seems to be extremely small amounts of records on his Bloomypetal bandcamp. I thought they were all sold out long ago but it looks like there's a couple. Worth checking out.
  5. Just release those Wax Mages tied to the sound byte reward. No one wants to hear it anyway. Right?
  6. Test Pressing - 100$ - /5 Liquid Filled Record - $250 - /18 Custom Matrix Number / Phrase in Dead Wax - $500 - /2 you also get a liquid filled record and a teal Goes live at :45
  7. Probably just because a Facebook post doesn't magically nullify laws, the legality issues had to be looked at. It just means a bunch of red tape leading up to King Gizzard having to sign something that says yes, legally we are making this artistic piece free use for all with no exceptions. Maybe if there are exceptions they have to take a look at it, because not every imaginable situation has happened, yet. I'm not intensely aware of the processes involved. They'd probably do well to make it undeniably official, because of some of these guys don't cough up the records, King Gizzard can't be culpable, if this is supposed to work.
  8. I dunno. After combing through all the sites I would say at least half are either doing charity, giving some profits to the band themselves or selling at/below cost. Just that first site that was selling copies for 1 euro is gonna supply 2000 people with this way below cost.
  9. Bruce Willis is right though. There is no comparison to labels 'taking' the music (which was freely given) and pressing records and making profit, to flippers. The way things are playing out is almost exactly what King Gizzard wanted - 'giving' the album to the public to do with as they will. I'm also not seeing the connection to flippers. And you bet your ass this release will do NOTHING to stop or ward off flippers.
  10. Because they can Vinyl masters were provided to anybody Yes And it's a lot less shit they personally have to do, after this busy busy year for them.
  11. Sorry if this is spamming. I will clear my previous post. I have been keeping this since page six and been trying to keep it full of exclusives only. Blood Music appears to be a distributor to other sites so if you see other sites selling this supplied by Blood Music (I have seen several so far) I chose not to include them because it's a duplicate, basically. This is very similar to first post, which is copied from the Reddit continuing megaguide here. I have included some cassette releases because I like tapes, CD releases aren't represented here. I took some liberty organizing because VC Community comes first. Free Download Of The Album VC Pressing by Ethereal Mystery Variant - Numbered Unique Hand-Pour $22 - 100 Test Pressing $50 - 5 (Sold Out) Digger's Factory (EU) € 1 Plain Black 140g (now numbered!) (only 1 € preorder!) - almost 2500 Stolen Body Records (UK) £8.00 each All sold out Ogre green with Blue, yellow, red and black Splatter - 250 (Sold Out) Tri Color (Transparent Red, Mellow Yellow (Opaque) and Blue Monday (Opaque) - 250 (Sold Out) Crumbling Castle Edition - Frosted Clear With Castle Grey And Blood Red - 250 (Sold Out) Wanaland (Half 'Blue Monday' Half 'Mellow Yellow' with Blood Red Splatter) - 100 ("Final" Edition) (Sold Out) PIAPTK (Solid Gold) -$19 Thirty Six Seconds From Polygondwanaland That Go On Forever Eularian Circle Disc 7" - 20 1.8 second locked grooves of random segments from the album - 100 (Sold Out) Pocket Cat Records $25 Lathe cut into a laser disc - 20 (Sold Out) Loyalty Press $AUD 25 250 blue/red split with white splatter (Aus) (Sold Out) Fuzz Club £25 ($32.50) Version 1 -100 (Sold Out) Version 2 - 100 (Sold Out) Version 3 - 300 Black Cassette - ?? Too Many Records / Vinyl Moon Non Profit Kickstarter (RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) Polygon Nebula Wax Mage $50 - 25 (Sold Out) Wizard Blob Hand Poured $30- 100 (Sold Out) Teal $20 - 400 (No longer available) Test Pressing + a teal $100 - 2 available / 5? (Sold out) Lizard Blood - Liquid Filled 12" (Richard Houghten) $250 - 20 (Sold out) Salty Dog (AUS) Test Pressing - 1 (Sold out) Lava Lamp Splatter (180 Gram Green with Hot Pink and Purple Splatter) $50 AUD- 50 (Sold Out) Inner Cell Splatter (Half Yellow Half Blue in Quarters with Black Splatter) $50 AUD- 50 Half Red / Half Blue $35 AUD - 150 Nomad Eel (pressed by Gotta Groove, the wax mage guys, not wax mage records) Glow-In-The-Dark w/ red, yellow, blue splatter $30 - Inverse Art - 100 (Sold Out) Jett Plastic (pressed by Gotta Groove, the wax mage guys, not wax mage records) Gold w/ Teal Splatter $30 - Inverse Art - 100 (Sold Out) The Same Ghost -Hand-numbered Ultra-Matte cover (Looks sorta sepia, alternate cover) Clear Vinyl with pink blob and orange/black splatter $25 - 250 Greenway Records Half Blood Red Half Electric Blue with Heavy Blood Red Splatter $20 - 400 (Based on orders) Test Pressing Bundle, hand numbered and printed Dan Curran covers + a splatter $75 - 75 (Sold Out) Needle Juice Records Crumbling Polycolour $10 - 600 (Sold Out) The Fourth Colour (half red, half blue with green/yellow splatter) $10- 400 Polygon Infinity Decagon-Shaped Double 10" $30 - 500? Cassette $4 - 200 Fishbum Records (Montreal Canada) One side clear, one side black Lathe Cut $50CAD - 50 Blood Music (appears to be supplying to other sites) $23 each Yellow / Blue splatter - 750 Blue - 90 Red - 90 Yellow - 90 Black - Unlimited Constantrotation (UK) (steep shipping comparatively) £12.00 each Numbered Splatter Press - 100 "Goblin Cock" - 100 "Acrid Corpse" - 100 Mystic Liquid Inner Cell (transparent red with yellow splatter) $20- 300 Double A-Side Records (UK) Yellow / Purple Split £16 - 100 (not yet funded, 'promises' to return money if target not met - option for including your name on the back for £18) All Things Loud (EU) €25 each Violet - 500? Blood Orange - 500? Marble White - 500? 'Classic Black' with monochrome simplified cover - 25 Exag Records (EU) Solid Yellow €12- 300 Strangeworld Records (AUS) $35 AUD each Invertebrate Inevitabilit - 500 Tectonic Collision - 500 Cranes Records Black outer sleeve with silver lamination, 180G Black €20 - 500 Rhubarb Records (and XVinylX) Mystery vinyl - Heavyweight Silver Foil Laminate Gatefold Sleeve, 'Psychedelic Spot UV Printing, Hidden Artwork' $35- 500 Analog Love (EU) Color vinyl 10€ -may be raised to 15€ - 250 Phwoar And Peace (UK) Heavyweight Black And Red £15 - 300 Oracle Records Blue vinyl $30- 150 Rough Trade (UK) £17.99 each 5 Variants - Red, Blue, Green, White, Pink - all - 100 Qrates link for Strawberry Vinyl £11 by Haunted Attic Records (no other info I could find as it doesn't supply much, at your own risk here) - 200 Warhen Records $20 Black wax, hand stamped center labels, unique artwork - 250 Shuga Records $29 Clear vinyl, screen printed cover, comes with glow in the dark slipmat, poster, sticker, insert, set to ship in December (supposedly) - 500 Sofa King Vinyl $26 180 gram 2x LP 45 RPM - 200 Sticky Shed Cassette - Psychedelic screen print $8 - ??? Blade Records Cassette $3.50 - 100 (Sold Out) Pink Haze Cassette $7 - 50 Colectivo Arista (Mex) Cassette $170 pesos - ??? (This site has basically no info, first release) Cheap Miami Hand dubbed and numbered, includes second tape of 'Miami's best psych and punk rock bands' $15 (two cassettes)- 150 Forthcoming: Neptoon Records (Vancouver) - A Side / B Side Opaque Red w/ Transparent Blue /w Opaque Yellow Splatter - 500 (not active yet) ATO Records Hyperloop Records - Lathe cut copies sold on ebay?? - 50 VRR (Vinyl Record Raffle)- 2 planned 180gram releases - is not taking any money until there's a complete 100% plan. is now taking input and considering box set. May have to join VRR facebook group to view goings on. I'm just listing these for posterity, not necessarily encouraging to buy - if some label doesn't end up having the product months down the line, it's not my responsibility! Just wanna make that clear!