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  1. Mouse & The Mask: Official Metalface Version (Triple LP) $12.99 Prime
  2. How Respond to Ex via vinyl

    Good god, son. Don't do this to yourself. Throw the record from your ex in the trash. These are games not worth your time. That being said, how about 'Hit It And Quit It' by Funkadelic?
  3. Death Grips - Bottomless Pit $11.82 Charles Bradley - Changes $11.99 King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Murder Of The Universe (Vomit Splatter) $12.65 Temples - Sun Structures $10.74 Allah-las - Allah-las $10.47
  4. I dunno how you feel about a non King Gizzard wax mage but here ya go.
  5. How to Start a Record Store?

    I have thought about this quite a bit, as I'm sure many collectors have, especially after amassing a considerable number of records in a (relatively) short amount of time. I do not own a business, so take my words with a grain of salt. I think the original idea of a cool, profitable brick and mortar record shop is slowly becoming an infeasibility. I would echo what others have said and either make your business a hybrid - a coffee shop that sells books, records, local art etc' is still a cool hangout for people and you might see some profit even if you do overcharge - or take your record collection business (since you already know some stuff about that) and run it completely online, cut out all extremities and extra charges and run as tight a profit margin as you can. Seems like most people want a thing at their door rather than to go out and browse the racks and see that all new records are upcharged up the ass and leave not buying anything. At least, if we're talking about people who buy a lot of records. I've gone to a lot of exceptional record stores and not bought much simply because I know better, I know that Amazon and Discogs exist and that things like price matches exist too, and I don't agree with the stigma of checking Discogs on your phone as you're browsing - that is something the new record dealer has to contend with. Why would I buy Daft Punk - Discovery at your store for 18.99 when it's 11 dollars on amazon? For no reason? People aren't idiots, and if they can google at a moments notice and realize you're gouging them, YOU are the one who has to keep them coming back - I don't know with what. Bands playing, giveaways, booze? It's difficult now to be a store that sells anything that Amazon sells, I get that. So you have to provide something people can't get with Amazon. The profits are razor thin strictly dealing with the media, which is where the hybrid comes in. If some hipsters buys overpriced records with his latte, GREAT. PERFECT. If he doesn't, at least he bought overpriced coffee. It's not a reliable business model, but if you're intent on records being in there somewhere I think that's the best you can hope for. That's my opinion. I also work in a coffee shop, to add legitimacy to my flailing comments
  6. Always a chance. I'd keep those links up and refresh once in a while, at least for today. Norman Records had some weird thing with my payment, I ordered through mobile but there was an error and although the order was created, they sent me an email requesting the payment. I quickly obliged, but that's the kind of thing that might free up a copy or two.
  7. Copped. Surprisingly cheap international shipping from Norman, it was 20 bucks for one shipped 12 inch. Thanks for the extra link lethalenforcer!
  8. Victory Record Test Presses

    Maybe he doesn’t want to lose his job. Just a guess.
  9. I'm really just waiting for Fuzz Club to say something. Anything.
  10. these links are a godsend. I had an amazon gift card from christmas that I was hemming and hawing about, but just today I spent all of it in one go. Bought eight albums for a cool thirty bucks in the end. For some reason today is a storm of excellent deals. I know there's a number of ways to track the pricing but I'm always on VC when I'm online anyway so this thread is very convenient. I agree that Amazon should probably be in the title somewhere, and that bulk links are better than individual posts (that have been annoyingly double posted). But this person has a working, updating deals machine that also costs money. If you don't like his links, nothing's stopping you from directing yourself to amazon yourself, right? Bringing the deals to the attention of the public of VC is what it's about.
  11. We've now received stock of the Imogen Heap Speak For Yourself double 12" vinyl pressing! We're currently packing pre-orders and will start shipping later this week. Thanks for your patience, we hope you enjoy the release. - Liam and Tom
  12. Inner splits have always been a 'what can you do about that' thing with myself. It's a bummer when it happens to a high quality full color beauty of an inner, and I wish every label shipped records the safest way, but also that shit just happens sometimes. It usually doesn't hurt the value of the thing too much and as long as the record is good I couldn't care less. I think it's cool they're acknowledging it enough to send out replacements. No need to jump down throats here.