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  1. so it seems there are 2 versions of this? a US press and a EURO press? any one have input on sound quality?
  2. fuck. they just canceled my order. god damnit. any other leads??
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    wait... so The Used isnt the greatest rock and roll band of all time?!?
  4. Record Store Day 2018

    tug, youre a great guy. did you get the Used unreleased b-side? i heard there was only 100 made.
  5. dude. i love you. i was able to get one!
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    Tim Armstrong or Phoenix 7” (heart shaped)
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    Yeah I think you’re right. No dice on Tim Armstrong still. Damnit
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    What time is amoeba posting leftovers?
  9. Record Store Day 2018

    Fuckkkk. Wishing I still lived up there. Need that Tim Armstrong record ..
  10. Record Store Day 2018

    no rush. theyre bound to pop up somewhere online tomorrow or something.
  11. Record Store Day 2018

    tim armstrong anyone?? will take good care of youuuu
  12. Record Store Day 2018

    if anyone sees a Tim Armstong - Poets Life, grab it for me and i will heavily reimburse you
  13. Record Store Day 2018

    Putting out feelers for the following. Dm me if you can grab them. Tim armstrong mac demarco demos Mac Demarco 7” split phoenix 7” (red heart shaped”