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  1. !!!! made possible thanks to Sebation Aho's SH assist on Sat.
  2. Nothing crazy, $20-$30?
  3. I'm only in this season if we do a buyin
  4. All proceeds go to the ACLU http://www.ebay.com/usr/purenoiserecords
  5. Thank you so much, everything was great!
  6. Got my gift last night and it's perfect I'm having trouble figuring out who my santa was. The only clues I could tell were from Ohio and they really love Bob Segar (i'm stoked to give that a spin). My guesses are either @jacobe or @scottheisel, either way thank you so much I love everything in it.
  7. Will post as soon as I receive mine.
  8. Looking for a goalie, willing to move McDavid.
  9. That Rodney On The Rocks album is awesome.
  10. Awesome! Im glad you enjoyed it! I thought that vape was pretty nifty when we got it in so I was hoping you would too. Brownie Brittle is the best.
  11. I worked very hard on this project and am stoked on how they all turned out. I think you will all be stoked too.
  12. so, Auston Matthews...
  13. Hey everyone, my name is Ian, I live in Southern California. I turn 34 3 days after xmas. I love the outdoors and photography. I'm a diehard LA Kings fan but I also love hockey in general. I also love to cook/grill. Music wise my favorite bands are Rancid & Lucero. As a general statement I love pop punk (I work for Pure Noise so I already have all our releases). I've been on a big classic rock bindge and have been trying to grow that part of my collection. Ill update this more later.
  14. My strategy went out the window pretty much in the 2nd round when kyle took Karlson and PK back 2 back. I was gonna try and go real heavy with D and fill out my forwards with hopeful sleepers.