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  1. I think it's safe to say you've already won the bracket challenge.
  2. My first attempt at blending 2 exposures for a astro image
  3. I've been doing Crossfit for about a year, our gyms focus' pretty heavily on olympic style weightlifting. My biggest PRs are Backsquat - 407 Deadlift - 435 Anything off the rack or with legs I can go pretty heavy with, anything from the ground involving a clean or snatch i'm around the 200lb area.
  4. My bracket is pretty much shot
  5. You're the last unpaid person. Deadline is tonight.
  6. got this figured out, sorry about that its cause i was going off the email in the league which is s7lsushstxqwl7fyexb5oht7crzxti67klon2rh5@yahoo.com do it soon, i was able to change the deadline but the system won't allow payments after the 19th without a late fe
  7. Still need payments from Circular Relics, Mike & The Wretched Ones
  8. My buddy had the same issue, if you want in we can just do it the old fashion way and you can send me your picks
  9. If anyone else is interested in doing this, get your brackets in today.
  10. Got it, will get you dialed.
  11. For sure, ian@staygoldmedia.com
  12. feel free to invite anyone you want feel free to invite anyone you want
  13. Sutter was expected, I thought they would just keep Dean as President of Hockey Ops, so that's a little bit of a shock. Its obvious that Deans vision of a perfect team doesn't work anymore (Kings or last Team USA) and he failed to adapt to the new NHL. I think Sutter had to go as well, its time to give the kids more expanded roles and he is pretty resistant to do that and make them earn it instead of being patient. He also extremely frustrating when it comes to keeping lines together, he gives no one time to gel and is extremely quick to line juggle which makes it pretty hard for guys to develop chemistry. Kempe for example should of been glued to Kopitars side for a few games, instead he makes 1 mistake and is dropped to the 3rd line. Hopefully now we can get Kopitar some real line mates. It will be an interesting summer.