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  1. Does anyone have the presale code? According to the venue site I can get a presale code from album bundle for 9/25 at 10am
  2. There's that 2LP petitioning forever esque comp with MTCM/STCSTS if you're on a budget If anyone doesn't want the limited variant PM me and I'll buy it off you... I pretty neurotically collect his stuff but have been sick in bed the past few days and slept through the alarm I set this morning
  3. I mean, I'd buy your preorder off of you
  4. >implying anything about this album will be a classic
  5. I go this Saturday, shoot me a PM or something and I should be able to grab you one.
  6. I feel this way about Jawbreaker... who is apparently doing something similar tonight? If anyone is in the area I'd trade both of my nuts
  7. It's where the rest of the Brand New CDs are
  8. woohoo, got the /300. Glad to finally replace my Century Media press that sounded really underwhelming. Someone already bought it off of me on Discogs too, no idea why there's so much demand on that press.
  9. Infinity on High is about $14 right now
  10. Smiths/Morrissey Lot for sale

    I need S/T and Louder than Bombs if you'd split them off to me
  11. this isn't an antichrist superstar repress :/
  12. I have one of the 2001 Century Media presses that I got really cheap but sounds shitty, so I'm glad I'll finally have a proper sounding one under $150