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  1. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It sold out on the day, hopefully you can still get your hands on it once flipping prices calm down, if you haven't already. Sorry I couldn't help.
  2. Anyone know anywhere other than Banquet in the UK with Space Jam?
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the sort of thing people just pick up on the morning. But I'll certainly see what I can do.
  4. I'd be surprised if you weren't able to get this online. We've got a handful of copies in and there's been zero interest shown in it so far.
  5. Strange that it's "temporarily out of stock" at Amazon. We got it in my work earlier this week.
  6. Disgrace? I got 'Despair' personally and there's a CD version with all 5 cards, no sign of a 'Disgrace'.
  7. Storf out-and-out said last month that they've tried for Fiona but it's just never happened. While this could be misdirection, nobody ever flat out denied Demon Days like that in the April guess thread.
  8. Nice. To be fair, it's the 20th of March. It's going to be open to all sorts of guesses for a while. Popular shouts so far include Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Bjork and Missy Elliott. Mostly stemming from the album/artist being 'not guitar-y'.
  9. I appreciate that greatly. It's shaping up to be an album, by a female artist/band with a female, from the 90s, if that's what gets your fancy.
  10. No worries! It's not so bad because it's at least a thicker-than-usual spine. Not like they've tried to get away with cramming 2 LPs, a 7" and liner notes into a standard jacket, thankfully.
  11. Highly recommend grabbing it before it's gone. Sounds incredible and looks beautiful too. My only minor gripe was that it isn't a gatefold but I'm already over that because of the sound and look. And the bonus 7" is nice too.
  12. Might as well throw my hat into the referral ring:
  13. Couldn't agree more since seeing the impact of such policy at VMP, for example. Everyone has a chance to nab a copy of a record they're pining for and you don't have to worry about things literally selling out in 5 minutes because of flippers. Yes it does mean you might not be able to group together to reduce shipping costs when international shipping is ridiculous like Hot Topic's, but buying individually will probably still work out cheaper than being at the mercy of sad sacks like RareLimiteds. Edit: This reminds me of when Andy Hull went through all the eBay listings etc. of the RAGC box set preorders and cancelled the orders of people already tripling the price. What a time to be alive.
  14. Late to all of this and catching up on RareLimiteds-gate. His website is the worst. $80 for the FJM deluxe which is still available for less than half that from the official FJM store. $100 for the Omerta pressing of Three 6 Mafia which you can still get from the Omerta website for $30. I hope he goes broke on all of these investments. It's also nice to see every place he posts on reddit (specific subs etc.) reject him and ask mods to ban him.
  15. Half that price on Global Groove Centre label has 'mcDJ Records' on it and the matching Discogs listing has it as a promo copy, if you believe that. A quick Google of the cat no leads you to a Swiss distributor claiming it's /1000.