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  1. No issues on my copy...I'm guessing you just got a flawed copy. Bummer for you, obviously, but not an overall pressing error. In other news, this is officially the first SN album I've actually enjoyed listening to.
  2. GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I loathe Danbury because I generally just loathe Connecticut. It's an irrational hatred born out of having to drive I84 every time I want to visit my folks, and I84 is a parking lot for about 65 miles no matter what time of day it is. Even though I'm from western PA and therefore sick to death of people saying "oh, Pittsburgh, that's right next to Philly isn't it?" I actually really love Philly. Except the Flyers. And the Eagles. Mütter Museum is cool as hell, 30th St. Station is gorgeous, there's a pretty awesome music scene...yeah, Philly' s alright.
  3. GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Don't think anything is available at the moment, but this dude is absolutely my favorite working artist right now: http://zeblove.com/ He does a ton of work for the Avett Brothers, and frequently has limited run prints go up for sale. Here's one of my favorites (I have the original print of this, with no text, hanging right above my record player!)
  4. I've been tinkering with getting back into photography since discovering that my phone (Galaxy S7 edge) has a beast of a camera. I'm entirely a hobbyist, so I'm sure someone with actual knowledge of photography could probably tear these to shreds, but here's a few that have been sitting on my memory card since Christmas that I somewhat fancy. I took these at work, using the stock camera app, pro setting (I think?) and no filters. No editing after the fact either, because I didn't realize until recently that I can shoot in RAW made as well.
  5. GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    That Amazon Prime account came through for me, and my power supply is here! Got the table all hooked back up, and am spending the evening listening to records after not being able to do so for almost 2 weeks. Definitely not a big fan of having my system down for the count.
  6. Turns out I did NOT get the God's Eye variant...apparently I ordered Cosmic Vein, which looks much different in the flesh than it did in the mock up. Still cool though, and this album is a ripper.
  7. GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Got the notice that my power supply shipped yesterday. Couldn't get here soon enough...having my turntable out of commission for a week has been shit.
  8. I mean, yeah, I was being a tad hyperbolic. It does have a kind of unfocused symphonic feel to it at times though. I've only listened to it maybe five or six times, but I really do enjoy it. It fills that "something for me to listen to while I try to write" niche perfectly. Still like "Bloom" the best out of their discography though.
  9. So, is this the thread where I can talk about the new Braveyoung record, and how to me it sounds an awful lot like someone watched a symphony orchestra warming up before a performance and thought "yeah, that was cool, but what if it had SOME DRONE SOUNDS" and I can't quite put my finger on why I like this record so much, but I do?
  10. GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I was supposed to go see Mono tonight, but the gf is under the weather, so we skipped out. She's bummed because she really loves them, I'm slightly more indifferent...as far as staving off boredom, I'm on day 2 of my 30-day free trial of Prime, so I guess I'll just watch all 3 seasons of Bosch or something. Maybe bust out some Skyrim.
  11. It just occurred to me that I can't remember which the hell variant I actually bought. I think I went with God's Eye. Guess I'll find out when it gets here.
  12. GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Got the entire weekend free, and...a dead power supply on my turntable. I ordered a replacement, but it's not even scheduled to ship until Tuesday.
  13. This thread is making me feel old.