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  1. Add like 4 to your cart, the shipping cost is the same. The shipping cost shouldn't be the same for 1 LP or 4.
  2. That's because VMP members are mostly n00bs.
  3. Ok yeah me too, thanks... it's definitely green.
  4. My signed cover had a bashed corner, doesn't look like it happened in transit either... Also, I have no idea if I have the blue or green. It's blue-green.
  5. Are you fucking kidding me with those covers? Anyway good thing I'm not a poser and I already have these LPs.
  6. So where are the tapes? Gone already? I only see digital album option.
  7. They gone.
  8. Apparently they're shipping enamel pins with all the orders... I've got a bad feeling about this.
  9. Sold out in about 5 minutes. Now get off your phone!