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  1. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Look at how much they're going for on Discogs. Soundtrack collectors always pay insane prices for dogshit. That's just the way it is for some reason. edit: Also there are 30 left in stock, so there you go.
  2. Maybe true for the labels that were quick to jump on this like Blood Music and Fuzz Club, but at this point it's clear the supply is going to far outweigh the demand. There aren't THAT MANY completists out there, at least not ones willing to spend thousands to get dozens of different variants.
  3. If you're packing an LP and it's not over 1lb (thereby bumping you up to the 2lb media mail rate) then you're doing a terrible packaging job.
  4. Wow and I thought the Stranger Things vinyl was market saturation. This makes me chuckle...variant completists are the WORST. I'm honestly shocked no one has done this before.
  5. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Got it today! They sent me white instead of splatter.
  6. Back in junior high (93 or 94) I got Push, Sleep's Holy Mountain, and The Melvins- Houdini all in the same week. That was quite a week.
  7. If it was a cash grab wouldn't they press more?
  8. PO: Goblin - SUSPIRIA LP Box Sets

    Suspiria is one of the most overrated movies of all time. The score is all you really need IMO.
  9. Because people will pay it.
  10. PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    New records rarely arrive in perfect condition in my experience, regardless of color. Residue is a huge problem, which I think has to do with the vinyl revival, plants are just trying to get things out the door as fast as possible. Labels using plain paper inners (instead of poly-lined) is also part of the problem.
  11. already have an original because I'm not a poser.
  12. Yeah I'm selling my purple and getting the red. I had enough points with Bullmoose to get it for half price too.
  13. LOL, one year anniversary edition? Seriously? Anyway, great album.