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  1. If it was a cash grab wouldn't they press more?
  2. PO: Goblin - SUSPIRIA LP Box Sets

    Suspiria is one of the most overrated movies of all time. The score is all you really need IMO.
  3. Because people will pay it.
  4. PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    New records rarely arrive in perfect condition in my experience, regardless of color. Residue is a huge problem, which I think has to do with the vinyl revival, plants are just trying to get things out the door as fast as possible. Labels using plain paper inners (instead of poly-lined) is also part of the problem.
  5. already have an original because I'm not a poser.
  6. Yeah I'm selling my purple and getting the red. I had enough points with Bullmoose to get it for half price too.
  7. LOL, one year anniversary edition? Seriously? Anyway, great album.
  8. Relapse has shirts up so they must be getting ready.
  9. Mine came...I was expecting plain blue but it's a really nice splatter. Dig the LP too.
  10. Not if you know how to pack a record properly...
  11. PO: Kadavar - Rough Times

    God I hate Nuclear Blast.
  12. It's so crazy to me that people care about this band's records all these years later. They were always about the live experience IMO.
  13. New Records....Scratched to Shit

    Just bumping this because I've just noticed all my problematic LPs have been pressed at GZ Media. A google search shows that this is a widespread problem for them that has been going on for years.
  14. Just got back from Paris on Thursday! The catacombs were great, I highly recommend it. You can buy tickets online in advance, I think they're more expensive online but you don't have to deal with the lines. We waited in line prob 10 minutes when we got there. The Louvre was overwhelming and we missed some cool stuff, but again you can get tickets online in advance (even just the night before) and skip the long lines. We almost missed our flight out of CDG even though we were there 2 hours early (had to run to our gate) so I'd recommend getting there 3 hours early when you come home. Baguettes are dirt cheap and amazing, Belgian beer is really cheap, I really enjoyed Paris a lot more than I thought I would. Oh and also for their subway you can buy 10 tickets at once at a discount, definitely do that if you think you'll use that many (can also split with your wife). Most of what I know about London is the main touristy stuff, Westminster Abbey is cool, the eye was cool, the Tate is great. We took a river ferry to Greenwich which was nice. Also check out St. Dunstan in the East, it's a church that got bombed during WW2, and they left the ruins and turned it into a garden, it's a really cool quiet spot to rest, somewhat off the beaten path.