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  1. Dopesmoker exclusive up...$39.99. Is there anyone who still doesn't have that record???
  2. One of my all-time favorite live albums.
  3. No but it's on my bucket list. I'm not a big fan of "big" record shows in general, usually means everything is crazy overpriced, but I'd still love to see it someday.
  4. Removed a few that sold...the rest are going to Goodwill unless someone speaks up. Thanks!
  5. Sorry if shirts are a no-no, let me know if I need to delete it. These shirts are $10 each + $4 shipping in the US, $14 overseas. Most of these are unworn or barely worn, all large except Diocletian and Vitus which are XL. Vitus and Beastmaker have tags cut out, the rest are still present. Sorry they're rotated, I'm not fixing them!
  6. The same I believe...And it sold out pretty fast. Granted it was their best album, but still if people keep paying $40 they're going to keep charging $40.
  7. ERMAGERD just got my shipping notification from Relapse!
  8. OK...your last sentence says "I'm wondering if anyone who sells records knows the approximate cost to ship a double LP from the US to South America" If it's coming FROM Brazil TO the US, then the cost of the opposite is irrelevant. Different countries have different postage rates.
  9. Ship FROM Brazil or ship TO Brazil? If it's going from the US to Brazil, it depends on the weight. If it's under 2lb (double LPs are usually a close call) it's about $22, if it's 2-3lb it's about $32.
  10. Come my Fanatics and Night Creeper exclusives are up, 149 available of each. For the low low price of $39.99...they will probably still fly off the shelves.
  11. It's a business, of COURSE it's about increasing sales and revenue. They only care about flippers to the extent that their non-flipper customers complain about it. Otherwise why would they give a shit? People who buy up all their stock immediately? What a nightmare!
  12. His Discogs username used to be the same as his username here, but he changed it recently...I can't imagine why.
  13. Thought I grabbed a relic (made my order at 10:08), but just got this email: Merchtable you are the WORST!!!! I'd rather order from Nuclear Blast.
  14. I'm literally sorry. Should we discuss it further?
  15. 25% off from this eBay seller when you spend $60. http://www.ebay.com/sme/get_importcds/Extra-25-off-when-you-spend-60/so.html?customid=5c276654036711e7bf8932f18453992d0INT&pub=5574652453&campid=5335869999&afepn=5335869999&icep_id=117&ipn=icep&_soffid=5025806001&_soffType=OrderSubTotalOffer&_sid=2054254&afepn=5335869999&rmvSB=true