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  1. Glassjaw.com has been updated
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    $25 USD "fund transfer" from a young Nigerian Prince.
  3. Congratulations, and this is a great album (not to mention great variant) to start out with. You probably won't be disappointed.
  4. https://twitter.com/jason_tate/status/931228594122006528
  5. Flexis or lathes? Was hoping for just a black 12" Apparently the official announcement for the album will be on Black Friday.
  6. 2nd run from Salty Dog: https://salty-dog.bandcamp.com/album/polygondwanaland "Inner Cell" variant, Half Blue Half Yellow In Quarters with black splatter /50
  7. I saw them play Babe at the free House of Vans show in Brooklyn with Balance and Composure and World's Fair. Probably one of their most insane performances. It was less of a GJ show and more of a hardcore show. No barriers & Daryl's screaming was very much on point.
  8. They played Pretty Lush and Siberian Kiss, out of pure novelty I'd assume.
  9. Hidden as a spoiler in one of my previous posts (mods feel free to take this down if this is technically against the rules). The artwork wasn't on Amazon - I took it from the PRP article, so I'm curious as to how they acquired it. http://www.theprp.com/2017/11/15/news/release-date-track-listing-leak-new-glassjaw-album-material-control/
  10. Not really sure what's happening, but some folks over at the glassjaw.info forums are reportedly being told to take down the artwork jpg that was leaked. To me, this sounds like the album was supposed to be dropped on Dec 1, without warning - given how the band usually operates.
  11. Looks like this leak of information was very unintentional. The listing has been taken down from Amazon and people are being told to remove the artwork from their public social media accounts.
  12. Saw them headline in Clifton Park the other week and they played 7 new songs from this. It seems like for the first time in a long time they sound exactly the way they want to sound, and they fucking rip.