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  2. Grabbed Danny Brown from Amoeba and Jimi Hendrix / Curtis Knight from Plaid Room. My search is over.
  3. They're up now
  5. Same here. My copy sounds pretty awful but that's just how it goes.
  6. Camu Tao - King of Hearts
  7. Thanks for confirming. It's a real bummer that some records arrived that way for some. I thought I got lucky since they were perfect when they arrived, but nope.
  8. Anyone else experience the plastic sleeve splitting near the bottom? For both VMP and Bleep editions, the PVC sleeves have split near the bottom right-hand corner of both of my copies. They both arrived in perfect condition, but I guess after several months of sitting on the shelf the sleeves just seemed to have split on their own. I'll never understand why record labels continue to utilize this sort of packaging.
  9. I'm very familiar with all of their material, just never got around to actually purchasing it on vinyl. Regardless, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement.
  10. I grabbed both variants. The description of each variant just sounded so unique to me, I just had to jump on both before they sold out (FOMO). I'll be parting with the undesired copy and ship to anyone who wants it. I don't have any of their other releases on vinyl (yet), but I've seen them live so I figured it's only proper for my first purchase to be a live album.
  11. All of this. I'm right there with you.
  12. It's actually refreshing to see a list full of subpar releases. I think we could all use a break from the fictitious hype that RSD tends to generate. With that said, I'm probably in for Danny Brown. Coheed was on my radar but I'm probably just going to go for the "D2C" version. Peter Tosh & Sublime would be fun to come across, but I'm not dead set on either.
  13. I picked up this boxset for RSD '13 and I'm so glad I did. Solid release.
  14. Right on! Delmar's a nice area. My wife and I lived in Center Square for several years. Good to you meet you dude!
  15. Have you considered using furniture straps for your Expedit? They're usually good for scenarios such as yours where crown molding gets in the way.