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  1. Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap - New Solo Album

    Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. It's just not really widely reported.
  2. Received my "Certified Rare" copy today. Side One sounds fine but Side Two is pressed way off center.
  3. Still looking for an amazon link to the Marbles 4LP box.
  4. Finally getting a vinyl release... http://www.webofmimicry.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=124
  5. http://motorpsycho.no/2017/07/the-tower/
  6. In Paris, try Music Fear Satan. Not far from Pere Lachaise. http://musicfearsatan.com/
  7. Not sure if there are any Marillion fans here, but this sounds cool... http://rockatnight.com/2017/04/marillions-misplaced-childhood-album-set-for-a-deluxe-edition-on-cdblu-ray-and-vinyl-on-july-7/
  8. I listened to all three today. They sound amazing.
  9. If you missed out on the extremely rare "Here Be Monsters Volume 2" vinyl that was released last May, Motorpsycho just released 100 more copies. http://motorpsycho.goodsie.com/here-be-monsters-vol.-2-1
  10. PO: Ghost - Meliora

    So it's just Meliora and Popestar standard LP's in a slipcase?
  11. LONDON: Best area for vinyl shops

    Fabulous restaurants in the area.
  12. LONDON: Best area for vinyl shops

    The best record store I found while in the London area a couple years ago was Casbah Records in Greenwich: https://www.facebook.com/CasbahRecordsAtTheBeehive/?fref=ts